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Paris Hilton's Reality Show

Reportedly CANCELLED!

8/25/2011 6:43 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's the end of "The World" for Paris Hilton -- because her new reality show has been cancelled after its one and only season ... this according to a new report. reports the Oxygen Network will not renew "The World According to Paris" ... after repeatedly scoring abysmally low in the ratings.

However, a rep for the show tells us, "The show just recently completed its run and no pick up decision has been made."

Meanwhile, Kim Kardashian's wedding special will probably be the highest rated program in the history of the E! channel.


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Throwback kid    

Paris must look at Kim Kardashian and ask herself What Happened? Five years ago Kim was her lackey who would get paid to organize Paris's closet. Now Kim stole her job of being famous for nothing! Kim is still at the top of her game while Paris is a washed up 31 year old who just got her show cancelled

1153 days ago

Throwback kid    

Paris is the only one who doesn't realize she is over! She is not talented or interesting. Who wants to watch a 31 year old high school droput shop and hangout in clubs? Paris has no idea how pathetic she is now

1153 days ago


Karma is a b!tche. I hope the snookie or whatever she is called...they show shrinks as well as the Kardishwhores

1153 days ago


I don'*****ch wh*res on TV (yes, this means you Kimmy) but haaaa haaaaaa, Paris sucks [c*ck]

1153 days ago


Poor Paris , Even the conversation has turned into a conversation about the Kardasians ..

1153 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

Oh well, she's still on my top ten list of Hollywood chicks I'd love to bang!!!!!!

1153 days ago


Two words for cancellation: "That's Hot."

1153 days ago


Ha! I didn't even know she had a reality show! Proves just how relevant she is today...

1153 days ago


Wow, where was the publicity for this show? I knew she was making a new show but had no idea it had already aired. I may have swallowed my pride and watched an episode or two just so I could make fun of it. Too bad :(

1153 days ago


i expected that because all you watch is her shopping and acting all stupid and niave, go give some of that money you blowing on diamonds to some inner city kids who needs the help.Or lots of kids in the Carribbean dont have any shoes, go donate some of that millions of dollars you spend on your dog to those kids. Paris walks around with a dong in her 9,000 dollar handbag.

1153 days ago


With almost almost 5 million fans no one can call her over.

That's TWICE the fanbase of Lindsay and a few others.

According to Oxygen the show did quite well.
It seems a lot of fans paid to download it .

So who knows. But don't expect Paris to disappear anytime soon.
She leads an interestig life and a lot of people worldwide do follow her.

1153 days ago


The only relevent Paris is in France: Pari******on doesn't has a leg to stand on in any form of the media (unless you consider her 'hind legs" to which she was known for. STAND ASIDE - or to the back of the line (whatever works) p. hilton and let us see & hear what the real celebrities are doing (which you were never were)

1153 days ago


Good News! Hopefully lil Kimmy K. is next

1153 days ago


Good!! Paris is not the brightest bulb and her continued low ratings prove the public are not wasting time watching!!

1153 days ago


WOW!! She's had a busy week. First she was voted in the top 5 of MOST HATED IN AMERICA, right behind a baby killer and a wife killer. Then, she was voted MOST UNTRUSTWORTHY CELEB IN AMERICA, it was said she could actually damage any brands she endorses and now her craptastic show has been cancelled. How much more plain can people make it that WE DON'T LIKE, RESPECT OR WANT TO SEE HER MUG? She really is getting quite pathetic...

1153 days ago
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