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Kim K Sex Tape

The $30 MILLION Dollar Question

8/31/2011 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

$30 Million Dollar Question
The mystery buyer looking to purchase Kim Kardashian's sex tape needs to muster up at least $30 million if they want a CHANCE at taking it off the market ... TMZ has learned.

We spoke with Vivid Entertainment top banana Steve Hirsch ... who tells us he HAS made contact with the lawyer who's representing the mystery party interested in buying the rights to the sex tape ... and he's open to the possibility of a deal.

Hirsch tells us ... "Based on its long term value, it looks like $30 million would be a starting point for a discussion on all of the rights."

Hirsch adds, "I have no idea who is behind this offer ... but If it's Kim, I have a tremendous amount of respect for her. She has my number and can call me any time."



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jat nano    

25cents of 1billion

1086 days ago

some guy    

I have decided to punish TMZ and Harvey. I will no longer post on this fail of a website until Harvey disavows any relationship with Hirsch.

1086 days ago


What a pig

1086 days ago


Vivid purchased “One Night in Paris” owned, promoted and sold exclusively by Vivid.
Paris would have bought that if she thought it would make it go away. Unlike Kim, she didn’t make a dime. Harvey needs to do his homework.

1086 days ago


Isn't it a bit late? Sounds like it could be a certain Ryan Seacrest who produces the show. He has been trying to rewrite history and won't let anyone mention it on any of his shows. Way too late for that. I suggest getting someone worthwhile instead of this vapid worthless family who all seem to have the morales of alley cats. If Kris didn't know about Kim being pee'd on then he sure does now. His parents must be so proud of what he married and are counting down the days for the divorce. They are probably praying she doesn't get knocked up. I can't work out why they are famous in the first place? Wouldn't it be good if Elisabetta Canalis hooks up with Robert K she is as big a famewhore as his family is it would be a marriage made in pap heaven! Although she doesn't have a sex tape maybe Rob can fix that.

1086 days ago

who dat    

this is so transparent. It's the kardashins thinking that removal of this tape will elevate their family status to royalty. Fact is they are no talent hacks who sling their products to the jersey shore mentality individuals. (Under 80 IQ)

1086 days ago

Max Smart    

Can you please let Kim know that I'd be happy to part with the copy that's on my laptop for say, $2,000,000. It's a relative bargain don't you think?

1086 days ago


Steve H!r$ch is the Anon Buyers people...look at the publicity he is getting.....I bet kim is furious

1086 days ago


this girl and family gets more sickening as time passes....that pouty mouth makes me gag.... this whole family are bottom feeders who have won the lottery. None of them have done anything worthwhile in life ( except Bruce, maybe ).

1086 days ago


Steve Hirsh even looks icky

1086 days ago


Why have respect for her????? SHE DID A SEX TAPE!!!!!!

Jackass, that's what made her famous!

And I hope it is her, and I hope he sticks to his 30 million dollar amount. But the attorney will say who it is, and it's probably her fake husband and Hirsch will drop the price to like a mil. And he will do it cause he feels bad for the moron who married the tranny slut puppy.

This family, ALL OF THEM make me ill!!!! Seriously. I have told my daughter she is not allowed to watch that show. I have thought about blocking the channel.

1086 days ago


Her husband looks challenged, he might be "special". I think it's him

1086 days ago


Oh please, this maggot is trash.

1086 days ago

There's a problem here    

A little late isn't it? The majority of it is all over the internet any time you want to see it. Last time I checked you can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear ... or a sow's daughter for that matter

1086 days ago


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1086 days ago
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