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I'm Going to SUE

Over AZ Speeding Arrest

8/26/2011 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

claims Arizona police had NO RIGHT hauling him into jail yesterday -- insisting there is NO POSSIBLE WAY he was driving more than 100 miles per hour ... and now he's ready to sue the cops!

X -- who was allegedly going 102 mph in a 65 zone -- tells TMZ, "I was going 85 miles per hour ... I know for a fact I didn't go more than 90."

X adds, "I'm used to driving fast, I'm a New Yorker ... but I constantly look at the speedometer when I'm driving ... I need to make sure I don't drive too fast."

The rapper says he knows he was technically speeding, but he feels the cops abused their authority by putting him behind bars ... even though his rap sheet takes longer to read than "War and Peace."

"I plan on suing ... and I plan on suing for harassment," DMX says ... adding, "I'm in discussions with multiple lawyers who are not afraid to go against the system in helping me clear my name because I have been harassed."



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Ya'll gon' make me lose my license, up in her, up in her....

1151 days ago


Did he forget that his licenses was suspended. If he doesn't like Arizona, why does he not leave!! The police do not have an agenda, you drive on suspended license and speed, you go directly to jail!!

1151 days ago

Hanging to da lef    

You dumb ass! Any lawyer will represent you for a price. IDIOT!

1151 days ago


I think it's funny that he failed to mention that his license is suspended, which is why he was arrested..

1151 days ago


what an idiot.

1151 days ago


85 miles per hour is criminal speed in AZ, anywhere in the state. Check the AZ Revised Statutes... This idiot just confessed to criminal speed on camera, Good luck on that civil case, Ha. Also under criminal speed you can be released on your own recognizance, if you have no priors.... if you have 7 priors.... you go to jail.

1151 days ago


Hey, you were driving with a suspended licence, that’s illegal on its own! 85 over 65 is still speeding. Stop the “New Yorker” excuse! You can take a person out of the “Dumbassville”, but you can’t take the dumbass out of the person!

1151 days ago


So this piece of crap thinks that because he has enough money for a lawyer, he can ignore any law? I hope they give him the maximum penalty. What a dufus clown.

1151 days ago


money does not make you smart... lock him up and toss away the key..... I do want to sleep with him first though lol

1151 days ago


15 mph over any posted speed limit...they can arrest you. Ask your lawyer...G!

1151 days ago


"Sure, I was breaking the law. I kept checking the speedometer to make SURE I was breaking the law. My license is suspended, so I'm breaking the law again. The cops have no right to arrest me for breaking the law because I knew I was doing it!"

1151 days ago


You freakin' moron, of course you can find a gaggle of lawyers ready to challenge the system, for $300.00 an hour. You have some gall to carelessly bog down the judicial system for your own stupidity. Quit whining that you are being picked on, because you even said youself that you WERE speeding. You suck the life out of society. Get off my planet you greedy little pissant.

1151 days ago


Regardless if you were going 85 mph or over 100 mph, the speed LIMIT (look up that word LIMIT in the dictionary) was 65 mph, you were breaking the law. I don't care if you ARE from New York, you must follow the law. What a dumbass, and he WILL lose if he tries to sue, he was breaking the law. In a court of law, you must come into court with clean hands, his are NOT. DUHHHHHHHHHHH

1151 days ago


LMAO @ "even though his rap sheet takes longer to read than "War and Peace.""

Will someone tell this twit it doesn't matter if he was doing "not more than 90" in 65 mph zone rather than the 102 mph the police said he was doing HE WAS STILL SPEEDING.

"I'm in discussion with multiple lawyers"......yea right.

1151 days ago


I hope they sue his sorry ass right back! He knows for a fact he wasn't going over 90 in a 65 mile per hour zone? This is supposed to be good news? And harassment? Sorry, that card has been played too much already--doesn't work anymore.

1151 days ago
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