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Lindsay Lohan

Not Biting on

Pitbull Apology or Invite

8/26/2011 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0825_lilo_pitbull_getty_EXPitbull's not getting out of Lindsay Lohan's legal doghouse -- because she's blowing off his apology for using her name in a song ... and rejecting his invitation to the MTV VMAs.

Lilo recently sued Pit because his song "Give Me Everything" includes a lyric she feels disparages her name.

On Wednesday, Pitbull taped an apology (below) ... claiming he meant no harm, and invited Lindsay to join him at the VMAs this weekend -- where he's scheduled to perform the song.

Sources close to Lindsay tell us she has no interest in going to the VMAs -- and Pitbull's apology has no impact on the lawsuit ... it's moving forward.



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some guy    

Sun's starting to poke through the clouds here. Starting to brighten up. Think Irene's over for me.

A tree fell down next to my house. Looked sick; had mold growing on its trunk. That's about it.

1131 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Glad the new day found everybody safe.

1131 days ago


Lindsay is also rumored to have undergone plastic surgery
Lindsay Lohan steps out of her hotel on August 13, 2011 in New York City.....
Kristin Callahan/Ace Pictures/Fotoglif

Although Lindsay Lohan was invited to Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries’ wedding this past weekend, it seems that she was not welcome at another high-profile party.

While Lohan's ex-girlfriend, Samantha Ronson, Pari******on, Nicky Hilton, Nicole Richie, Rashida Jones, and Lake Bell were all at Charlotte Ronson's Sephora cosmetics line party, the Mean Girls star was not in attendance.

A party guest at Il Sole told E! News, "Sam was there with her new girlfriend, Erin Foster," adding, "They're annoyed because Lindsay called the police a few days ago when they were having a party at Sam's apartment to complain about noise. She got the party shut down."

When E! asked Lindsay’s rep about the party, however, he said, "It's not the kind of thing we spend time discussing.”

As for getting Samantha’s house party shut down, the rep said, "This is non-news if it even happened."

Furthermore, Fox News reports that Lindsay recently could have received lip and cheek injections before Kardashian’s wedding.
not only has lindsay pissed off movie producers, and rappers.. this coke head called the police on some one she was stalking...sad sad sad 51/50 calling her name

1131 days ago

Blood Red Witch    

So relieved and happy that all of you are safe! Hope nature calms down a bit over there for ya'll.

1131 days ago

help this young woman    

While Hurricane Irene is still on our minds, keep in mind that alphabetically, it’s only 3 more storms until the next one will begin with an “L”…. Hurricane Lindsay? Let’s hope not. DUIna will sue the National Weather Bureau.

**The preceding comment subject to TMZ-brand pointless censorship**

1131 days ago


Hi, Folks glad to hear from ya'll up north......Hey they need to ajust their weather maps some ...I live at least 150 from the coast but the wind and rains keep coming all day yesterday and brought down a 60 foot sweet gum tree at the side of the house....and a hugh pine arcross the road that my son had to push off with his tractor and scrape blade or wait 5 hrs for the state to do it.....

Anybody want to bet that she will show up tonight at the VMA's in all her glamour and papz in tole......Harvey will have him a story tomorrow for sure.....cause I'm with "ilovegossip " on this and think its just another pubicity play by Lohan Inc...happening just before the awards show...he gets face time and so she gets to ride in on his back.....
Access showed a clip of the Wedding(so tired of this cramp) and in one quick clip their is Dina and Lindsay standing next to a table at the side Dina looking like shes casing the place and Lindsay glancing around like she ready to grab something,,,both in these huge black they were blind or something...Even my husband whom never remarks on anything..laughed and said they look like two people who were sneaking or fixing to do something bad.....
Think I'll go out and watch them cut up that big it will fell up the rest of the wood shed thats for sure...

1131 days ago


mondays news... VMAS
Lindsay bites bitbull..pees on uninvied stage, while trying to accept lady gagas award...has an hour worth of wardrobe malfunctions...albino rat hair weave falls out..she puts sign on the bathroom, enter at your own risk...(because she will be back on her knees in no time)...tries to crash after party...leaves eleano out side by the car,like the movie "Driving miss daisy"
the aftermath
Honig says "I have heard nothing about it".."nothing to see here,move along"...
Lindsay files major lawsuit against MTV,and the VMAs...
milo comes on crying "I told you it is dinas fault..she needs help"..

1131 days ago


Hohan is like a bowling ball. Picked up, fingered, and thrown in the gutter.

1131 days ago


like she hasn't done enough to disparage her own name -___-

1131 days ago


Pit Bull just sang the song on the VMA's and he laughed when he said Lindsay's name!

1131 days ago

Blood Red Witch    

ROTFLMAO! Pitbull really made a point of "punching" that Lindsay Lohan lyric! Go Pitbull!

1131 days ago

Blood Red Witch    


I was watching too. That was great. If I've ever seen a non-verbal "Bring it, B1tch" that was it! Still laughing

1131 days ago

Blood Red Witch    

And crackie is sitting at home tweeting about the VMA's. Pitiful. EVERYONE else is there!

1131 days ago


Yes BRW, I saw Kim Kardashian there...and the kids from Jersey Shore! I know Delmar said she doesn't go to Awards shows, but I believe that's because she's not invited. She's too addicted to being in the public eye to pass up an opportunity like that. That's why I think it's killing her that her Mother had her file that lawsuit. I think she would have taken Pitbull's offer in a heart beat, if she could.

1131 days ago


Just looked at her twitter comments. What the heck...she's twittering about all the commercials. Is she trying to get paid by them, or what?
She also said she turned down a job to DJ all over Europe because she'd rather be on a movie set. I don't think she should be turning down jobs!

1131 days ago
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