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Nancy Grace To Face Judges


8/29/2011 9:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Nancy Grace may actually suck up to judges -- rather than go after them -- in the next few months, because she's signed on to "Dancing with the Stars" ... TMZ has learned.

We're told Grace and her partner met for the first time in Atlanta last week.  This could be another Kate Gosselin situation, where Nancy practices in Atlanta so she doesn't miss her TV show ... then travels to L.A. once a week for the live performance.

So that's what she meant by "The Devil is Dancing Tonight."


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don't care for nancy grace. she convicts people before there is even a trial,yes in some cases it's obviously that someone is guilty but with NG everyone is guilty. she has made tons of money off of victims on her show. yes she is against pedophiles and salutes our fallen soldiers but so does 100 per cent of the american public. i do think she is phoney with her alligator tears and she has had i believe at least 2 lawsuits against her for her rantings and ravings over peoples guilt before even being charged or a trial. anyone on her show that disagrees with her she shuts them off. also for years she cried on court tv about why she became a prosecutor her fiancee was murdered but when she got her own tv show she was secrectly married and didn't tell her fans till much later. i think that was because she couldn't use her alligator tears any longer to gain support and was afraid of losing her fans to her new show,why else would she hide the fact that she was engaged and later married before telling her fans,because she played on that for years. she does her show and sensationalizes everything for ratings and money. we all care about victims of crimes and our soldiers but we don't do it for ratings and money.

1114 days ago


before all of you NG fans attack all i'm saying is nancy grace is she is truly caring about victims why not when the prosecutors have convicted some one and spent years in prison or the very least their reputation ruined doesn't she with the same sensationlism say how wrong the prosecutors were and how the evidence was tainted and how it destoyed a innocent persons life. you never hear her do that yes, if i had a lost loved one or a victim of a crime i would like NG on my side but to be fair to the other side if i or a loved one was charged with a crime and was innocent i wouldn't want someone like NG convicting me on tv making lots of money doing so. also i don't believe NG has yet to solve a crime she just sensationlizes them to make money. its funny how when the jury convicts someone she's says how great the jury is and the defense should be ashamed if they criticize the jury but if the jury finds someone innocent she's among others on her show and tru tv are yelling and saying what idiots the jury was. i think thats hypocritical.if nancy grace and tru tv truly cares about victims they would want the person found guilty in a court of law not by her show or tru tv sensationalizing and making money off of the victims. i for one would want the right person convicted by the evidence not by Nancy Graces and the commentators rantings and ravings.

1114 days ago


This is hilarious...I will no*****ch even one week of this season. Nancy Grace isn't allowed on my TV. And Chaz Bono? ...LOL...They have went to the bottom of the barrel this season. If they can't do any better than this they should just take a year off until they find some real "Stars"...

1114 days ago


She'll make the judges and Brooke Burke cry.

1114 days ago

lois moore    

I love to watch dancing with the stars, but I won't be watching this time. I will not support in any way chaz bono being on the show. I also am going to ask everyone I know to stop watching. I think this is a disgrace. If it wants to live this life style, fine, but don't shove her in my face. Everything it is doing is morally wrong. When is this going to stop.

1114 days ago


So, I see people are pissed because she made Casey Anthony the baby killer look bad??? Are you ******* kidding me?

1114 days ago


the queen of hate and the money maker of living of the death of love ones dances. yuk..

1114 days ago


They show lastnight the new dancers....ohhhhhh it is a freak show really,Nancy,Ricky,and Chastity are huge fo rthis kind of show,I think it is the first time we see someone soo big ,not even Christie Alley was so huge.Kardashina lazy ****y brother became a celebrity becasue his whore sis, is in too he just give a look to Chastity (I refuse to call him because she is her!)not happy to be around him...the show is going to be a FREAK SHOW what a shem ,is all ratings for sure I don't know they were so desperate!

1114 days ago


This is a train wreck waiting to happen but I admire her courage!

1114 days ago


Maybe they can put a halter on her and lead her around like they to in stock sales

1114 days ago


The producers of this show should be fired. Their contestant choices are horrible. Ever since that crook Tom DeLay was a contestant, I stopped watching.

1114 days ago


Can anyone say "Flop Mom"?

1114 days ago


Dang, I thought she was moving to another country.

1114 days ago


I am interested to see what Nancy Grace’s dancing abilities are. I LOVE Dancing With The Stars; I watched every episode last season without fail thanks to my employee subscription to DISH. I was able to use their TV Everywhere ( to stream DWTS live on my iPad or smartphone and still use it all the time!

1113 days ago


Will somebody PLEASE beat Nancy Grace with an Ugly Stick, PLEASE!

1113 days ago
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