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I Refuse to Clap for Chris Brown

8/29/2011 6:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It was the standout performance of the MTV VMAs -- Chris Brown dancing his face off -- but while everyone from Kanye to Bieber stood up and cheered ... Jay-Z refused to even crack a smile.

Of course, Jay is the man who discovered Rihanna -- and they're still VERY tight. So, was his decision to NOT clap a message to Brown?  Or is Jay simply too cool for the room?


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So Chris can Dance...But why was he wearing a Mic? He clearly was not singing?

1118 days ago


Perhaps he did not approve of Chris Brown lipsynching at yet another performance!! How is this okay? Its a joke!

1118 days ago


Really I don't care eiether way. But I think this is stupid, because if you watch the video it is very easy to see that Jay Z shook his head at the end while drinking his drink. It was easy to see he was impressed, but wasn't going to get up and clap for the guy like a groupie.

TMZ your headline for this is so overblown, and you're trying to make a story out of nothing. Guess thats why your a gossip site

1118 days ago


GOOD FOR HIM!!! It seems artists seem to think that what Chris did was okay. I couldn't believe so many had him on their songs (Bieber) not afraid of the bad rep it gave them. I have no respect for Brown or the artists who collaborated with him this past year, whether Rihanna forgave him or not, he still abused a woman.

1118 days ago

asha baby    

Jay-z has a lot of nerve judging chris brown, I am sure we can go into his background, and see countless times where he has direspected a woman. His lyrics and videos have disrespected women and now you are the authority on battered women. I do not agree with what chris brown has done, but at least he is trying to move on with his life in the public eye. EVERYONE deserves to be forgiven

1118 days ago


Jay Z has his own share of past mistakes... It is ok for him to dislike, but to judge another? Pfff wuteva.

1118 days ago


People don't understand that he was bobbin his head while Chris was performing

1118 days ago


im glad he didnt clap for chris brown..i changed the channel when he came on,he sux as bad as his music sux,,everybody applauding for a woman beater,get real....

1118 days ago


no it wasnt a diss if u look even thou he didnt get up and clap he gave him his props where is was due by nodding his head there is no secret that jay doesnt like chris but he also knows talent and will say someone is talented no matter how he feels about him so again i dont think there was a diss but hey only jay knows right

1118 days ago

Michelle P    

I just gained a lot more respect for JayZ. FYI I thought his performance sucked.

1118 days ago


Why are you guys trying to make something out of nothing. You can clearly see in the video he is shaking his head in approval. Why do you have to hate on this man....His wife is pregnant, Chris gave a great performance....Enuf Said...

And for you holier than thou folks here who act as if you perfect and you never do anything wrong....Just wait your time is coming....You don't have to like Chris...that's your right...but Get over it and let the man live....

1118 days ago


Good for him. If you will notice, a lot of women are not standing for him either.

1118 days ago

Fat Mike    

Couldn't even tell you the name of a Jay-Z song, but now think the man's a superstar. Well done!

1118 days ago


Mr. Carter just looked like he was enjoying his dring, maybe a little too much, and forgot to clap. He did nodded his head a few times, but he probably just had the head bobs from drinking too much.

1118 days ago

cee cee    

you people are a joke he didn't have to stand up and clap take a look @ the ending he smild & nod his head. I love Chris Brown the best dancer in the world right now and please people/ HATERS please Leave HIM ALONE!!! Thank you :)

1118 days ago
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