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Nancy Grace

I'm NOT Counting

On Casey Anthony's Vote!

8/30/2011 10:03 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nancy Grace
doesn't think there's a chance in hell Casey Anthony will vote for her on "Dancing with the Stars" -- but she DOES have some advice for the Tot Mom ... confess and go to jail.

Only one problem with Nancy's advice -- it's the whole Constitution thing, which prohibits double jeopardy. 

Nancy says she's a horrible dancer -- and clearly not a big fan of the 5th Amendment.



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Never watched before -never now. Grace is such a dummy. Hard to believe she was a prosecutor once.They must have been desperate.She keeps getting cases she covers wrong and its surprising the dumb statements she makes. She has her equally dumb -toothless red neck followers who keep her on air.

1067 days ago


David Arquette looks like he's about 50 years old. Hopefully, he won't pass out on the dance stage . . .

1067 days ago

Professor Chaos    

Nancy Grace is an idiot. The dumb broad used to be a lawyer. She knows damn well that Casey wouldn't go to jail even if she admitted she killed her kid. Nancy needs to shut her mouth. Her turning that case into some insane media circus and turning Casey Anthony into a celebrity is part of the reason Casey got off.

1067 days ago


What a f'n b**ch. She shoudn't be shooting her mouth off.
I hope she falls on her fat ass & gets cut week 1!
If I had to choose between having dinner w/ Grace or Casey Anthony - I'd pick Anthony in a hot second.

1067 days ago


TMZ, don't be mean. You can't expect Nancy Grace to know about laws and the constitution, so how would she know about double jeopardy?

1067 days ago


Show used to be fun to watch but that was years ago.

Grace will probally be the first off. Conrad Murrays trial is coming up soon. This would be in her way.

1067 days ago


Why is TMZ taking shots at her? she is just saying what so many others are saying. Very few people think Casey Anthony is innocent or have anything nice to say. If Nancy Grace intimidates you who do you think should be demanding justice for that dead child, Mary Poppins?

1067 days ago


Until nancy grace and the media cover the killing of BOTH whistleblowers in the Rupert Murdoch news of the world scandal even HALF as much, I won't give two hoots about Casey Anthony. Seems she isnt the only one who got away with murder...

1067 days ago

Silverado Mom    

Harvey has a bias against Nancy. That's too bad he can't be more impartial. I admit her money-making show is annoying, but so is Harvey's show. I think they should invite one another to each other's shows. That would be something to watch!

1067 days ago


why does everyone hate pn Nancy i thinks shes actually kind of funny. Shes so dramatic its funny watching her. I hope she wins it all.

1067 days ago

Ben from Baltmore    

Nancy Grace will be the first one booted off. She's like most of them over at Fox Right Wing Republican News, she sold her ability to be honest and sane to the devil for TV ratings gold and she works over at HLN, where the rest of the hosts are at least 95% sane. I wonder why Roger Ailes hasn't tried to pick Nancy Grace up and have her leave HLN for Fox Right Wing Republican News.

1067 days ago


why does everyone on here hate on nancy shes actually pretty funny. I mean i used to hate until i actually watched her show she is just a passionate person about what she believes in. Nothing wrong with that it is America now.

1067 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

Is there anyway to no*****ch the show, but get an alert when it's time to vote so I help in voting her off!

She and her heard on HLN are the loudest, most opinionated, and emotional women on TV. They all add this annoying as hell pitch to their voices that is a major turnoff even if you happen to agree with them on a few things.

1067 days ago


NG can be a HUGE pain in the ass...but I continue to be completely stumped at the support that TMZ throws Casey Anthony's way. First you pay her $500K for staged photos, then you defend her nonstop...WHY???

1067 days ago


I don't know if DWTS announced her partner yet, but I hope its Max. He's the only one who won't take her "unwillingness to get along."

1067 days ago
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