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Jon Cryer

Court CRUSHES Appeal

Pay Your Ex $8k per Month

8/30/2011 7:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jon Cryer
's efforts to get out of paying child support to his ex-wife -- who temporarily lost custody of their kid -- have been stymied after an appeals court ruled the actor MUST shell out $8,000 per month.

The "Two and a Half Men" actor had been waging the battle for years -- in 2009, Jon filed papers claiming he shouldn't have had to pay a single cent to Sarah Trigger Cryer because back then, she only had custody of their young son 4% of the time.

But, the California Court of Appeal believes lowering Jon's child support obligation could have a negative effect on the child -- and yesterday, it rejected Jon's appeal.

The court explained, "Although, understandably, Jon may have found the situation unfair, the primary focus must remain on the child's well-being, not the parents' feelings."

UPDATE: Since 2009, the courts have increased Sarah's custody rights -- and according to her lawyer, she now has custody of their son for 35% of the time ... and the courts NEVER ruled that she was an unfit parent.

Sarah continues to receive $8,000 per month in child support.



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I don't care how much money he makes; that's way too much for any child, especially one that has very limited contact with the mother. Now she has 33% custody? Cut the $8000 by 2/3 then, to represent the time daddy has the kid.

1147 days ago


Eight thousand is a drop in the bucket to what he makes. The person who says that no kid needs that much. The average kid probably does not but this kid lives in LA and his dad is making a ton of money. I liked Jon Cryer but this move makes me think less of him. Would you say that Donald Trump should not pay his fair share that he had with Marla Marples? Do not judge things by your salary.

1147 days ago


Doesn't this guy make $8000 by lunchtime every day of the year? When you look at it as a percentage of what he makes it's not exactly alot of money.

1147 days ago

Paul Clements    

The order to pay $8 K per month is NOT for the child, it is first and foremost an entitlement for the mother. It is clearly a Communistic "TRANSFER OF WEALTH" scheme, intended to enrich women at the expense of men. Furthermore, it enriches the JUDGES, who are paid by the child support collection agency for hearing child support cases. Moreover, the agency receives payments from the federal gov't for COLLECTING CHILD SUPPORT. Both payments are in the millions of dollars. No child needs $8K/mo, so who gets to spend and enjoy the money? Mommy and the judges.

1146 days ago


so she so badly abused her one child that he was bruised everywhere and had rope marks around his neck, she allegedy hired a hit man to kill Jon and her other Ex husband which the FBI is investigating, and she still has some custody of his child? Both of the kids should be permanently removed from her custody, full custody should be granted to both former husbands, and she should be getting nothing but some time in jail for what she has done, how sick a woman is she, she needs help.

1146 days ago


See... Charlie Sheen really was the responsible one...

1146 days ago


The update is false, she only has 4 percent custody, NOT 35%:

As noted in the court‟s statement of decision, Sarah‟s time share had decreased from 65 percent to 4 percent.

1145 days ago


u dont pay a mother or a father for being an unfit parent. Americas laws support the guilty not the innocent

1145 days ago


Just another case that I will show feminists when they cry about how "privileged" men are.

1143 days ago


i guess he doesnt have a hard time getting in character for his part.

1090 days ago


MUMMY warned me there were men like him.
irrisponsable liar marriage breaker.
So shallow, like so many upwardly mobile thinking marriage is just temporary.
Great example to set males everywhere.
A slimy TV fake.
such a nice guy when he's on the pull.
desperate to get the upwardly famous "BABE".
sadle her with his acrid DNA sprog (sporn of the devil?)
& the tune changes.
Becomes a predictable penny pincher.
want mommy to entetain his child in a dumpster!!!AaaHhh
so pay up & shutup.
at least he cant do the same to his latest Temporary affair sterile childless catch/dog.
ACTUALLY thinks he can create a (fake happy) family by robbing & setting up his Ex, A TOTAL LOSER.
this guy needs teaching a lesson, anyone in the mood?

1072 days ago


She should be getting court-ordered counseling.

1067 days ago

Tim Shepard    

Activist judges clearly breaking the law and getting away with it.

826 days ago
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