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Lindsay Lohan

Not Biting on

Pitbull Apology or Invite

8/26/2011 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0825_lilo_pitbull_getty_EXPitbull's not getting out of Lindsay Lohan's legal doghouse -- because she's blowing off his apology for using her name in a song ... and rejecting his invitation to the MTV VMAs.

Lilo recently sued Pit because his song "Give Me Everything" includes a lyric she feels disparages her name.

On Wednesday, Pitbull taped an apology (below) ... claiming he meant no harm, and invited Lindsay to join him at the VMAs this weekend -- where he's scheduled to perform the song.

Sources close to Lindsay tell us she has no interest in going to the VMAs -- and Pitbull's apology has no impact on the lawsuit ... it's moving forward.



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Khate sucks    

Really? YOU LIVE YOUR LIFE IN DISGRACE, LIndsay, you drug addict, self centered PIG! YOU should be GLAD someone is STILL mentioning your UNWORTHY name! You won't win bc it's TRUE! It's FUNNY bc it's TRUE! LMFAO!

1162 days ago


I wish he had just ignored her in the press...don't kiss her ass...she does not deserve it.

1162 days ago


Some say the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Lindsay has shown it can also rot right on the branch.

1162 days ago


It's not defamation if it's true! That loser will never drop this lawsuit! She's broke and needs the money! Wonder who she will sue next? For someone who wants to get her reputation back so badly, she sure is digging her own grave deeper and deeper.

1162 days ago


x17 online

Lindsay Lohan did not beg director Steven Soderbergh for a role in his upcoming stripper movie Magic Mike, according to Lilo's rep.

Steve Honig, Lindsay's rep, tells X17online exclusively:

"Lindsay was not campaigning for the role in Magic Mike and not begging anybody to do anything."
The Soderbergh flick has already attached big names like Matthew McConaughey, Channing Tatum and Alex Pettyfer.

As for the reports claiming Lilo begged Soderbergh not to say he "won't work with her," Ho*****dds, "To the best of my knowledge, this is completely untrue."

We've reached out to Lindsay's mom, Dina, for comment, but we've yet to hear back.

This guy earn's EVERY cent he gets paid don't he....constantly putting out the fires she lights...somebody needs to take his water away and let it Lohan Inc burn down already.

1162 days ago


LOL.... the ROL article posts Lindsay's tweet where she says she's at a shoot with Joyce Bonelli. (she says it's the most amazing, introspective experience) Here are Joyce Bonelli's credits (from

2006 Playboy Video Centerfold: Playmate of the Year Kara Monaco (video do***entary) (wardrobe stylist - as Joyce Bonnelli)

2006 Playboy Video Playmate Calendar 2007 (video do***entary) (wardrobe stylist)

2005 Playboy Video Centerfold: Playmate of the Year Tiffany Fallon (video do***entary) (wardrobe stylist - as Joyce Bonnelli)

2005 Playboy Video Playmate Calendar 2006 (video do***entary) (wardrobe stylist)

2002 Playboy: Barefoot Beauties (video do***entary) (wardrobe assistant)

2002 Playboy Video Centerfold: Playmate of the Year Dalene Kurtis (wardrobe assistant)
Is porn far behind???

1162 days ago

If sense were common everyone would have it.    

Doesn't matter. It'll still be a sludgefest whether she's there or not.

1162 days ago


one you can use someone's real name and not be sued. two the truth is a defense to defamation. End of story ~ a lawyer

1162 days ago


Linsday is so pathetic. I have a great about nobody ever mentions her name again?? Problem solved. As an added bonus, she'll fade into obscurity.

1162 days ago


OK ! I'm done.....been settin her playing on the dam computer for two whole hours waiting for a important e-mail to come in....Done the News....played with Facebook.....surfed the entertainment site, and TMZ and even went on on Mufon site to check on the UFO's..and put in a bid or two on Ebay....still No E-mail !!!! ....Ain't waitin any more...if they wanted a answer from me today then they are too late.... I'm off to enjoy some sunshine before Our Gal..Irene gets here.....SoOOOOO looking forward to her visit.....
Have a safe weekend folks, and see ya'll later if the creeks don't rise to high.........

1162 days ago


Really?? A friggin lyric? Lilo really needs to get over herself. She has done more things to disparage and defame herself than Pitbull. Now that I think about...She's been drugged, locked up, drunk off her ass, made a fool of herself and entire "family"....She's lucky her name even gets mentioned.

I guess her 15 seconds of true fame are finally coming to end. Can I get an AMEN for that!!


1162 days ago


Go to court Pittbull - The only one who has a problem is the bimbo.

1162 days ago


If Lindsay thinks this makes her more descent in the court of public opinion, she is sadly mistaken. This makes her look very bad...Poor delusional, dysfunctional Blowhan.

1162 days ago


**** you pit bull. YOUR the loser. No one cares about your ****ty song. You no special. Your not #1. Lindsey needs to sue the **** out of you and make you realize your NOT gods gift to mankind. TEAM LINDSEY!!!!

1162 days ago


Well Eminem has been sued multiple times maybe not by Lilo but by others. If she doesn't have a case then she shouldn't pay her lawyers anymore. They would have given the OK for the thing.

1162 days ago
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