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Casey Anthony

Fixing Her Mental Problems

... From Home

8/28/2011 7:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0825_casey_chair_EXCasey Anthony has decided NOT to enter a treatment facility for "obvious mental health issues" -- instead, TMZ has learned, she's getting professional psychiatric help delivered right to her front door.

Sources close to Casey tell TMZ, she's concerned about leaving her Florida home -- where she's serving a year of probation for her check fraud case -- but Casey still understands she needs mental help.

The solution ... we're told Casey has hired a team of mental health professionals to visit her on a regular basis.

But it doesn't end there -- we're told Casey has also employed the help of a spiritual adviser to keep her centered.

As we previously reported, sources close to Casey tell TMZ, Casey attributes her bizarre behavior when her daughter Caylee went missing back in 2008 to "obvious mental health issues."

According to sources, Casey needs to cope with the "obvious trauma of losing her child" -- and nearly three years spent behind bars in solitary confinement didn't help ... "It messed with her head."


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Lin & Lauren:

I will say this much - after seeing the video of FlipFinger Cheney Mason saying that to Judge Perry - I give the judge A WHOLE LOT OF CREDIT for keeping his head, his patience, and everything towards FlipFinger. Damn Good Thing that it had not been me in Judge Perry's place - or FlipFinger Cheney Mason would be sitting in Jail! I really do like the Judge in this case - he has so much to contend with - and through it all - he does it with dignity, repect for each individual's rights, orderly, patient, smpathetic towards taxpayers and others, etc. etc. He really is a Hell o*****ood Judge! Always fair too!

1145 days ago


Casey Anthony lawyers return to court to fight reimbursement motionBy the CNN Wire StaffSeptember 2, 2011 5:42 p.m. EDT
Prosecutors want Casey Anthony to pay for the cost associated with her criminal case.STORY HIGHLIGHTS
NEW: Anthony tells her probation officer she's jobless, hasn't had alcohol, the state says
Bill for prosecution's expenses in Casey Anthony case is "sour grapes," lawyer says
A prosecutor says Anthony lies about Caylee's disappearance led to investigative costs
Prosecutors want Anthony to reimburse authorities for at least $516,000
Orlando, Florida (CNN) -- Billing Casey Anthony more than $516,000 for expenses incurred in trying -- and failing -- to prove the Orlando woman guilty of murder in the death of her daughter is little more than sour grapes, one of her attorneys argued in a hearing Friday.

Prosecutors say they have a right to demand repayment from Anthony because she was convicted on four counts of lying to investigators in the disappearance of her daughter Caylee in 2008.

But defense attorney J. Cheney Mason said the bill is unfair after his client's acquittal on the most serious charge of murder.

"What about the justice for the defense that won?" Mason asked Orange County Judge Belvin Perry Jr. "We're now going to get whacked again ... pay for everything they did, their trips, their meals, their books, and their experts, none of which, none of which, had anything to do with the crimes of conviction," Mason said.

Prosecutor Linda Drane Bur**** told Perry he should approve their request.

Meter reader in Anthony case plans to sue RELATED TOPICS
Casey Anthony
"The argument of the defense completely misses the point of my position as it relates to the costs of prosecution specifically," she said. "And that is that, but for Ms. Anthony's lying to law enforcement at the inception of this investigation, there would be no costs of investigation."

Perry did not rule on the request following Friday's lengthy hearing, which Anthony did not attend. He will research legal briefs due next week and research the law before issuing a ruling.

The Florida Department of Corrections said in a statement Friday that Anthony checked in with her probation officer -- on Thursday -- as ordered under the terms of her sentence following her 2010 conviction on check fraud charges.

Anthony told her probation officer that she is unemployed, has not earned any income over the past 30 days and has not enrolled in any educational or vocational classes. "No violations have been noted" of Anthony's probation, which include prohibitions against illicit drug use and excessive drinking, the department said.

The meeting took place out of the public eye, as Anthony has remained in seclusion since her release from prison in July following her acquittal on murder charges in the 2008 death of her 2-year-old daughter. In fact, corrections officials have not disclosed her whereabouts, citing concerns for her safety.

Caylee Anthony's skeletal remains were found in December 2008 in woods less than a mile from the home she shared with her mother and grandparents.

Anthony's attorneys admitted she lied to authorities during the search for her daughter, saying she knew that she was dead. Her attorneys have alleged that the girl died accidentally.

In seeking reimbursement, prosecutors have cited a Florida law that allows the state to fine defendants in criminal cases to recoup money spent.

Prosecutors say the Orange County Sheriff's Office spent $293,123.77 on the case and the district attorney's office spent at least $140,39060.... The Florida Department of Law Enforcement spent $71,939.56 and the Metropolitan Bureau of Investigation spent $10,645.38, according to court do***ents.

