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Dr. Conrad Murray

Judge Made an 'Error'

By Not Sequestering Jury

8/27/2011 10:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Conrad Murray thinks Judge Michael Pastor made a mistake when he ruled against sequestering the jury in the upcoming Michael Jackson manslaughter trial ... but he said he's doing the best he can and that God will see him through this.

God ... and a jury of his peers.


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Now today, it's your birthday Michael -
Can I say 'Happy Birthday'??
I wished you could do a great party, like you would love it. A party with all you love - at first your lovely children (think it's a sad day for them, but I hope it will have nice, happy moments today), yes, with your family and friends of you.
Here in Germany my friends an I will be together, speak, read about you and listen to a special M.J. day on M.J. Radio

OMG, it's so so sad. I've learned so much - and every day I learn much more from and about you.
My whole live you were there (where ever it was :) )
Now, I will be there!

All I can say is:
I love you Michael
Thank you so much

Now we will bake special Mikel-Cookies -, stay tune and also be here on tmz (it's one place to get good (and bad!!!) Information in realtime with nice and informed people- thank you, you know!)

That's it!
We wish you all a nice 'Michael birthday-day' and


1121 days ago



I once saw the aftermath of a literal train wreck. Whereas one could project what you get if you mix enough mass and momentum—who bothers to pre-contemplate such a thing? So I was unprepared for the carnage. Trees were cleaved. The gouges in the Earth seemed the work of a monstrous, berserk feline-god. I parked my car and gawked.

I also gawk whenever I see an image of Michael Jackson’s face: the cleaved nose, the gouged cheeks and the preternaturally red lips. His face is a figurative and figural train wreck. Perhaps what he sought was the look of doe-eyed, idealized children, as depicted in schmaltzy paintings of the sixties and seventies, the children that are the aesthetic ancestors of Anime, with enormous eyes and wisp of noses. But caricature, which can beguile or amuse on paper, disturbs in the flesh.

And I gawk whenever I happen upon the latest prurient details of Michael Jackson’s life. Like the literal train wreck, Michael mixed too much momentum, the hurly-burly of his life, and too much mass—a mass of money. And I suspect he never pre-contemplated the likely carnage of such mixing. Because he could pay so much money to so many, he was obliged his every aching whim. Too few said no to him.But one doesn’t have to be royalty—the Emperor of Rome, the King of Pop or the Queen of Winchester Rifles—to indulge neuroses. Benny Franklin said that four of five men are slow suicides. Yes, Michael commits slow social and professional suicide on our television screens each night. And Michael paid people to chisel away his nose. But millions of us have to make do with less conspicuous suicide. In the gloom of a bar, we pay to have liquor chisel away our livers. Or we wrap ever more fat around us. According to the Trust for American Health, 119 million American adults, 65 percent of the population, are currently overweight or obese.

I’m not suggesting that liquor and fat aren’t reasonable replies to a day in a corporate cubicle. Some say that neurosis isn’t only reasonable, but inevitable, a pragmatic adaptation to mortality and the modern life, for no matter how clever and quick we are, decay will claim us if the cubicle doesn’t. But for the most of us, our madness will never be monstrous. It will be kept mini by the limits of our money. But money can hurry along madness. It swaddles one too tightly. One doesn’t see Earth as it largely is, with two-thirds of its natural resources gone, according to Rober******on, the British-born chief scientist at the World Bank. One sees the world as Neverland, where bills never come due.

I was rich once…for two days. Actually, I nuzzled up to wealth. My ex-boyfriend, a doctor, dropped a couple thousand in Chicago. After a paltry two days, I was seduced…into believing that the world was just fine, for everywhere we went, people swaddled us. As a child who shared a bed with two siblings for years (a family of nine + a wee house = shared beds), and as a teacher who taught in Appalachia, Roxbury and on a reservation for two decades, I remain astonished that my view could be skewed so quickly.

But madness can be managed on middle class blocks, most of which have a mad Home Shopping Network lady, who lives in the spotted squalor of her superfluous leopard print blazers. And consider the higher-class madness of the couple that builds a second home—their 3,500 square foot getaway, which some dare call the cottage or the cabin. Oh, the eco-horror, the eco-horror!

