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Mel Gibson vs. Oksana Grigorieva


8/27/2011 7:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Mel Gibson and Oksana Grigorieva have finally settled their custody war.

After days of negotiations at the downtown L.A. courthouse, the court announced that the former lovebirds turned mortal enemies struck a deal. 

Sources say the agreement covers custody of Lucia, as well as support.  As we first reported, Oksana was asking for enormous sums of money, but we're told her demands just didn't fly.


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michelle: 8 hours ago
J.F. "The Beaver"
i saw the puppet as the last socially interactive bit of w.b.,
(the only 'one' who really loved him, for better or worse)
the people in his life bailed on him, why, maybe because,
to them, he no longer fit into their ideal of life,
this is his family, as imperfect as he was/is he stuck with them,
they kicked him out of their lives whilst he was at one of the most testing points in his life,
he never stopped accepting/including them , in spite of all their faults
with such conditional 'love' it's no wonder he fell into that unhappy rabbit hole
maybe the beaver puppet was a 'third person' effort to reach the hearts of
those he loved, in the hope that they would (re)discover the true meaning of love

Interesting how different people interpret the movie so differently. That for me means it's a good movie.

I saw it almost the opposite, at first they all, including WB were trying to ignore the fact that they had grown all distant from each other, inside their own cages brought upon perhaps by unmerciful routine. But from what I interpreted, his family did love him, in particular his wife, the scene where she pushes the beaver aside and says "not him, you" I think is very meaningful that way. Even his older son, who was rejecting him all the way through, as WB had his own father, we see that on the end he did love him.

In particular, I think the fact that, on the end, he separates from the Beaver, no easy task and at a huge cost and pain, he does so because his love for his family and their love for him were, after all and despite all, stronger.

I also really liked the speech his son wrote for his love interest. It was right on. They were all living a lie and avoiding to face the real issues at hand. They had to painfully expose it, expose themselves, acknowledge it, and not pretend, as she(he) said "that everything is going to be alright", because it's a lie.

I can't help but see a strong connection with the current cultural tends where it is "forbidden" to formally talk about negatives in an objective way, but whereas people can put their heads in holes they cannot avoid it. I just see a lot of contrasts.

People are not "dumb" anymore, they are "alternatively intelligent". Yet kids are being bullied by their peers for having IQ's that are too low, or for that matter, too high.
People are not "ugly" anymore, beauty is preached to be all subjective "eye of the beholder", yet nothing sells more than products that promises physical beauty, and you see the pressure and the importance that society puts in it all over the place, particularly Hollywood. I once saw this woman who was trying to vent about her "ugliness", but she couldn't because people would fervourously deny it, as opposed to saying, "yes, you're not pretty, so now lets focus on your strengths." They are not helping her by refusing to acknowledge her complaint and providing "feel-good" fake praises, as she knows, on the end, that they are not true.
And so on, so forth, with many other negative traits.
Perhaps I'm just bitter about the excessive PCness I see out there.

OK, enough ranting, I'll give it a rest for now. Phew!

1151 days ago


Hey Curious_
Don't take too long to post, I'm, well, curious about them!
Unlike me, at least, you, fuddy, Midwesterner tend to stay on topic! LOL

1151 days ago


I agree with Fuddy that Judge Gordon has been trying to stick by the original settlement throughout all this nonsense, but I also believe that certain aspects have been broken by Miss Oksana's insistent chipping away - primarily those things that involve custody and money to Miss Oksana. The first crack came back in September when she got the support increase.

Judge Lichtman specializes in complex litigation, civil litigation and insurance law. He was not one of the original mediators in 2010. (Sam is right that Attorney George's dad, a retired judge, was one of the original mediators.) On 8-12 (per TMZ), Miss Oksana and Mr. Mel each met separately with Judge Gordon and a mediator. I think money and custody took a split there. Judge Lichtman will preside over the financial settlement and Judge Gordon will take over the closed court hearings about custody since that remains a family law issue.

