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Russell Armstrong

Business Associate Commits Suicide

24 Hours After Hanging

8/27/2011 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Russell Armstrong
's friend and business associate committed suicide the day after Russell's body was found hanging from a beam in his bedroom ... TMZ has learned.

Alan Schram -- the managing partner of Wellcap, an L.A-based hedge fund -- was found on August 16 outside of his car on Mulholland Drive with a gunshot to his head.  The L.A. County Coroner concluded Schram's death was a suicide.

Alan was connected with an exclusive group called Tiger 21 -- a organization of high net-worth folk who jawbone with each other about investments ... and we're told Russell Armstrong was a member of Tiger 21, even though he was clearly having money trouble.

We're also told they became friends, and during Russell's memorial, Taylor and some of the other "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" were talking about how shocked they were that the two men killed themselves -- possibly a day apart. 

As we previously reported, Russell, who did not leave a suicide note, was in deep distress over money problems.  As for Alan, he also did not leave a note, and his money situation is unclear.


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YO! This story AND the Ashley Holmes arson story were first on Great HWs site!! Really, check it out...

1119 days ago


Who gives a fuq? NEEEEEEXT! I bet this is Obama's fault too!

1119 days ago


This is sad. I don't care how any of your feel personally about these two man, they should be given some respect your don't know how they were feeling and what could have caused them to do this. And the dumb person it's President Obama's fault should go out and get a life and learn to respect him also call him what he is President Obama just not Obama

1119 days ago


They probably were lovers-wouldn't suprise me

1119 days ago


I think the police run with the coroner's report instead of actually investigating the 2 suspected suicides. Look how many people are involved in wrong investments etc. and deals go wrong and people end up dead----AND NOT BY SUICIDE. It's made to look that way since usually the people who end up dead are caught up with money problems so the criminals go free. The police close their case and they move on... This does not sound right about 2 sucides with no notes. Russell loved and adored his daughter according to Taylor right???

1119 days ago


Schram's facebook page is still up. His picture is of him posing with Warren Buffett. He had a lot of semi-famous friends in the news industry and sons of wealthy people like Deepak Chopra. I didn't see Russell or Taylor on it. Apparently he's married and his wife is in Israel, or at least was at the time of his death.

Maybe some of the rumors swirling have some validity. Who else would threaten to write a tell all book about Russell other than Taylor? My guess is she discovered his secret life and used it as leverage against him. He retaliated by beating her. He may have preferred rough sex, like some closeted men do and may have beat her during a kinky sex session. He must have had something on her as well, which prevented her from blowing the whistle. Maybe she was in on the money he stole to purchase furniture for their house, or for that birthday party. Who buys a 5 year old a diamond ring for God's sake! Like she won't outgrow it in a few months. Then she gets pissed at him for getting a puppy that she eventually takes away from her poor kid.

I hated her on the show and don't feel the slightest bit sorry for her. She'll probably end up being a bigger drunk than Kim.

1118 days ago


or a Mob Hit 2 look like suicide becuz these 2 clowns owed Millions 2 the loan sharks of Bev Hills..They were made 2 off themselves..that skinny broad taylors hubby was a real skuzzz bag like her..These people will do anything 4 some quick money and fame, ANYTHING..dead 4 money

1118 days ago


Comment from another website:
national enquirer s/w alleged gay lover… not sure how true the story is but he was remarking about how despondent Russell had been lately about finance and even had been getting death threats (but he wasn’t implying russell was murdered).
But…I just noticed Alan Schram’s FB (he is the friend who committed suicide the day after russell on mulhulland drive the following day…he shot himself outside his car(?) On his FB page one of the last things he did was friend Francisco Martin (and 7 others)….but Francisco was also the person at the scene with Taylor when Russells body was discovered. I thought that was a weird connection. Francisco has “beauty secret” as one of his interests…isn’t that a taylor company? Also…In US Weekly there is a report that in June, Taylor got really drunk at a party and hit her head against a wall….wondering how that coincides with the alleged injuries.
I think its Beautyticket dot com and Taylor Armstrong is also an interest of Francisco martin. Franciscos FB page doesn't have anything on his wall at all except Alan Schrams last activity was adding friend Francisco and 7 others

Where are the autopsies?

1118 days ago


Schram's wife is (allegedly) in Israel...shouldn't she come home to attend to her husband's affairs? Is she really in Israel? Fishy fishy... Do ducks fish?

1118 days ago


Did anyone see this on Francisco Martin's Facebook?

Activities and Interests:, Taylor Armstrong, Dr. Paul Nassif

1118 days ago


Cali.... check out the last few pages on this thread. I don't know why someone (especially LE) isn't checking into this stuff. Where are the autopsies? Where is Schram's wife? We're assuming that they committed suicide cause he was involved in something but if he really did embezzle peoples money and put it in offshore accounts very powerful people would have been very angry. What if Schram could have been involved or maybe he knew too much? Check out reality tea article and comments section..they've got good info.

1118 days ago


Russell just opened an account in Brazil June 2011.

1118 days ago


They hide their stolen money all over the world

1118 days ago


Theses guys were murdered and the police department never investigates these murders...they just call them suicides...but there is a serious problem...

1118 days ago


I discovered Lindsay Peddler (Taylor's Beauty Ticket partner) is a major player in their scam.
I wonder if she’s Taylor’s sister.

1118 days ago
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