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"Dancing with the Stars"

Chaz Bono Says "I DO!"

8/27/2011 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


TMZ has learned ... Chaz Bono will be hitting the hardwood on the new season of "Dancing with the Stars."

Multiple sources connected with the show tell us ... Chaz has signed on and will be partnered with a female professional. Makes sense, because Chaz is legally a man ... baby.

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you are not a man, so who are u going to dance with a man or a woman, plus ur too fat looks like you cant even handle yourself, you walk with a sideway drop like someone who have arthritis or something. anyway you should stay the f**k out of the EWS. Don't think that you compare with Kirsty Alley because she is a real woman so go sit dowmn and a man you f**loing lesie

1150 days ago


Do you think Cher will show up to support Chaz?

1150 days ago

Different Rules Apply    

Now put Cher on the show and you have a "star"...

1150 days ago


Chaz Bono is gross for dancing with star, she is too fat.

1150 days ago


Whats up with Dancing with the Carnival Actors I can't beleave whats going on who picks these people to dance on this stupid show is this a joke or what!! I really think this is gettting out of hand, it's really bad TV. The bad thing about it is the people think this is great. The US is going down the drain there are so meany screw balls out there in TV land that just want ratings but poeple will watch this **** anyway what ******* low live we became The US OF A is really Screwed up!! I'm going to sick on my TV now Later ********!!

1150 days ago


I think this "Chaz" who has gone from a little sweet pretty girl which the Creator made her to be has turned into a hideous monster. God doesnt make mistakes, so the banner of "i was meant to be a man" is a blatant, distortion of the truth. I never was much of a Dancing with the Stars fan, but now, I definately will not be exposing myself to this warpedness. Im sick of our society promoting this kind of utter blatant madness. Dont send me any threatening comments about my feelings on this because you wont change them.

1150 days ago

Roxanne Webb    

Chaz looks like a fat old woman!

1149 days ago

Linda Brown    

You know I am Ok with the fact he is transgender, bur come on, DWTS is a family show and I can't imagine how parents are gonna have to explain this one!! If this was a VHI show where all freaks are on, I would say go for it! I have nothing against gays, trans, or lesbians, I have gay friends, I just think the world is not ready for this! And he is gonna have to drop 200 lbs so he doesn't drop dead on the dance floor!

1149 days ago

Kent D.    

Does Chaz have a homemade penis? Cher,it's time to drop the attitude!!!

1149 days ago

fortune cookie    

a must read article about Chaz and all the negative haters out there:********-to-chaz-bono

1148 days ago


Good luck to Chaz! You go man! Live and let live and don't let the bigots get you down.

1148 days ago


the STARS of the show are the dancers. Cheryl Burke is a bigger star than any of the "entertainers" you just have to understand the "celebs" are dancing with the stars

1148 days ago


How unfortunate that the lives of some of those posting on this subject or so narrow and take such pleasure bulling others. What possible difference to your lives does it make whether Chaz is on this show or not. I would like to see any one of the naysayers put themselves out there like Chaz has instead of hiding behind a computer.
Best wishes Chaz to a long run on DWTS.

1148 days ago


It would be sad to see this, but I choose not to watch a transgendered person try to dance with a woman. This is not entertainment, but is very sad. I would never allow my children to watch this and I thought it was a cute family show at one time. Tom Bergeron is a hoot, but I guess I will now be seeing him on America's Funniest. Me & my family will find other dance shows to watch that are fun and entertaining (not sad)!

1148 days ago

BB in CA    

@lynn Chaz looks like a guy so there's no logic for not allowing your children to watch a show they enjoy. Try not to judge or be sad. Chaz is finally able to live the life she always felt she should be living. Try to imagine yourself having to go thru life as a man even though you felt like a woman. Imagine that one day after much heartache, difficult decisions, surgery and meds, you are finally free to be who you are. And people hate you for it.
Chaz's happiness is not hurting you or anyone else. If you like the show, watch it. I watched it last season even though there was someone on the show that I wouldn't normally watch. Besides, surely you don't want to miss seeing Derek Hough dance! ;)

1148 days ago
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