Somebody pushed for speed on this. TMZ's story on 8-3 said Mr. Mel's request for increased custody would go to hearing in September. Then we have them both meeting on 8-12 and again on 8-14 with a final hearing 8-31.

Could it have something to do with what happened to Alexander on 7-29? TMZ had the 911 call as early as 8-11 (see link post date), but didn't publi***** until 8-24. Since these calls are a matter of public record, Attorney Kolodny could have also easily gotten a copy and heard Miss Oksana clearly state Alexander slammed the door - he did not "lose his balance" as she originally claimed.

I have to refer to our legals eagles here for this question - what would cause the court to move so quickly to change the original September hearing date to one only 9 days after the initial request on 8-3?

1151 days ago


LOL at the word "TRUCE, its not in this woman vocabulary. Most recently, after the declaration of "co-parenting", she sues Mel for $500k.
Websters definition of TRUCE
"A temporary cessation of hostilities by mutual agreement".
A "temporary cessation" till she gets what she wants from poor Mel. And then her vicious cycle starts all over again.

TRUCE? How can any rational person believe and trust this woman to keep her word after all she has done and the damage she has caused? Someone needs to get their blinders off.

It will never be over with her chasing Mel for money and using his name to keep herself in the media.

I feel badly for Mel and his family for what they have endured at the wrath of this woman, but going forward it seems to me that he is naive to believe he can have any kind of "truce" with OG.
Mel had an opportunity to stop her through civil court by charging her with extortion, but chose to walk away from that.
His choice, his consequences. Just my two cents.

1151 days ago


IA -
Hiya :)
LOL, loved your rant about the social contradictions. My cynical self says our society regards social "enlightenment" (ie political correctness) as a matter of convenience and/or gain. Lots of talking with little walking.

Back on topic (Le Snicker) - I'm also gleeful to learn that Miss Oksana's various attempts to legally extort more money from Mr. Mel "didn't fly". Lucia absolutely deserves whatever Mr. Mel gives her, but Miss Oksana is an adult woman with an impressive list of accomplishments (just ask her, she'll tell you). She does not need to be supported.
In my mind, I'm childishly sticking my tongue out at her and going "Neener!".

1151 days ago


Pinkpanther makes a darn good point quoted herein -
"A "temporary cessation" till she gets what she wants from poor Mel. And then her vicious cycle starts all over again.

TRUCE? How can any rational person believe and trust this woman to keep her word after all she has done and the damage she has caused? Someone needs to get their blinders off.

It will never be over with her chasing Mel for money and using his name to keep herself in the media."

The thought that brings me comfort in the face of this very accurate statement is the concept of self-interest. Self-interest on the part of a lawyer. Note that even Attorney Horowitz no longer wants his name linked to hers. Miss Oksana has proven herself bad legal news - from making a complete fool of herself to defying court orders to actually needing a court order to pay one of her attornies. And it doesn't help that Judge Gordon didn't just pass on ridiculous family court legal fees for Mr. Mel to pay, so the hopes of soaking Mr. Mel's wallet is gone.

Overall, I'm hoping the lawyers in LA have enough self-interest to realize having Miss Oksana as a client is not good for business.

1151 days ago


Speaking of family court fees - since the financial arrangements now seem to be a separate deal outside family court, wouldn't Miss Oksana have to pay for that herself?

Perhaps I'm being confused by terminology, but the terms "settlement" and "mediation" and Miss Oksana wanting money for Alexander's "trauma" don't strike me as part of child support arrangements. It sounds a lot more like she was suing him for extra money.

1151 days ago


Irene's passing wind making power flicker, best be off.

Ya'll be well and stay frosty.

