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Do Reality Stars Deserve

A Star on the Walk of Fame?

8/26/2011 9:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Hookers and homeless people will NEVER get the chance to pee on Snooki and Kim Kardashian -- well, at least their stars -- because the honchos behind the Hollywood Walk of Fame have banned them from being immortalized on the street -- unfair ... or sweet justice??

And, Kris Humpries has the AUDACITY to wear shorts and a baseball cap to a romantic dinner in Italy -- so the debate rages ... is there a vacation dress code?? Plus, If Casey Anthony somehow became a top-flight criminal lawyer -- Mike says he would hire her ... but only IF...


(0:00) A new photo of Steve Jobs surfaces -- and it's heartbreaking.
(4:40) Casey Anthony is gonna get her learn on -- Mike explains why.
(7:05) If Casey became a really good attorney -- would you EVER hire her to defend you?
(14:20) Harvey was good friends with Johnny Cochran -- but the way Johnnie defended O.J. Simpson bothered Harvey.
(20:10) The Hollywood Walk of Fame says "Hell to the No" to reality stars ... even though Lassie and Kermit have stars.
(29:12) Harvey -- and definitely not a Twitter follower -- makes a GREAT point about the walk of fame.
(29:50) Dax's "wettest dream."
(33:50) The great debate -- when can men wear shorts?
(43:10) Charlie Sheen -- one step closer to his master family plan.

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While I do watch certain reality shows, I will say that none of these reality "stars" deserve to be on the Walk of Fame. Like most people said, the Walk of Fame should only be for the REAL celebrities who DESERVE the honor that they worked so hard for.

1119 days ago


Do I really have to say it. NO

1119 days ago

who dat    

Well Harvey, it's now become obvious. You have lost your friggen mind.

1119 days ago


OMG for the love of whats left of this bussiness industry do NOT give these reality stars a star!!

1119 days ago


Charlie wants a reality show.

1119 days ago


Yes they can be !if you create the "trash hall of fame "that will be the right name and place for all this loosers ,ghetto, trash,wannabe's and disgusting people!!who don't deserve to be in any TV, in America .....

1118 days ago


Reality stars are not actors! They are just people whose 15 minutes of fame lasted 14 minutes too long. Kardashian is a skank just like her sisters Khloe and Kourtney. These people have money, but no CLASS.

1118 days ago


Are you joking me ? Of COURSE they do DUMBASSES ! They are our modern day SHirley Temples !!!!!

1118 days ago

If sense were common everyone would have it.    

This is an old thread so maybe no one will see it, but no reality contestants on the Walk of Fame. They didn't do anything except BE THERE. They didn't act, sing, write or play music, dance, produce, direct, etc. I.e., they didn't do anything productive to warrant that honor. Some of the criteria, according to a NY Post story from yesterday were these:
"...nominees seeking stars have to meet certain criteria -- including longevity in their field of entertainment, awards and other honors and philanthropic work (running up huge bar tabs doesn’t count)."

In 2005, Ryan Seacrest received one. For what, I don;t know. Big deal he was a host on a talent show. THere are people far more deserving who are just now getting their stars, & they've been a productive part of show business for far longer. Decades even. It really seems to be a popularity contest anymore, much like the relatively recent vapid talent shows snotting up the small screen. Whoever is well liked, wins.

Kudos to the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce.

1118 days ago

common sense    

Putting them on the walk of fame is like giving obama the nobel peace prize... DUMB !

1118 days ago


You are SICK for showing photos of an ill man, just to help get attention to TMZ. Horrible, spineless, disgusting human beings, you all are! Shameless! Give him the privacy he deserves and needs!!! TAKE THE PICTURE DOWN!!!!!!!!!!

1118 days ago

Ratings Needed    

There are people on the walk of fame that don't belong there. It's for true actors not wannabes! It took some actors many years, decades to get their star (or some that are deceased!) and recently they hand them out to people that are simply popular and really aren't talented. The Hollywood Walk of Fame has become a joke just like the Oscars.

1118 days ago


Hell no what they didnt work as hard as a lot of the star do. They make themselves n their family's look like asses on tv. Star work hard to do what they do it a real job for them.

1118 days ago


I can't believe that people would actually give that baby killer a job! Just shows the mentality of people now. As far as the star, why would they get one? It's not like any of them have any real acting ability. Having camera's follow you around filming your life is NOT acting people! Again, it shows the mentality of people who watch this garbage! I would be mortified if my child became famous for making a sex tape irregardless of her age, yet Kris Jenner pimps her kids out on a daily basis!

1115 days ago

Jeffrey Ramos    

Hey Harvey,
Was'nt Nena on the peoples court with her mom a couple of years ago ?

1113 days ago
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