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Matthew Fox Accuser

"I'm Pressing CHARGES!"

8/29/2011 3:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


The Cleveland party bus driver who claims Matthew Fox started a fist fight with her ... says the "Lost" star smelled "like a bar" -- and she's definitely pressing charges.

Heather Bormann says she thinks Matthew was drunk when she warned him several times to stop trying to get on the private bus Saturday night -- but she claims "he just stepped in for a right hook to my pelvis area and started wailing on me like I was a man."

Heather says she fought back in self-defense -- landing a left to Matt's jaw -- and today, in downtown Cleveland, she showed off her battle scars ... nasty bruises and an ace bandaged hand. She says she plans to meet with prosecutors tomorrow to press charges.

Heather also explains where she picked up the badass moves she busted out on Fox.


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This woman is a reality star in the making. Someone give her a show. It looks and sounds like she has an interesting life.

1149 days ago


I was wrong to diss this woman the way I did in a comment this morning. I do believe her (doesn't matter how she looks) and Fox is going to have to pay up for being an abusive ass. Love you, Matthew, BUT...this is reallly bad! :-/

1149 days ago

Big Jim Slade    

East there "Tons of Fun", I sure hope your employer isn't paying you by the pound.

1149 days ago


Ka Ching!

1149 days ago


I think it's funny people thing she MUST be lying since she is from Ohio, chunky, and a "bus" driver. Right, celebrities are always innocent law abiding citizens.

God forbid ANY of you ever sit on a jury.

1149 days ago

Austin Powers    

Perhaps he fought her like a man because she looks like a man. Yeah baby!

1149 days ago


Cleveland is so pathetic and corrupt that I could see it having its own version of a California Celebrity Court system. Good Luck bus driver-find a REALLY GOOD attorney

1149 days ago


TMZ: "Did you know who he was?"

HEATHER: "No, No, not until after he was in custody did I know it was Matthew Fox from Lost..."

TMZ: "Are you a fan of either Party of Five or Lost?"

HEATHER: "No. ...I mean, I watched the first season but..."

LOL! You knew who he was, you yummy bubble-gum haired pudding pop. So you created an incident with a drunk, famous guy. It's not like you were going to get him to fall for you or knock you up, so...

Big Poppa

1149 days ago


She was assaulted trying to protect her passengers. Why are you sticking up for the offender? I hope she gets a good settlement for the attack inflicted upon her by this drunk, arrogant a-hole.

1149 days ago


noneofyourbusiness, she's lying about MOST of it not because of her appearance, but because of the $$$$$ in her eyes. Because it's Monday and all throughout Sunday there was no cash chase, must have taken her a while to figure out he was rich. Because assault and battery are not offenses for which one gets sent home with a friend in a taxi without so much as a lawyer being notified/present. Because this is the culture we live in. I don't care, man or woman, if this person had quietly hired a lawyer and pressed charges instead of hoing it up to the media, I'd give her the benefit of the doubt. I also strongly dislike the victimhood crocodile tears of someone who's clearly kicked his drunk azz, not the other way around, and then whines about being a poor abused woman in the same breath in which she's doctoring up the previous (unintentionally hilarious in its anatomy FAIL) story. So yeah, that's why she's mostly lying. (I have no doubt he was a drunk ass and tried to push his way through her, doubtful he had any clue she was female and thus a victim. When she didn't know he was famous, the police concluded no crime was committed, not enough for an arrest anyway. Now that she knows... KA-CHING!

1149 days ago


In a civil suit, with that bruise on her arm, she might get $500 if she won. IF.

She needs to have some evidence. (If that arm bruise is all she's got to support her rather detailed, and disturbing no)

Her big payday is to HOPE that Fox wants to make the (way overblown by her, as VICTIM oohh waah LOL) bad publicity go away.

Big Poppa

1149 days ago


why is he not being called a THUG and being asked to go back to where he came is my conclusion that you guys are fake and are truly one is saying he is a punk and has no right to hit a woman..even if it was a slap...just because she is fat..and not so pretty..the table has turned...**** yall...thats is some bull****...if this had to do with chris brown people would tear him up!..even tho his was 2yrs ago...this is 2days and yall are all for him ...that is some ****!!!

1149 days ago


Um, did you see the PHYSICAL EVIDENCE of Chris Brown's assault upon Rihanna? No comparison there Perry Mason LOL

Big Poppa

1149 days ago

Fredrick j frenger jr.    

I once had a few fairly hot chicks assaulting me outside a country western bar in Nebraska one night when out of nowhere, their friend who was 1/2 chaz like this thing came to join in - what a buzz kill. I mean who wants to get schoolgirl pinned then face humped by a curve, tan blonde while having to worry about bono stomping on your legs. Was a tragic night.

1149 days ago


Looks like she had a huge weight advantage in their boxing match.

1149 days ago
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