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Do Reality Stars Deserve

A Star on the Walk of Fame?

8/26/2011 9:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Hookers and homeless people will NEVER get the chance to pee on Snooki and Kim Kardashian -- well, at least their stars -- because the honchos behind the Hollywood Walk of Fame have banned them from being immortalized on the street -- unfair ... or sweet justice??

And, Kris Humpries has the AUDACITY to wear shorts and a baseball cap to a romantic dinner in Italy -- so the debate rages ... is there a vacation dress code?? Plus, If Casey Anthony somehow became a top-flight criminal lawyer -- Mike says he would hire her ... but only IF...


(0:00) A new photo of Steve Jobs surfaces -- and it's heartbreaking.
(4:40) Casey Anthony is gonna get her learn on -- Mike explains why.
(7:05) If Casey became a really good attorney -- would you EVER hire her to defend you?
(14:20) Harvey was good friends with Johnny Cochran -- but the way Johnnie defended O.J. Simpson bothered Harvey.
(20:10) The Hollywood Walk of Fame says "Hell to the No" to reality stars ... even though Lassie and Kermit have stars.
(29:12) Harvey -- and definitely not a Twitter follower -- makes a GREAT point about the walk of fame.
(29:50) Dax's "wettest dream."
(33:50) The great debate -- when can men wear shorts?
(43:10) Charlie Sheen -- one step closer to his master family plan.

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and if Harvey thinks that thats what the public wants, he should check out his own poll. more than 92 % of people disagree with reality personalities getting stars!

1156 days ago


Hi I just tuned into your show and caught in the part were something was said about promoting a show. You guys were kind of joking about it and I was wondering if you guys were discussing the Will, Jada and Marc rumors and people thinking they are promoting the poor rated show? Again I would like to remain nameless

BTW I have to give credit to TMZ a lot of people think that all TMZ does is spread rumors but from I have seen they also tried to clear up rumors. In fact it's one of the ONLY gossips sites that I have seen do that. Thanks

1156 days ago


Perhaps it's a moral issue? Lassie, Buggs Bunny, even Vana White didn't do things that are considered immoral for entertainment. If you are going in this dirrection just because they made money, why not let porn stars have a star?

1156 days ago

t jam     


1156 days ago

Rhonda Brown    

I wouldn't hire Casey Anthony to clean up my dog's ****!!! She is a pathetic excuse of a human being!!

1156 days ago


H3LL NO!!!

1156 days ago

Khate sucks    

FINALLY, Hollywood does something SMART! I am SO fed up with dumbass reality shows! Those people think they're doing something! ZERO talent and irritating personalities to go with! I can't wait til they're a they're a thing of the past!!! They're an insult to INTELLIGENT people everywhere! I have never seen a reality show with SMART people!

1156 days ago

Khate sucks    

Poor Chris Humphries.....he's got a wife with more miles than the Michilan Man and her fake ass is ALL over the internet.....while he was FALLING in on his honeymoon, millions of ugly men with no life were doing her right along with him..........hope she realizes it's not the HOT men, with dates, jacking off to her, it's the convicts sitting in jail, the ugly doofus with no woman and the lowest of the low...but hey it made her famous....her Mom sold her out so she can enjoy millions as a worthless, talentless reality show Hoe!

1156 days ago


Harvey was bothered by Johnny Cochron defending OJ? Are you kidding? Yet, Harvey has no problem supporting the Salahi's by paying them $$ for any bogus made up story they dish out. Matter of fact, TMZ is the only one buying their BS

1156 days ago


LOL....OFC...Snooki you deserve a ban.

1156 days ago


I don't think reality show should be ban from walk of fame, one dumb ass ***** offS himself and that's it?,,, that's why it's reality. but then we spooh over Charlie Sheen, and Micheal Jackson WHATEVER. He played Hangman and lost, moving on. And the b.... he did it for is FRICKING UGLY HELLO when she smiles she looks like she's related to The Joker!!!!!!!!

1156 days ago

Jeff Heise    

Nice to see there is one part of Hollywood that has integrity!

1156 days ago


I think Casey Anthony would be a great lawyer. She knows her way around the legal system already, could smother her clients with excellent legal care, and bury her competition. Her mother could be her paralegal since shes great at looking things up on the internet. "Casey Anthony, Attorney At Law, putting the reason in reasonable doubt."

1156 days ago


Reality stars are a flash in the pan fad. I mean who even remembers the cast from the first Real World or the first Bachelor? I wouldn't worry about any reality star getting a star because none of those people will have the staying power to deserve one. Reality TV is just another caged animal in the media zoo. Look at it a little while then move on to the next cage. Forgettable.

1156 days ago


Kim and Paris are popular only because of their sex tapes. Should porn stars get a star on the walk of fame? People like Vanna White and Judge Wapner were around for many years before they got a star. If Kim is still around in 15 years doing the same things she's doing now then something is seriously wrong with her and society if they still think she is so great for doing what amounts to nothing.

1156 days ago
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