But Mason said prosecutors are asking for reimbursement for items that have nothing to do with the crimes of which she was convicted. He said, should Perry find that there is some merit to the state's motion, that he should limit expenses to only those costs related to police efforts to locate Caylee Anthony

1145 days ago


you want to back ~ front door that bitch...... ha ha

1144 days ago


Tot Mom To Give Deposition From Undisclosed Location
While Casey Anthony may be hidden away somewhere in Florida, her civil attorney was in court Thursday morning for a hearing on the defamation suit filed against her by Zenaida Gonzalez.

Gonzalez claims she is the woman Anthony falsely accused of kidnapping her daughter Caylee in 2008. Anthony’s attorneys have argued that Gonzalez does not match the physical description that Anthony gave police of the fictional “Zenaida Fernandez Gonzalez” who had taken Caylee.

Gonzalez’s attorneys tried to set up a deposition before Anthony was released from jail in July, but her attorney Charles Greene fought against their initial plan, fearing that announcing the time and place of questioning as they had would endanger her safety. The deposition was rescheduled for October 8, but the plaintiff’s attorneys reportedly still wanted to broadcast it to the media.

Judge Lisa Munyon said Thursday that Anthony could be deposed by video from an undisclosed location and that the transcript and video will be sealed. Citing the pending appeal of her conviction for lying to police, Greene said she will likely plead the fifth in response to most of the questions anyway.

According to CNN affiliate WFTV, Anthony’s attorneys plan to seek a summary judgment in the case to have it dismissed without even going to trial. The trial is currently scheduled for April 2012.

Anthony’s criminal defense attorneys will be back in front of Judge Belvin Perry Friday fighting a motion by prosecutors to have her reimburse the costs of the investigation of her daughter’s disappearance and death. Court do***ents filed by the state attorney’s office and law enforcement agencies indicate those costs topped $500,000.

Meanwhile, Anthony’s current location remains secret as she finishes the first week of her one-year probation sentence for her January 2010 check fraud convictions. Department of Corrections officials have confirmed she is in Florida, but they have not even revealed what county she is living in.

1143 days ago


Yeah, and everyone keeps claiming that Casey Anthony is not going to recieve any Special Treatment! That she will be treated like Everyone Else! What a crock of S*it!!!!! Poor Little Casey Anthony (the Little Princess) - Everyone is being so mean to me! I deserve to be treated like Royality - I want the Bella Vista Life! And dumb old Florida State Lawyers are helping her to do just that! Treat her like royality and handle her with kid gloves. Makes me sick to my stomach!! The taxpayers there should be up in arms over everything that is happening - they are flipping the bill for it!

1143 days ago



I am in total agreement with you! The turn around in the neighbors of the Anthony's is unbelievable! I swear, the people who live in Florida must be dumbest people on earth! First the jurors, then the neighbors, and now the taxpayers as a whole, the judicial system, etc. Sure glad I don't live in that State! The people there are wishy washy and brain dead! How they can turn to embrace the Anthony's and tolerate all their hard earned money to give Special Treatment to Casey Anthony is beyond me! But I am with you 100000%, if I lived there I would be doing just like you said you would be doing!

1142 days ago


Casey Anthony's Camp: Ex Trying To Exploit The Situation' With BookCasey Anthony's Camp: Ex Trying To Exploit The Situation' With Book
Posted on Sep 06, 2011 @ 05:30AM print it send it By Radar Staff

A rep for Casey Anthony's attorney Jose Baez said a planned book from Anthony's ex-fiance Jesse Grund is just a ploy to make money off the tragic situation.

Grund, who was with Casey from January 2006 until June 2006, has been shopping around a book proposal that would shed new insider insights on America's most notorious mom, according to Tuesday’s New York Post.

Baez's rep said Grund has been anxious to hop in the limelight of the mos*****ched legal case in years.

PHOTOS: Casey Anthony Released From Jail

“I found Mr. Grund to be very interested in serving himself ... prosecutors told me that Jesse was upset that he wasn’t called as a witness," the rep told the paper. “He was adamant about being called in to be a bigger part of the case.

"Jesse Grund and [his father] Richard have traveled to New York more than any other group to do interviews, and I would say the same about George and Cindy Anthony."

The rep said, “There have been many witnesses trying to exploit the situation; this is nothing new.

PHOTOS: Casey Anthony Released From Jail

“People are more concerned with making money than anything else.”

In the book pitch, Grund claims he knows "what events in her life have molded her into the vilified Casey Anthony.

“The story played out," he wrote, "has a deeper, darker unknown element to it.”

1142 days ago


Spiritual advisor? Wouldn't an exorcist be more appropriate?

1137 days ago


What "messed with her head" was killing her daughter, wrapping her in a garbage bag and tossing her into a swamp! Let's get real!

1119 days ago
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