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Nancy Grace

I'm NOT Counting

On Casey Anthony's Vote!

8/30/2011 10:03 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nancy Grace
doesn't think there's a chance in hell Casey Anthony will vote for her on "Dancing with the Stars" -- but she DOES have some advice for the Tot Mom ... confess and go to jail.

Only one problem with Nancy's advice -- it's the whole Constitution thing, which prohibits double jeopardy. 

Nancy says she's a horrible dancer -- and clearly not a big fan of the 5th Amendment.



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Is Chaz going to be Nancy's dance partner?

1120 days ago


why does some people hate this woman for speaking against a child murderer?? I really can't understand your anger towards her even if she had things to gain from it, she was still speaking against a murderer. If the world keeps going this way, soon people will take Casey Anthony's side and start supporting her, and that low life Casey is anyway going to become a millioare for mudering her child, as the newspapers are competing to pay her for her story!

1120 days ago


Casey Anthony's vote isn't the only one that Nancy Grace shouldn't count on.

By the way, while I didn't like the fact that she was found not guilty I would like to admonish all those who keep referring the jury as idiots. Remember, the jury was selected from their community, just as you may one day be selected to serve on a jury. That means that you, one day may be one of the idiots you keep referring to.....keep that in mind. You keep complaining about the justice system when it could be one day you're sitting there in the defendant's chair hoping that the same justice system you keep complaining about is either putting you away or saving your life. Just because the justice system didn't work to your satisfaction in the Anthony case doesn't mean it doesn't work most of the time. Stop complaining!

1120 days ago


Well the DWTS season hasn't even started yet and pig N.G. is already running her fat mouth about C. A.. "A" listers? She couldn't make the "Z" list. Hopefully she will be gone the firt elimination night. Planet earth would be so much better off without this excuse for a woman.

1120 days ago


Nancy Grace is a top grade A bitch. Hope someone drops her on her fool head. And before I get yapped at, I wish someone would drop Casey on her criminal head too.

1120 days ago


Is there a term that means a show that is beyond having "jumped the shark" ?

This show should be cancelled, it was bad enough with Bristol Palin, but now we have a season of freaks that they are calling "stars" ?. Time to pull the plug on DWTS !

1120 days ago


so they don't want D-list stars? well. i guess they didn't Bono is a D-list star. Grace is a Z-list.

i won't be watching the show with Grace on it.

1120 days ago


C'mon.. I am not a Nancy fan, but she was clearly joking.. Even in the end, she said that she could NOT go to jail, as it would be double jeopardy. Nancy prosecuted cases for 10 years - she knows there is no way Casey could be tried again. She was being sarcastic and joking!

Way to slant what was said - she absolutely said that Casey could not go to jail, even if she confesses..and she cites double jeopardy..

Nancy does enough vile things on her own accord - there is no reason to misstate what she said..

1120 days ago


I don't like "tot mom", but I don't like you either, Nancy. I wish they take you off CNN, period!

1120 days ago


That **** cant count on my vote either.

1120 days ago


I can not stand her loud mouth! Hopefully she breaks her neck trying to get her fat ass around the dance floor.

1120 days ago


She needs to be on "reality" tv where people will expect her to show her as#////

1120 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

She's nothing more than an emotional train wreck that other emotional train wrecks follow closely. Here's to hoping she breaks an ankle that requires surgery and she leaves us on the table!

1120 days ago


The only contestants I will be voting for is Karson Creesley and David Arquette.

Chaz Bono- Not even famous, only known for turning into a man
Nancy Grace- Horrible human being and gross bi_tch
Kristen Caverleri-Z list
Rob Kardashian-Z list
Ricki Lake- Alright but still a total has been
A few other people I never head about

1120 days ago


This ignorant hag needs to get over her obsession with Casey Anthony. I hope Nancy Grace is the first to go. I am dreading seeing her face and hearing her voice. I wonder if she'll stoop to making veiled comments about Casey on the show. Wouldn't be surprised.

1120 days ago
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