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'Jersey Shore' Cast Members

ESCAPE the Hurricane for VMAs

Via Private Jet

8/27/2011 9:54 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

MTV couldn't have its biggest stars miss tomorrow night's Video Music Awards due to the hurricane sweeping the East Coast -- so they chartered a private jet to take "Jersey Shore" stars Snooki, Vinny, Deena and Sammi to Los Angeles ... TMZ has learned.

According to our sources, the foursome flew out last night, avoiding the hurricane before it crippled local airports.

The rest of the cast was off doing events in other parts of the country -- for example ... Pauly D was in Oklahoma DJing, while Jwoww was hosting a party at PURE in Las Vegas. 

Vinny tweeted a pic from the plane, saying, "Had to take the PJ to the #VMAs to beat the storm.East coast you will be fine just chill in and laugh while it passes."



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Wow...that's a lot of expense just to move trash around.

1150 days ago


Wait....what about Ronnie and the Sitch? You forgot about them!

1150 days ago


Calling this group MTV's biggest stars makes my stomach churn because it's true. Jersey Shores is the #1 show every week. It's really sad the Americans idolize this cast of idiots that do nothing but get drunk, and either fall down or get in fights. I have seen better fights in the school yard, only those kids get arrested for it. These people have no talent or brains or even looks.

1150 days ago


Actually it flew out this morning. Saw Snooki on a webcam last nite and she was on the phone with her mother and they said they were leaving at 5am. On a side note..she's flaky as hell.

1150 days ago


On a funny note..Snooki was worried about the shore house being washed away in the hurricane. LOL...

1150 days ago


There really going to LA to get their "star" on the Hollywood walk of Fame. They've reconsidered reality stars Harvey.

1150 days ago


Between these idiots and the Khardashians, is it any wonder this country is going down the toilet. I slaved away (and am now in huge debt) for a masters in education to teach the less fortunate diabled population. Not wanting to get rich, but have some savings..
Yet these pigs..yes PIGS, screw on tape,curse like sailors and flaunt their sleaze... and America rewards them with millions. This country is a disgrace!

1150 days ago


While the Jersey Shore has a massive hurricane & people are going to in shelters, these losers do nothing but go to a party on a private plane!
If they were real people not animals, they would be helping out their fellow Jersey Shore people. But they are not human beings!

1150 days ago


I bet that plane had to be steam cleaned and de liced

1150 days ago


They could be doing public service announcements, giving out bottled water, showing up at the shelters to help out however they are needed.
Many New Jerseyites will suffer major losses in property, some may did, yet these losers do nothing but go to a party.
Shame on MTV!

1150 days ago


At least the Hollywood Walk of Fame where all of the big celebrities get a star on the sidewalk has BANNED all reality stars from ever getting a star in their honor. Finally there is some justice for these morons.

1150 days ago


What a bunch of TRASH.

Sickening that they consider themselves celbs.

A real disgrace to their heritage.

1150 days ago


If videos aren't even played on MTV anymore how on earth can they still have the cojones to call it the MTV Video Music Awards?

1150 days ago

Her Imperial and Royal Majesty    

Is it too late to pay a kamikaze pilot to fly them into the eye of the storm so they get blown to bits?

1150 days ago


I am glad to see that others feel the same about these fools as I do...what a disgrace to the Italian people this group of morons are!! MTV needs to show some class, it has really dropped the bomb on these idiots...the only star they should recieve is in the jail cell they have spent time in...I hope Irene gives that Jersey Shore house a good cleaning bad MTV ran to the rescue with a plane!! For the person who said they should be handing ou*****er and doing some good community service, my hats off to are so correct..people who truly love their community would be ready when able to help in assistance, these kids wouldnt help anyone, its below their standards...I am Italian, and this group of fools do not represent me in anyway shape or form...grow up cast of Jersey Shore, you look like a circus, you dont deserve the money you make or the credibility of being considered a celebrity..your recieving a paycheck to be the nations fool!!

1150 days ago
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