1151 days ago

Shuffle Demon    

I agree with Curious and fuddy that she really is limited by that draft agreement... As I said I think Judge Gordon is sticking to the agrreded upon conditions that were in the draft agreement with the exception on child support. Everytime she has tried to get that agreement tossed out the Judge has told her NO. I think that speaks volume and I believe that is why we also saw OxSanity try to use Sasha and his need for 500k for pain and suffering. It seems she wasn't getting far in gettng cash another way so why not try a new angle and walla the Sasha angle came into play. ( btw, did anyone notice when Sasha cut his arm that OxSanity fled out the door holding Lucia and then proceeded to tell the 911 operator some off the wall description as to what happened??? Like why would you ru out the door when your child is hurt and then dial 911.... why does it seem to me like a HUGGE stretch that what she say's occured didnt happen( and where have we seen that before) I have the feeling that Ssaha was mad at Mommy and put his fist thru the window and OxSanity fled to get away from his rage at her and then of course did her famous embellishment of what had occured...) I think OxSanity's lawyers know that if she tried to go to civil court that her chanes were slim and none that she would win, her past would be revelanti improving intent to defraud others as well as her using men for finacial and personal gain, and her credibilty wouldn't lst 5 minutes, so IMHO she would have had a huge uphill battle to get a win there

1151 days ago


Hi Curious

I know this might be a stretch ... but could it be possible that Mel might have put on lump sum amount for her on the table, but with an expiry date. Maybe just enough to get her out of debt and pay off her lawyers, who must be bugging her to get paid. The lawyers would certainly go for it, they want their money.

I agree that something triggered this quick settlement.

Alexander gets injured and it is reported by eyewitnesses.

We hear the first version which is Alexander stumbles and puts his hand through a window.

Mel turns around and goes to court to now ask for 50% custody … now.

Oksana wants to sue Mel for trauma to Alexander all of a sudden which tells me that there maybe alot more to the Alexander's injury.

Within the next week they are both meeting with the judge and the mediator separately.

Then we hear the 911 call and find out that he slammed a door and then further into the tape as he is talking to his mother he says next think he knew he woke up on the floor, so he was unconcious, this before the 911 call. Something about that I find very questionable. She doesn't mention it to the paramedic, he could have had a concussion.

August 26th a truce is announced. Well I’ll be!

August 31st we already have a court date. Would you look at that!

Sounds like Mel might have her by the short hairs, he knows it, she knows it and her lawyers know it. Who knows what kind of other debts she has racked up. And I don't think there any new lawyer that would tough this with a ten foot pole.

1151 days ago


Hello, Curious! And you too, Belinda and SD! I still chuckle at some of your humor, SD. I recall once where you stated that OG claimed she didn't know anything about the law or what was going on in mediation but yet she claimed on another occasion that she was smart...or was that GA's daughter that was telling the cameras how smart OG is? The way you stated it, it was hilarioius! You never know which one will show up at court!

Curious -- on the child suppport, Judge Gordon was well in-line to raise the child support to CA guidelines. The court will always have jurisdiction over custody, child support, and visitation. If a party petitions to make a change, then they go to mediation and try to come to an agreement, and if they can't, then Judge Gordon decides. Mel and OG did not agree on child support. The child support was low and Mel paid for all other expenses. Now, it sounds like Mel pays child support and that's it; plus she gets to stay in the house. Remember, OG asked for 55k or 60k per month, but only got 20k.

You state:
"I have to refer to our legals eagles here for this question - what would cause the court to move so quickly to change the original September hearing date to one only 9 days after the initial request on 8-3?"

I believe that what changed is that the parties came to an agreement. They didn't have an agreement before and were still very far apart, and TMZ reported that even her own attorneys were wanting her to settle. Well, they apparently came to an agreement last last week, so now they have to go before the court and advise the court of their agreement and then Judge Gordon signs off and orders are entered.

OG can ask for whatever she wants to in mediation, and it sounds like she threw that out when she asked for 500 hundred thousand for Sasha. It doesn't mean she'll get it. I don't think Mel would ante up for that anyway. He said that he claimed no liability when he entered the West Plea. Also, the matter before the court is Lucia and that's it. When the audio recordings were part of mediation last year OG had that as a bargaining chip, but that's gone now. I know that she stated on LKL that we were only hearing a portion, but I just don't see how she could come to an agreement at this point over them.

