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Big Brother

Shelly's Family Receives

Death Threats Over Jeff's Eviction

8/29/2011 4:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Big Brother" contestant Shelly Moore pissed off America when she voted to evict fan favorite Jeff Schroeder last week -- and now TMZ has learned her family has been receiving death threats from deranged fans because of the move.

Sources close to Shelly tell us ... the reality star's family has received multiple phone calls from people threatening violence ... even making threats against Shelly's 8-year-old daughter.

We're told Shelly's employer has also been receiving harassing phone calls -- demanding the company fire Shelly immediately because of the way she voted on the show.

Sources tell us Shelly's family is preparing to get the FBI involved -- because they're taking the threats VERY seriously.

UPDATE: "Big Brother" Executive Producer Allison Grodner released a statement on Twitter ... saying, "No matter how much you dislike an HG, this is wrong! True BB fans do not try to ruin lives. Please stop!"


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While I'm not happy that Shelly voted Jeff out either, making threats on someone's family is completely uncalled for whether they actually happened or not. I absolutely love Big Brother and look forward to it every summer but come on it's a freaking TV show! Obviously certain people need to get a life and learn how to act.

1122 days ago


I HATE HER too but this is too much!! anddd JEFF should NOT be blamed for this and neither should all his fans!!..some ppl are ridiculous.

1122 days ago


Disturbed people have a hard time discerning the difference between game play and what they believe in their mind. The world is full of disturbed people. It is sad... and I hope they get tracked down and put away.

1122 days ago


I wonder if TMZ would mention that Shelly is a STAUNCH republican, would TMZ readers still see what is happening to Shelly's family a*****e? I highly doubt it

1122 days ago


I am SOOO glad Jeff was evicted. CBS has desperately tired to have Jeff & Jordan win. Because their precious Jordan didn't win HOH after Jeff was evicted and she got nominated they created a new twist that they didn't even tell viewers about because Jordn & Rachel begged for one on the live feed. Low and behold after about 2 or 3 hours they created one and wala- Jordan gets saved because they are back in pairs because Rachel won veto and Jordan is her partner. FIXED BOGUS SHOW

1122 days ago


wow thats a bit harsh ya think?? duuuuh that is from some idiot nutball,you cant condemn everyone who watches the show,if u do that ur just as crazy as the aholes who threaten her!!

1122 days ago


The death threats are absolutely ridiculous. There are so many crazies out there, and Shelly's family in no way deserves that kind of treatment!

However, to say that Shelly is receiving all of thi*****e because she evicted Jeff is inaccurate reporting. People were spewing hate Shelly's way when she was still aligned with Jeff. She has played a nasty game, and has said and done some disgusting things to a lot of the people in the house - namely Rachel.

Does it make it okay for people to call in death threats, absolutely not. IT'S A GAME.

It should also be noted that it has been proven that some of the most over the top threats were made by Jeff haters in an attempt to make Jeff look bad. From what I understand there was no actual physical intent behind these people's threats.

1122 days ago


Psycho people. smh

Jeff even mentioned in his eviction interview that he thought Shelly was a nice lady.

I don't like Shelly but she's playing a game for a half-million dollars. Leave her family alone.

Seriously, it's crazy to get so upset over a game show. Go out and get a life of your own for crying out loud.

1122 days ago


I didnt see CBS or BB or allison putting a stop to shelly Porshe and Adam plotting to throw balls in the next comptition at Rachels stomach becasue they think she may be pregnant and stating that they would be doing rachels fiance a favor saving him the 400$ it woudl cost him to pay for a abortion. BB thrives on this and their ratings which is all they care about is highest this season than any season.

1122 days ago


A *****e (censored by tmz?)

1122 days ago


Mortgage Finance companies raped this country's people and got compensated because they are "too big to fail" and people get upset about Big Brother. Total B*u*l*l********.. We, as a country, need to rethink our priorities.

1122 days ago


&$ H&te

1122 days ago


There have been many assumptions made about this issue. Perhaps needing the most attention is the fact that there has been no way to attribute the Facebook site as a BB fan creation. There has been much said that it is in fact a creation of a hacker/s who is attempting to stir the pot. Most fans are proud to display their avatar or nickname to support their comments on Twitter, etc. Facebook has been attempting to get to the bottom of it with little being published to support who.

1122 days ago


more proof that reality shows are waaay out of control

1122 days ago


What is America's problem...Jeff is a complete homophobic douchebag. He's the appidemy of the 'all-american d-bag jock'. Why do people defend him?

1122 days ago
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