And oh, the irony! To decorate it, they subscribe to Living Simple magazine. And they hang Thoreau’s Simplify, Simplify, Simplify over the mantle.

And in-between the cleaning it takes to open that “cottage” at the start of a season and the demands of closing it at the end of the season, and under the strain of doubling utility bills and taxes, and the effort of bulldozing indigenous plants and seeding their lakeshore lot with a monoculture lawn, they might find time to live the good life, maybe cast into a lake that isn’t stripped of fish by over-fishing or acid rain, which comes largely from heating and cooling too many homes, and they might manage to catch a fish that isn’t laden with toxins and say to their friends, “The simple pleasures are the best.”

Then there’s the madness of persuading oneself the world isn’t safe anymore, not like it was back in the good old fifties, as if we’ve evolved as a species and become fundamentally more vicious. So rather than risk connecting, we buy ever more elaborate home entertainment systems, with sound and images so real that you might believe you’re actually out there…somewhere. And ‘cause being afraid makes us anxious and being alone makes us lonely, those commercials that assert that a certain pill can cure our malaise….work. According to the Department of Health and Human Services, at least half of Americans take one prescribed drug. The rest of us make do with liquor, shopping and sugar.

Money limits madness for most folks. Monstrous amounts of money can support monstrous amounts of madness, such as Michael’s.

But whe******wk at Michael, I consider the words of Holly Golightly, the protagonist tart of Truman Capote’s “Breakfast at Tiffany’s: “Everybody has to feel superior to somebody. But it's customary to present a little proof before you take the privilege.”

It is tempting to take the privilege without the proof, but it might be prudent to hesitate and contemplate our sanity-remnant rather than Michael’s rhino-remnant. And yes, Michael’s madness might include pedophilia and if it does, he should be locked in a concrete and steel box.

But I do believe that what separates the monstrous madness of some wealthy folks and the ordinary madness of the rest of us isn’t sanity. It’s a few hundred million. LIVING SIMPLE
Money, madness and monstrosity

1121 days ago


What are you so afraid Murray !!
Murray you accuse the judge to make a mistake!
Do not forget Murray you made a big mistake by injecting droque to Michael has not blame others who make mistakes and if your God is right there will make you pay for thee silly errors IDIOT Murray
Justice for Michael please

1121 days ago

yvonne from uk    

Just for today lets spare a thought for Michaels family especially Paris, Prince and Blanket, must be such a hard day for them to get through. Happy Birthday Michael, God bless. Love you forever.

1121 days ago

Barb. A.    

The Judge REITERATED the autopsy report's finding: NO DEMEROL FOUND IN MICHAEL JACKSON'S BODY AT TIME OF DEATH. Great news for MJ's team: No Klein. No Pfeiffer. No Demerol. No Molestation will be presented at trial.

1121 days ago


Steve Harvey Morning Show did a great job as always honoring Michael's life. On the drive to work, the birthday tribute to Michael this morning was wonderful and hilarious!!!!!! great job!

1121 days ago

Eric Anderson    

Michael Jackson had injected himself with a dose of liquid ibuprofin which could have caused a stroke, heart attack,
or vomiting which eventually lead to a cephallitus problem which has become an american epidemic. Even Muhammad Ali could not break the ibuprofin injection and eventually broke his life like the orange motrin tablet can do! Motrin is the agent orange that could blow a hole in the belly of a viatnamese lizard after the lizard elects to swallow! Whith in a day the lizard suffers from cephalitus.

1048 days ago

Eric Anderson    

Conrad Murray is innocent of the MJ incident in my opinion!
If MJ was not castrated the injection might not have had a malignant affect on his corpse. MJ might have suffered from the impact of the needel piercing his skin not the inert effect of the ibuprofin drug in the cylinder! Murray should be forgiven and the case thrown out as an undertermined decision. Allow Murray to be free! This comment is staight from the "BUM" as a witness to this extraordinary event.

1048 days ago
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