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Kristin Cavallari

I'm Going to the Marine Corps Ball!

8/26/2011 10:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Who needs a Bear ... when you can have a U.S. MARINE?!?

TMZ has learned Kristin Cavallari has accepted an invitation to attend a Marine Corps Ball in San Diego in November after a Devil Dog named Jonathan Burkett extended an invitation via Twitter yesterday.

The message read, "Wanted to know if you want to go the the Marine Corps Ball with me in San Diego?! Would make a video but still deployed!"

Cavallari promptly replied,"Would love to! When is it?" ... and now TMZ has learned her people are working out the details to make it happen. 

Ooh. Rah.


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I love it, thank you Kristin for making a soldier's day

1090 days ago


I love how nobody has commented on the fact that the guy looks like Jeremy Piven yet.

1090 days ago


I'm sick of high-powered celebrities getting married to whorish gold-digging social climbers and over-partying, self-absorbed unemployed douchebag wannabes. Maybe its about time we see some celebrities hook up with people who've risked life and limb for the privileges they enjoy.

1090 days ago

Scott in Wisconsin    

Ok- when the marine asked betty white to the ball, the whole "service man asks starlett" thing jumped the shark and got old and isn't interesting anymore. what is this, 1942?

1090 days ago


The ball sucks ass. It's just a bunch of brass giving lame speeches while everyone else sits there, checking their watch. I've never understood why people invite their wives and **** to it, it's torture.

It's insanely boring. I was lucky and only had to go to one. Good old iraq or bootcamp for the other 3.

1090 days ago


does anyone ever have an original idea? these copycat dates with military personnel are silly and ridiculous, who cares? it's nothing more than a publicity stunt.

1090 days ago


TMZ, why do you keep posting on this irrelevant person, she was on that one show 6 years ago that I do not even remember the name of. Stop making these Z-list people celebrities.

1090 days ago


first of all, who is she?

second, how does an "ordinary" woman (not famous, not blonde but redhead)like myself get invited to this ball? the last time i wore a dress that sparkled was when I was probably around 22!

1090 days ago


It was cool when someone asked Mila Kunis because shes ******* hot and I would tap that but now its overrated. This chick looks like my next door neighbor seriously, who would want that. Is there any originality left? I bet this will be a new trend, next years ball will include Holly Madison, Audrina Patridge, and Kim Kardashian. I love my military and everyone in it dont get me wrong but i hope this stops here. Once is enough maybe twice would be okay but you can't keep inviting these ugly bitches.

1088 days ago


She is such a bloody c-list celebrity whore. She is only doing it for publicity. Almost makes me not want to go to the ball.

1088 days ago


who gives a ****. yall are both ugly

1087 days ago


who gives a ****

1087 days ago

Nicole Green    

That ain't the point. She's using this good guy for press. She's a POS. She would be talking to him on twitter if she had any respect for the dude. I bet she's not even gonna go with him. She's going to find some excuse not to because she's back riding Cutler's stick again. She thought there was going to be an NFL lockout...then bitch came back after she knew that paycheck was back in effect. I guran-damn-tee you if Leinart was a #1 QB and Cutler was riding the bench, guess who she'd be with right now. Hmm? She's a money chasing, high-heeled, no-talent having skank and she's needs Cutler's name and $$$ to stay relevant. No offense to your son but he should shoot higher than the freaking curb.

1029 days ago
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