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Petra Ecclestone

The Wedding You Could

NEVER Afford

8/28/2011 7:34 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's amazing ... Petra Ecclestone blew $85 million on Candy Spelling's 57,000 mansion, and she could still afford a wedding that rivaled the one recently thrown for those 2 kids in England.

Petra tied the knot with businessman James Stunt in Italy yesterday, in the same village where Tom and Katie got hitched.  But this wedding was a lot more expensive -- reportedly more than $5 mil -- and a lot grander.

For starters, Andrea Bocelli was there performing "Time to Say Goodbye," the first dance was courtesy of Eric Clapton, and the crowd then danced to The Black Eyed Peas.  BTW, Peas don't come cheap -- $2.4 million for the live appearance.

Petra -- the daughter of Formula One billionaire Bernie Ecclestone -- was decked out in a $130,000 Vera Wang special.

Guests guzzled wine at $6,500 a bottle -- Chateau Petrus, of course.

And, of course, Paris, Nicky and Kathy Hilton were there.

Wait till Petra Petra's dad gets the credit card statement. 


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Sociopaths are Sad    

Petra (BJ mouth) Ecclestone: The chick who's mouth is ALWAYS hanging open in every photo. Ready and waiting to accept your phallus. And yours, and his and his and theirs and yours too. LOL.

1160 days ago


I can't stand these princess types who think they deserve to blow millions of dollars on themselves. The uninhibited way this family flaunts their wealth makes me sick.

1160 days ago



1160 days ago


So what another rich brat gets married!! Divorce will soon follow!!

1160 days ago


What's wrong with America? ....Black eyed Peas making 2.4 mill performance. There it is in a nutshell, garbage bands like the BEP can make that kind of coin in a country where the ultra rich blow millions on crappy entertainment yet millions of people can't find a job and have no money to pay for health insurance for their children. This event may seem glamorous but in reality it is obscene. Tax the ultra rich to the hilt and balance the books, they'll whine and threaten but at the end of the day won't notice any change to their standard of living. At least Bill Gates has the integrity to donate billions to charities.

1160 days ago


You know, there was a time that weddings were a celebration of a union between two people. Now it's more of a soap opera and a competition who can spend the most. Petra has no care in the world, it isn't her money, it's her dads

1160 days ago


Will Sears be selling the Kardashian , pornographic video?

1160 days ago


Nice "if" you can get the job.

Of course, WTF does she car?

She NEVER had to work for that money so it's PLY MONEY to her.

Wha a joke; Lets' see if this marriage lasts; DOUBT IT!

1160 days ago


TMZ sucks! The wedding you could never afford? What are you pararats going to do next? Wave food in front of starving people in Africa and film them while they cry? We are all in the middle of economic crisis and you post this? Like I said, you suck.

1160 days ago


Whether it's the Kardashians or this poor little rich girl, just proves the adage that money can't buy class... her parents paid for this, which makes them tacky nouveau riche, too.

1160 days ago


Wow...This has got to be the luckiest guy in the freaking world. Imagine marrying a smokin' hot 23 year old billionaire. I hope he's smart enough not to screw it up!

1160 days ago


Wine at $6,500.00 per bottle? Gold wine? Is any wine worth this amount? (Especially after it gives one a pounding headache).... Wow! Thanks writing these incitable stories... This story is one of your best! Thanks again! I needed a good chuckle here on a Monday morning! (:-)!!!

1160 days ago

Sociopaths are Sad    

SKipperBarbie: Let's be clear here. You are defending her in EVERY SINGLE POST OF YOURS. All anyone has to do is click on your blue name and see that you joined 44 days ago - exactly when the first post of Petra buying Candy Spelling's tacky-ass mansion went up on TMZ. Since then, EVERY SINGLE POST OF YOURS GOING BACK FOR 4 DAYS is defending and kowtowing to Petra. You are obsequious in your Petra worship. You are obsequious in your Ecclestone worship.
So here's what I think SKipperBarbie:
I don't think you're just a random sycophant bowled over by the obscene Ecclestone wealth. Rather, I think you, SKipperBarbie are a paid shill for Petra Ecclestone. I think the whole idea of this retarded looking Petra chick is to start a lifestyle brand off her name...something akin to glamour, etc. That's why she bought Candy Spelling's tacky pad. That's why Petra's friends with Paris H.E.R.P.E.S. Paris has no friends. They all use her and try to parrot her (usually with better success). E.g. Nicole Richie, Kim Kartrashian. Now Petra wants to try too.
So....Petra buys Candy's tacky-a$$ pad and leaks out pics of her wedding and wants to relaunch her failed fashion line with a new "glamourous" image. A la Paris H.E.R.P.E.S but better. And she's got people (like you, SKipperBarbie) to post about how rich her family is, how educated she is (LOL!!!! - the woman has HORRIBLE GRAMMAR) how classy she is (LOL!!! - the woman can't even close her mouth. She's slack-jawed in EVERY photo taken of her. She looks like a retard.), etc. What you don't realize, SKipperBarbie, is that NO ONE CARES. No one cares about this retarded looking sloot who has never worked a day in her life. Her brand will not succeed. It's been done to death. No matter how many posts you write about how rich her corpse of a father is ("mega-rich" you say)....WE. DON'T. CARE.
A classy person would NEVER go on ad infinitum about their money. NEVER. A classy person would NEVER hire someone like you, SKipperBarbie, to shill for them and go on ad infinitum about their money. NEVER. A classy person would keep their MOUTH SHUT. Both literally and figuratively, in Petra's case. SMH.

1160 days ago


Think about all the people in need in this world and you got this dip**** blowing money like it's nothing. It's sick.

1160 days ago


Awesome; another entitled child of privilege who has no idea about the value of money & thinks that during a time of economic meltdown, the best thing for her to do is flaunt her wealth in everyone's face. Just what this world needs...

1159 days ago
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