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Nancy Grace

I'm NOT Counting

On Casey Anthony's Vote!

8/30/2011 10:03 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nancy Grace
doesn't think there's a chance in hell Casey Anthony will vote for her on "Dancing with the Stars" -- but she DOES have some advice for the Tot Mom ... confess and go to jail.

Only one problem with Nancy's advice -- it's the whole Constitution thing, which prohibits double jeopardy. 

Nancy says she's a horrible dancer -- and clearly not a big fan of the 5th Amendment.



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She's baaaack    

Every time that multiple personality faker says the words "TOT MOM" I swear it sets my teeth on edge so bad that they start to hurt. I'm voting for her on every phone I can get my hands on and every email account I can create so the bi.tch BEGS to be able to go home. Even if she falls on her butt I will vote 50 times a show for her. Even if she breaks her fat old hips I will vote 50 times a show for her. She wants it ... she got it. I hope she and Chaz strike up a ... umm friendship.

1120 days ago


I don't want this show, not once, but I read back a few months ago that they were done with the D-List Celebrities and were going for bigger stars. Sure doesn't look like it to me. Same as always, and I still don't plan to watch it.

1120 days ago

She's baaaack    

For those of you commenting about Chaz's balls or Nancy getting ******ged by him, or it getting all up in Nancy ... No, Ixnay, Nuh Uh, Ain't Gonna Happen ... CHAZ HAS A VAGINA. Just a friendly public service announcement.

1120 days ago

Her Imperial and Royal Majesty    

Will Chaz Bono be her dancing partner? What a scrumptious couple they would make.

1120 days ago


Can't this bitch go one day without mentioning her cash cow "Tot-Mom"? It's time to move on...there are plenty of other murdered children you can exploit for profit. Have fun on DWTS and I hope you break a leg...literally! Good night, friend!

1120 days ago


Shae on YOU TMZ!!!!Casey Anthony confesses to murder and THE FEDS ...NOT FLA STATE can charge her with murder,child endangerment and a bucket load of charges not to mention she could be tried in CIVIL court for same charges ala O.J.Nancy Grace knows her law better than TMZ,LOL!

1120 days ago

She's baaaack    

@johnjohn on comment page #4 ... and Elizabeth very politely OWNED her. That was one of my favorite moments ever of her show. People liked it so much it's even on YouTube. Elizabeth was barely out of her teens (if she even was) and OWNED Nancy Grace. Loved it!

1120 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

whoa now!! so harvey is allowing the competition to speak on his channel? now that's a new law...

1120 days ago

Leader of the ignorant masses    

So she says she is a horrible dancer but is still on a dancing show? That screams attention whore or just in it for the money. If you ever saw her on tv you already know it is both.

1120 days ago


That loud mouth bimbo skank should not depend on ANYONES vote

1120 days ago


I've watched her shows a few times where she had all the guest in corner of the screen, she would ask what they though and turn catty and nasty if she didn't like the answer. Her died and mad her God? She is the most rude person on tv. Can you even imagine what her husband has to put up with living with this big mouthed cow ? I feel sorry for him. And if we have to hear one more time about her old honey getting killed I'll pull my eyes out. She drags it up so much it's sickning. Get a new story Nancy !

1120 days ago


this bitch is so pathetic, she says Casey is bad but she used Caylee death for ratings and money, she needs to rot!

1120 days ago



1120 days ago


Actually, yes, Casey CAN go back to jail if new evidence is brought forward. If she admitted her guilt, then the case could be reopened.

1120 days ago


How come the only people here that proclaim Casey's innocence are the ones with a penis?... Oh that's right, when the penis gets hard there is no blood flow to the brain. So it's ok that she killed her precious daughter so she could whore around Florida. Nice to know that men have their priorities straight. Jerkwads

1120 days ago
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