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'Dance Crew' Judge


In Child Sex Case

8/25/2011 3:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Former "America's Best Dance Crew" judge Shane Sparks allegedly sexually abused at least 6 young girls IN ADDITION to the woman who claims Sparks raped her when she was 12 years old  ... this according to court documents obtained by TMZ.

The documents were just made public ... following a plea deal Sparks made with the L.A. County District Attorney in which he received 270 days in jail after pleading no contest to having unlawful sex with a minor under 16.

The allegations in the documents are extremely disturbing -- with the victim telling police Sparks forced her to have sex with him after driving her home from a dance class he had taught in 1994 when she was only 12 years old.

According to the docs, the victim claims Sparks took her to HIS home where he started to "make out" with her ... and then he "rolled on top of her and pinned her beneath him."

The docs explain, "The victim told him she was a virgin and not ready for intercourse" but Sparks "ignored her pleas and penetrated her vagina for several minutes. He then drove her home."

According to the docs, investigators found "at least six other victims, whom between the ages of 12-17, were also abused by [Sparks]." No further details about the other alleged victims are included in the docs.

Sparks is expected to begin his sentence sometime in the next year.


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Folks!!! R U BLIND... girls have sex at 12-14 and they want it themselves!!! He is hot dancer, messed around with her,probably didn't care much for her... after all that time he is on top of dance world and she is no body lol and being miserable made poor lady try to put all his life down... hater that's it! There's no one in this world will be raped 3 TIMES LIKE THE GIRL SAID and not say nothing to no body, not to best friend, or mother etc.... and than wait 14 years or so and come out finally talking about it hahaha its funny as f@*%...

1119 days ago


what a piece of ****......sick ****. Poor baby, just 12 years old

1119 days ago


i cant believe he gets so little jail time!!!! thats reprehensible!! he should get lifeb/c he messed up so many other lives. what a piece of dirt. hope he stays grabbin his ankles in jail!!! rotten mfcker

1119 days ago

erica davis    

270 days???? A person will get 7years for stealin a bag of chips but this fool get 240days, which is less then a year so he wont go to prison, he will be stayin in the county jail...for rape of a CHILD!!! GOD help us all cuz we see who the justice system favors most, among criminals. This is a sad thing and i pray that his life is forever ruined and he had to crawl under a rock, made ONLY for rapist!!!

1119 days ago

no more pain    

I was 16 when I was sodomized by another 16 year old. I was raped and I am a female. so to those who are trying to down play the fact that he may have been a teen are idiots. It is just like saying oh, he/she is only 16 so shooting and killing or robbing someone is no big deal. A crime is a crime and punishment should be just.

1119 days ago


Wow what a deal - He repeatedly rapes at least 7 white girls between the ages of 12 and 17 and all he gets for punishment is 4 months in jail.

1119 days ago


Wow. 270 days for raping a child? WTF???? He should have gotten years. Years for each offense, each touch, the rape. This is disgusting, the judge should be ashamed with this light sentence. I am so glad this woman was brave enough to tell her story after all these years. The torment she carried around with her was far more than 270 days!!!!!!!!!!!!

1119 days ago

Vickie S.     

Wow this is shocking. I have loved Shane's choreography since I saw him on ABDC and SYTYCD. I never thought this guy would be a perverted twisted freak. Truly disgusting.

1119 days ago


i think that its sick that you would report in such detail about a girl's molestation. smh i love TMZ but there has to be a boundary or line

1119 days ago


I bet he wishes he could take one of those corny ball caps he used to wear on his big a$$ head to the big house to cover up his aching man hole...

1118 days ago


wtf only 270 day they should be year wat a peice of ****

1118 days ago


THis ANIMAL should be put down if he is guilty of RUining these poor victims. He is a *unking sick WORM.

1118 days ago


wasnt it ABDC??? not SYTYCD

1117 days ago


Raping and molesting 7 little girls = 270 days in prison?
Are you f%cking kidding me!!! That should be 270 years. What the hell!!!

1116 days ago

Stephen a Dixon    

they are living in a place where childrens services are bought off and the judges are bribed as well .If a non celeb did this they would serve 20 years for each offens.But hay the judges dont make that much money and need to sell them selves.Thats why the dont thing women selling them selves is so bad.they have been doing it for years!

1112 days ago
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