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Nancy Grace

I'm NOT Counting

On Casey Anthony's Vote!

8/30/2011 10:03 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nancy Grace
doesn't think there's a chance in hell Casey Anthony will vote for her on "Dancing with the Stars" -- but she DOES have some advice for the Tot Mom ... confess and go to jail.

Only one problem with Nancy's advice -- it's the whole Constitution thing, which prohibits double jeopardy. 

Nancy says she's a horrible dancer -- and clearly not a big fan of the 5th Amendment.



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If the producers would hire a baffoon and crook like Tom DeLay, why wouldn't they hire Grace? Stupid show. Stupid contestants. Really stupid producers and show-runners.

1150 days ago


Nancy Grace gets my vote....She was spot on in the Anthony killing of her daughter and she is spot on now..

1150 days ago


casey could free her soul and confess and go to jail. it is going to get awfully cold in hell everyday for casey. she should confess and do the time and then get on with her life. this way, the way she did it... she is dancing with the devil and nancy is right. casey has signed herself up for a lifetime in jail by deceiving the public and living a lie and her parents will be cursed and her brother and the curse will live until the confession and coming clean happens. casey cursed the entire famiy with her lie.

1150 days ago


Alexis:- Wy does some people hate this woman for speaking against a child murderer?


Among other things, because she jeopardizes police investigations by trying the case on the air and leaking details of the cases, she act as the judge and jury before cases have even been tried. She panders to the public's morbid curiosity, sensationalizing cases for ratings, and she is in NOT a good lawyer.

1150 days ago

John Weiss    

I'm glad that she is doing this as it will show her and HLN how unpopular the hateful bitch really is.

1150 days ago


I like Nancy Grace. She seems like she has a great sense of humor. Her style on TV is theatrical and she's done well for herself way before the Anthony case. I'm happy she became the voice of reason. She's one of the only people on TV who isn't brainwashed by the liberal media. Good for her! I'll be watching! As for you Harvey, suck it! You're immature for constantly portraying her in a bad light.

1150 days ago


dancing with the stars???/ more like dancing with the " who the hell are these people" they worked on getting a listers right???

1150 days ago


If she is a confessed horrible dancer then why is she using the fame from Casey Anthony's trial to make a mockery of going on the show? Would DWS have asked her if not for all her carry on with the Tot Mom thing? All of this is discusting and low brow. Thought you were a better person than this Nancy.

1150 days ago


They should have had Casey and Nancy on DWTS!

1150 days ago


Nancy Grace is a PIG!

1150 days ago


Good luck, Nancy! The idea of the show is to improve your dancing, hope she does really well. She is my favorite of this group. Also, who needs Casey Anthony's vote or anything else from that skank? Nancy was 100% right about her.

1150 days ago


I could give a rats butt about either of those two idiots.

1150 days ago


stef: about an hour ago

NG can be a HUGE pain in the ass...but I continue to be completely stumped at the support that TMZ throws Casey Anthony's way. First you pay her $500K for staged photos, then you defend her nonstop...WHY???

Yup, Harvey and the skeezy defense team are in bed with each other. That's why he can't stop ragging on Nancy. I've totally lost respect for Harvey over this.

1150 days ago


Nancy should worry about her own kids and leave Casey alone, hope she falls on her ass while on live tv and then all the other media people can laugh and call her names as well. she won't get my vote ever....who does she thinks she is..dislike the women and never watch her show or interviews with anyone.

1150 days ago


I hope she "breaks a leg" as they say. Seriously, I mean really break it.

1150 days ago
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