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Jaime Pressly

No Jail Time After Major DUI Bust

8/25/2011 11:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0825_jaime_pressly_january_EXJaime Pressly won't get any jail time for her recent DUI arrest -- when she registered a blood alcohol level of nearly THREE TIMES the legal limit -- because she just struck a sweet deal with prosecutors.

TMZ broke the story -- Jaime was arrested for DUI back in January after blowing a .22 ... and in case you didn't know, the legal limit in Cali is .08.

The "My Name Is Earl" star was charged with two counts of DUI -- driving under the influence, and driving with a blood alcohol level of .08 or higher.

But according to court personnel, the first count was dropped after striking a deal with prosecutors -- and Jaime pled "no contest" today to the second ... in exchange for three years probation.

Had she not struck the deal, Jaime could have faced as many as six months in jail.

12:04 PM: Law enforcement sources tell us, Jaime is also required to attend a six-month alcohol education program as part of the deal.


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SERIOUSLY? that's such BS....what about her license? No wonder celebrities thing they are above enforcement treats them that way

1157 days ago


she could be my dentists twin....except my dentist don't drink like a sailor on leave.....

1157 days ago

why didn't she smile in the mugshot? she has a great smile.

1157 days ago


The poor get screwed by everyone, especially these days in America. It has nothing to do with Jaime Pressly; little to do with actors/actresses and EVERYTHING to do with the GREED of business moguls and their encompassing rigid and profit driven (GREED) philosophy about people, and life. Tycoons if you will.

Ruthless, thieving criminals posing in your mainstream as BANKERS, POLITICIANS and CORPORATE BRASS, slowly allowed to nearly completely corrupt the US political system, and rob the people blind while lobbying political power in the back room; lobbying public power via manipulation of their massive OWNED and operated media vehicles.

The most elite of the elite TYCOON spits upon the net worth of Charlie Sheen, for example. Hundreds of millions is chump change to them. They think, and operate in BILLIONS. Powerful enough, to force an entire nation to bail out their businesses for LITTLE to NOTHING in return. (The MAJOR catch, that makes it so obscenely criminal. The banking system needed protection, but the corruption comes when they got that protection at really, no cost to themselves, no protection for the taxpayers money. IE: Payback plans, with interest? LOL

If you haters would at least TRY and educate yourselves instead of whine and hate, you might actually get an idea of what issues face your COUNTRY/ECONOMY that you have not only every right to be PISSED OFF ABOUT, but have a PATRIOTIC DUTY to be pissed off about!

NOT Jamie Pressly's, Charlie Sheen's or The GAME's (?) slip-ups in life.

Big Poppa

1157 days ago


Jack: about an hour ago

"The first count was dropped after striking a deal with
(i.e. blowing) prosecutors... "

No the first count was dropped as part of the plea deal because a DUI is a lesser charge than driving with a blood alcohol level of .08 or higher which she pled no contest to.

1157 days ago


Hollywood inJustice for ya. Vick goes to prison for dog fighting and others get wrist slaps.

1157 days ago


Standard in Orange County - First offense is 3 years probation. Judge drops one count and you get 3 months dui school for .08-.15 6 months for .16-.19 and 9 months .20 and over so i'm shocked she only got six months school.

1157 days ago


Hi KnuckleDragger,

I am not finger-pointing at the rich trying to screw the poor.

To earn a wealthy lifestyle in a legitimate and reasonable way is the American Dream! To be rich, to be successful is not a crime!!!

I am finger-pointing at the business brains. The ones at the banks who KNEW they were creating a FRAMEWORK for issuing fraudulent mortgages to people who ultimately couldn't afford them. But they MADE MORE $$ selling more MORTGAGES, so...

I am finger-pointing at the finance-brains (and their bosses) on WALL ST, who KNEW they were turning the market into a CASINO with their fancy derivatives etc etc...but it fueled fraudulent growth, so...

I am finger-pointing at them because they did all this, and then used their purchased clout in the US political system to force the American people to pay them back for all that they lost......and then continued to pay huge bonuses to execs...right in front of the American people's gutted faces.

I finger-point at the politicians who allowed their fiduciary duty to the people to be so wholly corrupted, allowing GREED and CORPORATE ELITISM to reign now, over the once heroic free America.

And I finger-point at the corrupt, privately owned media monsters who, sometime ago complete lost the meaning of 'journalistic integrity' in the 'NEWS'in favor of greedy, private agendas.

Finally I do finger-point at the corporate BRASS as well. The ones who selfishly move endless American jobs offshore in the interest of higher profits. The ones who cut benefits and wages in the interest of profit, and so show through their actions that their selfish desires are far more important to them than the good of their homeland and country.

This philosophy of pure greed and survival of the fittest is engineering the downfall of your great nation. It needs to change, even if that takes posting essays on celebrity gossip sites.


Big Poppa

1157 days ago


I wouldn't say she got 'special treatment'.. I live in FL... I've been convicted of 2 DUI's outside of 10 years... my last one was late last year... I didn't get any jail time, 6 months probation, 6 month license suspended, 6 month breathalyzer on car, DUI school, victim impact panel class, 50 hours community service (which can be converted to $10 an hour and paid off @ $500 fine), and $1300 fines/court costs.... the harshest thing of it all is having to have an FR-44 Insurance on your car for a minimum of 3 years which in this state is about $350 a month for insurance....

1157 days ago

Dr. Cornelia J. Dogbarker PhD    

I just hope that this drunken idiot doesn't run ME over next time she's driving around all fvcked up ha ha. Oh and there WILL be a next time. So did she go down on the judge, or the DA, or the prosecuting attorney, or what? She clearly had to suck somebody off to get out of this.

1157 days ago


you want to know why kim kardashian doesn't go out without 4 handlers making her up? celebs are not all that in real life

1157 days ago


She blew a .22? Good thing no one pulled the trigger I guess.

1157 days ago


Good for you, Jaime. You're one of millions who've made a grand mistake. Keep your chin up, follow the rules, and get on with your life.

1157 days ago


I can smell her drunk stank from here.

1157 days ago


Yet another actress gets out of a DUI and bad behavior. When will it end???

1157 days ago
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