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Montel Williams

The Salahis USED Me

8/25/2011 7:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0825_montel_salahi_exMontel Williams is threatening legal action against no one's favorite couple -- Michaele and Tareq Salahi -- accusing them of using his name to promote an upcoming event.

The Salahis are planning a charitable event next month to celebrate the reopening of their Oasis Winery in Virginia -- and, apparently, they've listed Montel as one of their celebrity guests.

That's news to Montel -- because his rep tells TMZ, "Montel doesn't support the Salahis, doesn't know them and did not give them permission to use his name." He says the event organizers also, falsely, announced that Montel's MS Foundation is involved

The rep says a cease and desist letter was fired off to the Salahis today -- demanding they stop using Montel's name and foundation -- and we're told both have since been removed from the website promoting the event.

The Salahis are pleading ignorance ... telling TMZ they had no knowledge Montel's name was on the site.


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I read "their" winery was up for auction due to bankruptcy.

1152 days ago


FYI ppls, TMZ has been PAYING the Salahi's for ANY STORY they manufacture,like the winery cracked from the recent earthquake, complete with footage taken by Tareq.REALLY? News flash: Oasis winery has been run down/decrepit for YEARS. Now you know how these two continue running scam after scam, thanks TMZ. Keep enabling the LIARS. It's one thing to report about them, it's a whole other level of s*** to PAY THEM actual money for their BS.

1152 days ago


Up close, she looks old, has horrible skin, and wears way to much makeup!

1151 days ago


Well, at least these losers admit they're ignorant. It's a start.

1151 days ago


Montel should have welcomed the invite, its not every day someone puts him on a web site and invite, he got on TMZ just for being included.

1151 days ago


rachel are you still obsessing about Michaele? wow , laurie is right you really look bizarre spending your whole day writing about her. heard you and jeffrey are together now.
disgusted dc is her for sure
rachel I know you are jealous Michaele didn't want you in her wedding but, let it go. get a life of your own and stop stalking her.

1151 days ago


the salahis are cool. love or hate we all follow them and what they are doing. Montel has Ms like Michaele Salahi right? what is up with him and not helping another person with ms?
Montel is really looking mean and bitter.
why is he so angry ? who cares about his name?
they would be better off to invite someone else

1151 days ago


His eyes are all red from all the pot smoking lol

1151 days ago


Montel....please don't threaten to sue
this couple are getting away stuff that they should be held accoutable for
make them pay for a lawyer and court costs PLEASE!!
they should have been arrested and jailed for crashing the White House

1151 days ago


Hey Robyn/Greg aka Tareq/Michaele I see you two are back with your psychotic paranoia/obsession with Rachel. I mean, does it ever get old? You've been throwing the same accusations all over the net for YEARS which is why I recognized you by your comments. Same comments written on WAPO. Posted a few times about a year and a hal****o, noticed the same identical comments regarding this 'Rachel' person, back when you used to log in as LisaG, SusanG. How's that winery coming along? Must be insanely COOL to throw events on a property you don't own! What's a little thing like being served with a PFA from your own mother, having the cops show up because you continue to defy the court order from a judge to stay off the premises. Con away!

1151 days ago


Please stop covering these people. Not Montel, but the couple of nobody's.

1151 days ago


@Robyn/Greg: Sorry to burst your bubble Tareq but I'm not Rachel. I am, however a long time DC resident,like the majority of DMV residents, I'm completely DISGUSTED by your behavior. I have no idea who this Rachel person that you speak of is, obviously she torments you to no end.

People living outside the metro area have no idea just what you're really about. You raped your own mother from the winery your father built with his own hands from nothing. Tormenting her through never ending law suits, trying to take control of the business that never belonged to you, ran the business into the ground, bankrupted it,that's after you were caught embezzling monies when you were appointed manager after your father became very ill and was no longer able to run the business himself. This is all public knowledge. This latest scam using Montel Williams to sell tickets is standard procedure for you. You're S***. I truly hope karma gives you exactly what you deserve. What degenerate uses sick children as a guise to scam/con hardworking individuals out of their money to support a lavish lifestyle? YOU DO. It's time the whole world knows just how vile and repulsive you two really are. All any person has to do is simply google your name every bit of dirt will pop up in black and white. Google Washington Post for past articles and read the commentaries by posters to see your "signature" I love how you're selling your stories to TMZ about buying a lavish mansion in California when you havent been able to pay your own home owners fees on the meager little brick box where you really LIVE, for YEARS. The story you sold about the SoCal mansion was proven completely FALSE. The realtor overseeing the property was contacted, even gave a statement saying he has no idea what's going on as he has NEVER spoken with you or anyone associated with you concerning the property. If TMZ had actually done their job they would've easily found the entire story was an outright LIE.

Loudon county paper along with other local websites have published public court do***ents/ records with various law suits filed against you along with your scams and delusions of Grandeur. For years you boasted and bragged about the Royal family and dignitaries, attending your Polo-con to garner ticket sales and sponsors. June 2010 Polo-con you had listed on your website guests would be treated to an 'Outdoor concert with Andre Bocelli' stating Bocelli was your personal guest. ALL LIES. For whatever reason, TMZ continues to pay you for the outlandish lies and false stories you concoct because you're desperate for a BUCK.

1151 days ago


I kinda like that picture of michaele. she looks like an evil witch of a woman who wants some kinky sex. I'd pay and let her use me for a sex romp if she'd dump her dumb ass husband first.

1151 days ago


Montel who? You would think that if the Salahi's wanted to use a celebrities name to promote something, they would use an actual celebrities name.

1150 days ago


Crap. That's about as low as using the fact you shop at walmart to get publicity. Who would want to use Montel "Payday Money Loans" name for publicity.

1150 days ago
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