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Jon Cryer

Court CRUSHES Appeal

Pay Your Ex $8k per Month

8/30/2011 7:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jon Cryer
's efforts to get out of paying child support to his ex-wife -- who temporarily lost custody of their kid -- have been stymied after an appeals court ruled the actor MUST shell out $8,000 per month.

The "Two and a Half Men" actor had been waging the battle for years -- in 2009, Jon filed papers claiming he shouldn't have had to pay a single cent to Sarah Trigger Cryer because back then, she only had custody of their young son 4% of the time.

But, the California Court of Appeal believes lowering Jon's child support obligation could have a negative effect on the child -- and yesterday, it rejected Jon's appeal.

The court explained, "Although, understandably, Jon may have found the situation unfair, the primary focus must remain on the child's well-being, not the parents' feelings."

UPDATE: Since 2009, the courts have increased Sarah's custody rights -- and according to her lawyer, she now has custody of their son for 35% of the time ... and the courts NEVER ruled that she was an unfit parent.

Sarah continues to receive $8,000 per month in child support.



No Avatar


must b rough...why is everyone so greedy!! LORD KNOWS I DONT NEED $8000/month to raise my TWO kids...and Jon wont even miss that $$..selfish MO-FOs

1113 days ago

some guy    

Meh... wonder how much of that $8000 is actually spent on the kid. Enjoy Coke.

1113 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

Child support laws in this country are an absolute joke! The courts don't hold these women accountable to the money they receive, so it's irrational to say "it's for the child".

It's time they make women receiving child support to do***ent their expenditures.

1113 days ago


I dont care if your rich or not, why would a kid need 8,000/month? You should only have to pay for what your kid NEEDS, and whatever else the parents buy them is a bonus. Knowing damn well that the kids mother is going to blow most of that on herself every month.

1113 days ago


So, I guess I missed it, but who does have custody of the child? Him? Her & someone else? Someone else? If the courts say she is unfit & he has custody then why pay her? Where does the child live?

Sorry, but the article doesn't answer many questions.

1113 days ago


How can not paying $8,000 negatively impact a child?! I'm from NorCal, but that seems completely absurd to me. My husband supports our family of 4 on roughly $5,000 per month (including everything). Sure we go without a lot, but who we have a roof over our head and enough food.

What Jon and Sarah's child needs are 2 parents who spend QUALITY time with him, not shelling out the big bucks for stupid, materialistic things (or Sarah's drug habit). I'm glad I don't live in HOLLY-WEIRD.

1113 days ago


Now I understand why younger guys are getting vasectomy's before ever having children.

1113 days ago


The decision itself is on the "News" Section of which includes why Cryer's request to have her books audited was inappropriate. The court also noted Cryer made an audacious request...and that the support represented between 1-4 percent of his income. By Cryer's filings, what's clear is he's way more interested in money than actual, parenting. Nowhere did Cryer express concern for his son. Tres creepy.

1113 days ago


8K/month for 1 kids?? I only get $46/mo. and the S.O.B only comes around every 3-6 months!!

1113 days ago


hmmmmm, $8,000 a month or 46 cents for a bullet, which is the better deal? just another good example why never to get married!
and no wonder why jon is such a good actor in his role on the show, he has plenty of real life practice!

1113 days ago


That will be lowered once men is done this season.

1113 days ago


$8000.00/(4%/Month) = $269~$278@Hour

Why isn't she still in jail for the Child abuse & Attempted Murder???

1113 days ago


She should be paying him support. Child support is both parents responsibility.

1113 days ago

Shanky Dog    

He should be paying 35% of $8,000. That's the amount of time she has with the child. Its ridiculous that he is paying that amount regardless of his income.

1113 days ago


I knew I did this all wrong. should had a kid (in or out of marriage), divorced the guy if I married him and then lived on HIS $ for as long as I could. What an idiot I was. Sheesh, and unmarried and no idea who father was woulda been even better...coulda had HUD housing for 18 years (or longer if I was smart & had another kid), welfare, foodstamps, utility help, free backpacks (even though if I didn't get my nails done or paid for my boyfriend fixing his motorcycle, I coulda paid for everything the kid needed), free breakfast & lunches for the kid even though already getting foodstamps (well, guess my live-in boyfriend who only beats me once in a while will get steak more often),etc., etc., etc.

1113 days ago
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