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I Refuse to Clap for Chris Brown

8/29/2011 6:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It was the standout performance of the MTV VMAs -- Chris Brown dancing his face off -- but while everyone from Kanye to Bieber stood up and cheered ... Jay-Z refused to even crack a smile.

Of course, Jay is the man who discovered Rihanna -- and they're still VERY tight. So, was his decision to NOT clap a message to Brown?  Or is Jay simply too cool for the room?


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K, stop it. HE HAD A DRINK IN HIS HAND!!! Don't act like you've never been at an event and didn't clap because you were too lazy to put your drink down, or, there was nowhere feasible to put it without inconveniencing you for the 15 seconds that you would be clapping. (when that happens I usually just clap a hand to my write to be polite.).Get a grip...

1107 days ago


Uh...if you look closely, you can see Jay-Z nod in approval of Chris' performance. People are just starting drama where there is none!

1106 days ago


Good for Jay Z! I admire a man who stands by his principals, even when another man is garnering fame despite his vile actions.

1106 days ago


Jay-Z is a hypocrite. That dude is a former DOPE DEALER and a high school drop out. Who is he to judge Chris Brown (or anybody) for that matter. Doesn't he have a conviction for stabbing Lance Rivera? Yea - Don't clap Shawn. Just sit down and be quiet because you have no room to say ish. about ANYBODY!

1106 days ago


**** Chris Brown you guys can keep tellin yourself he was young when he did that,he learned,you can be 5 years old & know its wrong to BEAT on a women,its cool people have his back & all but if that was your sister would you have his back then and i dont give a damm what she said or did to him,you just dont hit a women,PERIOD,im whatever wit Jay Z but big ups to not showin Chris any love

1106 days ago


Uh...if you look closely, you can see Jay-Z nod in approval of Chris' performance. People are just starting drama where there is none!

1106 days ago


TMMZ is full of **** and so are the ppl who believes the **** he reports.. and by the way as the late great Tupac says only God can judge and if your a chrisitan (which I am not) according to your punk ass religion your are supposed to forgive...maybe that's why the ppl who follow the religion are full of **** too..

1106 days ago


I watched the vid.... after it was over he was smiling and shaking his head yes!

1106 days ago


I LOVE CHRIS BROWN his music is amazing and he apologized for what he did it was an ACCIDENT and everyone needs to get passed it now its over

1106 days ago


Camperxl hit it right on the head. That's the same thing I saw Jay-Z doing, taking a drink and nodding his head as a sign of approval for a good performance. When you get to his status, you don't need to applaud, just nod your head...

1105 days ago


ChrB sucks no matter how much they try and jam him and Kansleazee on the airwaves. They're not even "good." Thanks for testing out the Marty Mcfly's - "the air yeezys" you're making NIKE look bad, please stop.

1105 days ago


Jay-z may hate Chris, but who really cares? Jay-z is an azz anyway.

1105 days ago


While I agree no man should EVER put his hands on a woman in a violent way. It DOES take TWO. I just don't buy she's all virginal, and sweet, and innocent in all that went down. If you pay attention to AT&T, 5 HR Energy drink, and Cheetos commercials lately, they show how women are starting to treat people. AT&T woman talking about should have married John Clark cuz her hubby signed her up for something, she didn't find out the details, the look on the woman's face when her co-worker asked if she and Chester Cheetah could play something else, and 5HR energy almost beats the crap out of her husband just because he wants to get up early with her. I suspect Rhianna is just like that. I'm not defending Chris, just ain't buying her innocent act.

1104 days ago


people dont let the media get to you j@ chris is cool if i snap a picture of you when you just get out of your dreams is that what you look like come on put your mind on $$$$ don't let the media get yours

1104 days ago


well whats sick is most the women would forgive him and date him if he offered that chance ....... so stop,,,,,,with the bashing..

1103 days ago
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