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Pregnant Man

Chaz Bono Hurt My Chances

For 'Dancing with the Stars'

8/31/2011 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Pregnant Man -- Thomas Beatie -- claims he SHOULD HAVE been chosen to compete on "Dancing with the Stars" this season ... but says, "Chaz Bono stole my thunder."

Beatie tells TMZ ... he reached out to casting in the hopes of landing a spot a few months ago -- but never got a call back. But after DWTS announced that Chaz would be on the show, Thomas says he thinks he knows why he was rejected -- the transgender quota had already been filled.

Thomas says he understands why producers wouldn't cast two famous transgender people on the show -- but he's still pretty bummed out ... telling us, "I wanted to try my new body out. I’m an athlete and I know I would have excelled."

There's always next season ...



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Why is this a story??? This is NOT A MAN. This is a very confused, unhappy, mentally unstable woman seeking attention. She's famous for giving birth??? REALLY Since when did giving birth make anyone famous.... Just because you wanted to be a man doesn't mean you are one. You are exactly who God created you to be. A woman. You can hide behind a facade all you want to but the REALITY is. You are who you are...embrace it!

1115 days ago


proof that life iisn't fair.

1115 days ago


It would be fine with me if neither was on the show!

1115 days ago


Even when "Chaz" Bono was a little girl, she looked like a boy... more so now [clearly]. (Sorry, all the plastic surgery and drug treatments in the world won't turn a male into a female or vice versa... like gender actually matters as far as what kind of person you are.)

1115 days ago


To each his or her own, this just got to weird for me. No watching DWTS for me.

1115 days ago


Thank god they didn't ask him because the pregnant man IS DISGUSTING. That's right, he's a disgusting freak (kiss my ass GLAAD) of nature that gives transgenders everywhere a bad name. Their whole argument is that god made them the wrong sex and they were supposed to be the opposite gender. Supposedly they feel like they are the opposite sex and they want their outside to reflect who they really are on the inside. Well MEN DON'T GET PREGNANT. So there goes your whole argument. It's nothing as noble as trying to be who you feel you are inside; this guy is just sick.

1115 days ago


Please you freaks, don't push yourselves on the rest. Gross! No more DWTS for me EVER.

1115 days ago


Just proves what a fame whore that "pregnant man" is. I have no problem calling Chaz a man. As for Beatie, sorry, but if you have female genitalia and do what is LITERALLY the most female thing possible, gestate a child, you are a woman.

1115 days ago


I used to be one of the ones who razzed Chaz Bono when it was first announced he was undergoing a sex change. Now it’s time to give him a break, he seems happy with his new life, and there’s enough misery in the world to not deny anyone a chance to be happy. As for Thomas Beattie (and I had to look at the top to see what his name was), to me that’s a flat-chested woman with a beard. You want to be a man, then act like one and stop having babies. Otherwise, you're just a freak show.

1115 days ago


The pregnant "man" really makes me angry. When he decided to turn himself into a man, he gave up the right--a WOMAN'S right--to get pregnant and bear a child. This douchebag wants it both ways! Makes me sick.

1115 days ago


This is totally disgusting. I will never watch this show again.Freak side show!

1115 days ago

Ya Mon    

More Gender-confused coming out of the woodwork, see DWTS she what you started! your show soon will be called 'Dancing with 2% weirdo's while the othe 98% puke on their TV screens. "DW2%W98%PONTVS"

1115 days ago


not to happy...better start getting celebrities that people will want to see or the ratings will crash...who are these people...not stars...the pros are more stars than the cast...sorry

1115 days ago


One HUGE problem pregnant man, you are not a star!

1115 days ago


hell is waiting for both of them

1115 days ago
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