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Kim K Mystery Buyer

Wants Sex Tape


8/30/2011 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Someone is looking to buy the rights to the Kim Kardashian sex tape from Vivid Entertainment ... claiming they're willing to pay big bucks to "completely remove it from the market."

TMZ has learned the mystery buyer has hired a lawyer in Tennessee -- who fired off a letter to Vivid honcho Steve Hirsch yesterday which reads, "I was approached by a private party who has asked us about looking into the possibility of acquiring all rights of the Vivid, 'Kim Kardashian Sex Tape.'"

The lawyer adds, "The party we represent does not intend to distribute or broadcast the 'tape,' but hopes to completely remove it from the market."

The buyer also wants to purchase all of the raw, unused footage (sex tape outtakes) that never made it to the DVD.

The lawyer never identifies his client -- but leaves a giant hint ... writing, "We would purchase any other footage you may have control of that involves Ms. Kardashian."

The lawyer NEVER mentions the other person in the tape -- Ray J.

Sources close to Kim wouldn't tell us if the reality star is the mystery buyer ... but did reveal that Kim has previously shown interest in buying the rights to the tape.



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Perhaps, this could just be a weak attempt to temporarily "spike" sales for Vivid, by suggesting that it may no longer be available in times ahead. The fact that it's been available for either side of four years, suggests that it "WILL" be available for anyone who actually wants it. These "videos" often end up on "shareware" type sites for free anyway. Seems to me, that someone is probably looking to boost their final "sales" rush, before any and all interest tanks. Whatever . . .

1149 days ago


I have to admit that I'll be laughing my a$$ off when she cheats on this special-needs man-child by banging several more black dudes -- and then when he finds out and divorces her. Watch him act surprised. Duh... Ignorance and a very low IQ are not bliss.

1149 days ago


You made your bed Kim, now lie in it - ROTFLMAO. BTW - real classy...NOT. Totally WHITE TRASH - all of you girls (especially your Mother) has ruined your fathers name. I bet your Daddy is looking down and thinking how proud he is of you. LMAO - No he's not.

1149 days ago


Just don't understand why anyone would want to see that big fat ass. I also heard her new husband way surprised to find out she had been married before. Where the hell has this guy been? Was he upset he wasn't her "first"? Newsflash dude, that hole has been drilled by more guys than the Gulf Of Mexico.

1149 days ago


I've never believed for one minute that Kim regretted any of this! They are ONLY about the money, dignity and respect are strangers to these shameless cretins!

1148 days ago


Anyone that actually PAYS for the video is a huge sucker! You can get it for free from the Internet. Once it's out there, you'll never get it removed. What I don't get is why is this person Famous???? For what???

1148 days ago


after years later she wants to buy them back like thats gonna do anyhting the world already saw her nasty ass so its not gonna make a diffence ....maybe if she wasnt such a WHORE she wouldnt have to worry about this problem

1148 days ago


And who uses their real name in porn?

1148 days ago


OMG, I am rolling over all of this. Ole Kimmie knows her 15 minutes are up. She wants the public to think she's a good girl, while her Mom has pimped out those girls forever. Mam Kris, where were you when she was letting a REAL star pee on your daughter. This family is the biggest joke I have ever seen. Whoever has the rights to the famous sex tape, should release it again at 1/2 price and make millions off the K's this time, instead of them screwing the public with their crap products.

1148 days ago

Nolan Carter    

How much Kim Kardashian drama are we supposed to endure? According to the Daily Rash, she's suing tennis star Serena Williams claiming that Williams has a Kim Kardashian look alike ass! When's it going to end?

1148 days ago

Leader of the ignorant masses    

The way they say any other footage of her makes me wonder if she pulled a Paris and they got their hands on a new video. Because what is the point in buying up a video that has made the rounds for years. Much like the subject herself. Once it hits the internet it never disappears and you cannot get your hands on all the copies already in circulation.

1148 days ago


it looks like a scene from "hollywoodshuffle " with andrew dice clay owh!!

1148 days ago


This is a publicity stunt to increase sales. Duh.

1148 days ago

Hugh Jass    

it's me...

I want the videos of her HUGE ASS all to myself, hahahahahaha....

1148 days ago


Love it, kimmie ur a wonderful, let's see, hummmmmmm

1148 days ago
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