Judge Kenneth Black, the judge referenced in the mediated agreement, was supposed to be the 'go to judge' for mediation. He supposedly has a reputation for being hard ont he ladies and it was stated that he went through his own very difficult divorce and that's made him bitter. It could be that OG had him removed and asked for another judge; I don't know. Judge Peter Licthman does get involved in complex cases, like the abuse case against priests in CA. The Mel and OG case is certainly complex.

Here are two quotes about Lichtman:
"He was quoted by a legal trade paper on July 18, 2002, as saying that a lawyer must “barf up a lung” to get a continuance, while a judge is apt to stay home on sick leave based on “a sniffle.”

This hardly ingratiated him to colleagues. The morning that comment appeared, then-Presiding Judge Robert Dukes yanked Lichtman from his post as supervisor of complex litigation at Central Civil West.

His bid for election as assistant presiding judge drew little support. Czuleger handily defeated Lichtman and Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Mary Thornton House without a run-off."

Meanwhile, Lichtman is under scrutiny by the Los Angeles County Bar Assn’s judicial evaluation panel, as well as by the State Bar’s Commission on Judicial Nominees Evaluation.

"If committee members look hard and deep, it is difficult to imagine that their ratings of Lichtman for the Court of Appeal would be other than “not qualified.”"

from this link:

1151 days ago


Fuddy, Curious, Shuffle, Belinda, Kelly 81--rats, I know I am leaving someone out--it is so very, very good to read your comments. If Tell and Constantpeace are in range, I's love to hear what they make of recent developments.

I think TMZ is burying some information here. (Maybe old Horror is keeping Harvey posted on the condition that Harvey downplay a few things?) My gut reaction is that the Sasha injury is a factor, as well as the settlement with Robyn, in terms of speeding up the agreement with OG.

I am still astonished by two facts: No books are being published on this, and ROL is still permitted to publicly claim legal rights to those tapes.

I wonder if we will actually learn anything more next week?

1151 days ago


@IA and others commenting on The Beaver

I saw the film in a movie theater this summer and was very favorably impressed. When my pre-ordered copy arrived from Amazon on Tuesday, I watched again and found I had missed a huge thematic element. I watched again, and again made new discoveries. Those of you with the DVD and the deleted scenes short: look at the scene with Meredith and the Japanese women.

This is a great film, and a film never meant for a mass audience. If you have it on DVD, I suggest looking at it multiple times, and trying to "think through" the events with each the five--not four (as the cover suggests)--people. Henry, the child, is very important to this story.

Looking forward to future comments on The Beaver as well as the "on topic" stuff.

1151 days ago


Hello, Middie! Yes, I feel like I have left some of the old gang out, too! Okay -- group hug everyone! LOL!

In my opinion, I don't think the window incident plays in at all. I read more into the fact that Kolodny had requested records from OG's dealings with his partner over her pursuit of TD regarding Sasha. She REALLY wanted Mel's firm, specifically Kolodny, OUT! She even appealed that decision. So, she was really trying hard there to have him removed. I think that whatever it is that Kolodny had regarding that case was damaging to OG. I truly believe that all of this has finally played out and Mel has the upper hand. Jaffe still has no comment. Like I stated before, OG's attorneys know that she stands to lose more if she doesn't settle up and that's why they have pushed for a settlement. Attorneys do not like to lose.

1151 days ago


Another note to Belinda --

I hope that you are safe and that your trees are standing strong in the wind and rain. They may bend a little, but I hope that they don't break or fall. Trees are beautiful, aren't they? This may sound corny, but when the big tree in our front yard was blown over by the tornado, I actually put my hands on it and rubbed it and thanked it for all of its beauty and shade; said my good-byes. The plants that were around the bottom of the tree have found new homes. Some of the volunteers took some and I wanted them to remember us with the plants. My stepmom got some, and my son planted some. I don't even know what the plants are called, but they turn lavender in the fall and they are very hearty and come up every year.

Every day I ask myself, 'How did we make it?" I look around the devastation and it's all still hard to believe. I appreciate your kindness...

1151 days ago
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