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Russell Armstrong

Business Associate Commits Suicide

24 Hours After Hanging

8/27/2011 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Russell Armstrong
's friend and business associate committed suicide the day after Russell's body was found hanging from a beam in his bedroom ... TMZ has learned.

Alan Schram -- the managing partner of Wellcap, an L.A-based hedge fund -- was found on August 16 outside of his car on Mulholland Drive with a gunshot to his head.  The L.A. County Coroner concluded Schram's death was a suicide.

Alan was connected with an exclusive group called Tiger 21 -- a organization of high net-worth folk who jawbone with each other about investments ... and we're told Russell Armstrong was a member of Tiger 21, even though he was clearly having money trouble.

We're also told they became friends, and during Russell's memorial, Taylor and some of the other "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" were talking about how shocked they were that the two men killed themselves -- possibly a day apart. 

As we previously reported, Russell, who did not leave a suicide note, was in deep distress over money problems.  As for Alan, he also did not leave a note, and his money situation is unclear.


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Cowards. These idiots probably bilked hundreds out of their money. When they realized they were too stupid to handle the situation, they decided to kill themselves. Good riddance.

1119 days ago


That photo is absolutely shameful! Blatantly obvious what your insinuating. Shame on TMZ!

1119 days ago


Everyone is saying how Russel Armstrong's secret gay sex life was coming out. So his "business partner" commits suicide a day after him? Sounds like their partnership was more of a loverly kind! When someone commits suicide it's THEIR fault no one elses. Look at Jaycee Dugard all the stuff she had to go through FOR 18 YEARS the people who could have helped her failed her and screwed up. She didn't take her life. She took her life back when she finally got away from that freak. Here's to the courage of people like Jaycee who go through hell and back and make it through to the other side!

1119 days ago


This was his male partner. This was what all this is about the two of them having a relationship.

1119 days ago


Maybe they both knew something they couldn't handle the consequences over. Like prison. It's sad either way. Maybe they were also best friends?

1119 days ago


Can you all please tell me how I can get a grown man to turn over all his money to me and to pay my credit cards? Douchbags. Grown men make their own choices. No matter what Taylor's spending habits were, nobody made Russel marry and keep her. He could have filed for separation to separate their finances legally you idiots. Everybody works for their own motives and Russell his also.

1119 days ago


expect Nancy Grace and her expert legal panel to thoroughly analyze

1119 days ago


WOW! What a mess. What is it that so many people are committing suicide? Life is not that unbareable, there are so many resources to help people who are contemplating suicide. Reach out, someone will take your hand and help, no matter how gloomy the situation may appear at the time.

1119 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

This group is extremely elite and I promise you all, Russell wasn't nearly as broke as he seemed to be. It won't be long and we'll her about off shore accounts and their likeness.

1119 days ago


Come on guys, has any investigated whether these douches are being murked then the scene set to look like suicides? These incidents aren't happening because these two had a fight in their bromance. Come on, can any of see that something is wrong here??????

1119 days ago


That LA Police needs to remember the old saying. " Fool me once shame on you.....Fool me twice shame on me !"......when it comes to this here farce...the truth hasn't come out of anybodies mouths and their are all scrambling to cover their ass's and throw the police off of what really happened.....As for these to men being lovers , and killing them selves because they were afraid of being outed...what a laugh..People remember were they are living in HOLLYWOOD ...were every other person is gay and its as common that straight people are the minority....
Something's fishing in Hollywood and it ain't his wifes private parts...(thru it probably smells as well from as many men she has screwed to get were she is....

1119 days ago

Make it stop    

Wonder what sort of shady business they were into. I bet Taylor knows.

1119 days ago


Another permanent solution to a temporary problem. I feel so sorry for them and their families.

1119 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

I don't know anything about these people, so I can't speculate about crooked business. I have read though that it's not uncommon when a person commits suicide for a friend or family member or classsmate to go on and kill themselves as well.

1119 days ago


I guess he didnt wanna mess up the car or the house..

1119 days ago
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