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Dr. Conrad Murray

Prosecution Wants to Exclude

Molestation Evidence in Manslaughter Trial

8/25/2011 12:03 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Prosecutors in the Dr. Conrad Murray manslaughter case want to block all testimony related to allegations that Michael Jackson molested children.

According to court docs obtained by TMZ ... prosecutors want Judge Michael Pastor to bar Steve Robel -- a key Santa Barbara County Sheriff's investigator in the 2005 MJ molestation trial -- from testifying  in Murray's defense.  Robel is on the defense witness list.

In fact, prosecutors want all references to alleged molestation barred from Murray's trial, on grounds it has nothing to do with MJ's death and would merely inflame the jury.

And, prosecutors have also asked the judge to block the testimony of a number of doctors who treated Michael Jackson but were not involved in caring for MJ on the day of his death.

This is a huge motion that could have a profound impact on the case.  As TMZ first reported, the defense will argue that dozens of doctors had addicted MJ to prescription meds -- including Propofol -- and they are largely responsible for the condition Michael was in the day he died.

Judge Pastor has not ruled on the motions.


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i also notice the wording tmz put out in their story..prosecutors want to exclude molestation evidence....
there was no molestation evidence was a bull **** case by tom sneddon..
14 not guilty verdicts and a statement by the jurors that they were confident in their verdicts..
good try tmz..but no dice..
all it showed was sneddon reads tabloid gossip and hated/hates the most successful iconic wealthy black person in the county, who happened to own the most sought after piece of property in that county...
i hope if they bring up pain meds found back them in 2003, they also bring up that tom sneddon was asking people to infiltrate neverland and go undercover for him..he also planted fingerprint evidence according to the grand jury transcripts..who knows what else he planted..
and i also hope the prosecutors ask steve roebel if he and the rest of the police and sherifs dept were humiliated by the verdicts returned by those jurors, essentially telling them to go pound sand...and if he still holds any animosity toward Mr Jackson for making them look like a bunch of imbeciles in front of the whole world..

1123 days ago


1123 days ago


Let us again refresh everyones memory that this whole trial is about Conrad Murray killing his patient with his negligence, reckless behavior and sub-standard medical care. The past bogus allegations of the victim (which were proven to be not true time and time again) have nothing to do with Conrad Murray taking this victims life.

Let's keep the focus on where it really belongs - Conrad Murray and his continuing cover up of what really happened that fateful night.

1123 days ago


i agree with the prosecution-

1123 days ago


Great post LC4Michael :)

Let's also not forget that there were NO DRUGS in Michael's system other than the ones that Murray administered.

Actually, nothing that happened prior to that nite really has any relevance and to try to bring in an investigator from the Molestation trial is simply an act of desperation by the defense.

1123 days ago


M.J. is not on trail, he is a victim, how he lived his life is irrelevant, he is not here to defend himself. Dr Murrys conduct is what is relevant now.

1123 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

i mean if michael jackson molested children, then he was probably a victim of sexual molestation as a child himself. HE IS A VICTIM!!! leave the poor man alone already!! he can't help himself if he imitated (ALLEGEDLY!!!) his abusers abuse against HIM!! AS A CHILD! A HELPLESS INNOCENT CHILD!!! of course that information should NOT! be used in this court case. duh.

1123 days ago


Leave my king Michael alone!
His borderline fetish was HOT!!!

1123 days ago


A penny for your thoughts: When Michael was given the $95million for the merger, it's believed by some that the cash payment was actually a loan. Unbeknowest to Michael there were morality clauses written into the merger agreement. For example: If MJ violated any terms of the agreement that damaged the name, band, image of the newly formed SonyATV co., the merger would become void. As a result, Michael would forfeit his shares/percentage of the catalog over to Sony.
Enter with the allegations. How embarrassing and humiliating it was for michael. Yet, it seems that Sony kept themselves at bay both times.....can't rush in and take claim just yet, afterall they wanted/needed an open and shut hard hitting case against michael. A conviction with a lengthy prison sentence most certainly would fit that catagory. Imagine that, the founder/joint owner of SonyATV imprisoned for molestation. How damaging that would have been to the SonyATV company brand.
My king Michael managed to survive the allegations both times and worked towards reestablishing himself on the shoulders of his dedicated fans.
Nothing the culprits can do now except kill him....and make it look like an accident by any clumsy means necessary.....
...and by all means leave no distorted desperate stone unturned to save the killer (jmo.............of course)...
I have no "real" proof,,,,,,,,,,,,

1123 days ago


mymjjj5: 7 minutes ago

Leave my king Michael alone!
His borderline fetish was HOT!!!

I don't get what you are saying here mymjj5?? Please explain.

1123 days ago


Still grasping at straws Murray?

1123 days ago


Hi LC4Michael!

There were so many nasty things being said about michael's looks and makeup......I just went off and did not bother to copy any of the hateful remarks said about Michael's appearance.

1123 days ago


Gotcha, mymjj5

thanks for explaining!

1123 days ago

Master Po    

you touch little boys and then you have issues sleeping, thats how it goes. If they didnt want the dirty laundry dried in public they should have helped him off of drugs. But nooooo, everyone including the moronic fans let him have his way. The secret rooms, the monkeys, the children sleeping in his bed, the motion detectors outside of his bedrooms all where knows prior to the junkie dropping dead. Then was the time to complain about dirty laundry.

1123 days ago
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