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Lindsay Lohan

Not Biting on

Pitbull Apology or Invite

8/26/2011 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0825_lilo_pitbull_getty_EXPitbull's not getting out of Lindsay Lohan's legal doghouse -- because she's blowing off his apology for using her name in a song ... and rejecting his invitation to the MTV VMAs.

Lilo recently sued Pit because his song "Give Me Everything" includes a lyric she feels disparages her name.

On Wednesday, Pitbull taped an apology (below) ... claiming he meant no harm, and invited Lindsay to join him at the VMAs this weekend -- where he's scheduled to perform the song.

Sources close to Lindsay tell us she has no interest in going to the VMAs -- and Pitbull's apology has no impact on the lawsuit ... it's moving forward.



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Of course she doesn't accept an apology; that would be too human like. When there's money involved, Lohan's have no integrity.

1153 days ago

Hamptons dude    

Linsey is so sad. She must be totally broke. Since she has no real talent she is just going to sue everyone. Poor girl, with parental guidance like hers she is screwed!

1153 days ago


I'm shocked that she would pass up the chance to go to the VMA's! Guess this proves that she's desperate for money and will do anything for it. She has no case against him. "Disparages" is an awfully big word for her to use, I doubt she said that. If she's worried about people painting her in a bad light, she may as well sue her parents, because both of them constantly make her look bad, especially her mother.

1153 days ago


This case is a no hoper, the kind of case only a no hoper would make, and the side effect is that any remaining sympathy will evaporate. People will simply laugh. She's an idiot and deserves the ignominy. "... the lyrics, by virtue of its wide appeal, condemnation, excoriation, disparaging or defamatory statements by the defendants about the plaintiff are destined to do irreparable harm to the plaintiff ..." Lol.

1153 days ago


How stupid of him to apologize!

She's been to jail and her name is Lindsay Lohan - end of lawsuit!
He should've told her to lick his balls!

1153 days ago


This suit is coming from Dina, its in the courts here in Nassau County, not Los Angels where Lindsay lives. Dina is the one filling this not Lindsay, Lindsay is just playing along becaue they need money so bad, both Dina and Lindsay are piss asz broke.Dina did the same with E-Trdae and she got 10,000.00 to go away cuz they settled out of court

1153 days ago


LOL...I am sure she dance on that song when she's clubbing.

1153 days ago


Of course Lindsay won't go to the VMA's with Pitbull. It's no secret that Lindsay is racist. She called President Obama a "colored person" and made numerous references to "those kind of people".

1153 days ago


She should be happy she got any kind of apology whether it's fake or not. She's got no chance at winning this. If I were Pitbull and it actually made it to court, I would drag this on and on and on to bleed Lindsay of what money she may have left. This former Disney actress, balding, freckled faced turd is the absolute laughing stock of Hollywood. Was the original Herbie the Love Bug as big a flop as her remake? Can anyone tell me what the cast of Mean Girls are doing now? Hayden P. = making movies, Emma Stone = the new IT Girl (5 box office hits this year), Rachel McAdams = Huge budget movies, and commanding Huge Paychecks for being the headliner. LINDSAY LOHASBEEN = JAIL/STEALING/SUEING/REHAB/COMMUNITY SERVICE (or lack there of)/MODELING FOR MAGAZINES THAT NOBODY HAS HEARD OF. So I guess I would quit referring to her as the Mean Girls Star!

1153 days ago


Apologize to Lindsay Lohan ????

Pitbull's lost his street cred. He may be wearing his pants down in prison showing his pink panties.

I really cannot believe that itbull would put on a suit and apologize to Lindsay Lohan, an unemployed shoplifting, coke-sniffing, drunk, who has so much free time on her hands, she cant figure out to complete her Community Service.

1153 days ago


F Lindsay. Pit should write a diss track about her and give her something to really cry about.

1153 days ago


"Sources close to Lindsay" is Dina, of course! Dina won't drop this lawsuit, Lindsay doesn't have a choice.

1153 days ago


This is the only way LiLo can make a living. She can't act. She can't get an acting role. She's uninsurable. So, she and her family have to depend on leaching off of others by suing them. Losers, all!

1153 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

Maybe instead of apologizing, he should have filed a counter suit on her for disparaging him by suing him and making it appear he had disparaged her, when in fact, he did nothing wrong or illegal.

1153 days ago

Seymour Brighton    

Lindsay has always shown that if she reaches a fork in the road, and one sign say "The obviously right and sensible thing to do" and another sign saying "DO NOT GO THIS WAY! BAD!! STUPID! THINGS WILL NOT GO WELL!!!", Lindsay will ALWAYS go for the wrong choice.

She's so predictably STUPID, it's breath-taking.

1153 days ago
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