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Steven Seagal Cockfighting Raid

The Path Of Destruction

8/31/2011 12:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


TMZ has obtained photos of the devastation allegedly caused when Steven Seagal participated in a TANK-smashing, chicken massacre-ing, police raid on a house in Arizona back in March.

As we first reported, the owner of the home has taken legal action against Seagal and the Maricopa County Sheriff's Dept -- claiming cops had no right to smash their way into his house because he was NOT hiding a cockfighting farm.

In his legal letter to Seagal and the sheriff, Jesus Sanchez Llovera claims his 11-month old puppy was shot and killed in the raid ... which was reportedly captured on tape for Seagal's reality show.

But a member of the Maricopa County Sheriff's Dept. is adamant -- NO ONE ever shot a puppy.

Still, Jesus is demanding $100,000 and an apology.



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ANYONE WHO enjoys this has the IQ of a chicken

1152 days ago


oh boo hoo! has anyone ever watched police or swat reality shows on tv and see the destruction they do when gaining entry to a house? i seen them chain a window one time and they tore out damn near the entire wall of the house.
these jerk offs deserved whatever they got!

1152 days ago

And thats the truth    

Chairs were knocked over, oh the humanity! Lets see, this guy has 50 roosters but there aren't any hens, which means no eggs. He has them to "show", but he needs 50 roosters, must attend a lot of shows. Yeah right! When is the last time anyone has seen a bird show, let alone a rooster at a bird show. Is there 50 shows going on simultaneously so he needs 50 roosters?

This guy had illegal **** fighting going on plain and simple. Cops have to have just cause to enter your property. They have probably been investigating this guy for months.

For all of you commenting about Steven Seagal, he has been a Deputy Sherrif for over 20 years. That is what his show is about.

1152 days ago

Woody McBrreairty    

I'm very sorry about the puppy but Jesus' story about raising roosters for show is bull. I admire Seagal for caring about animal abuse and cruelty and think this should serve notice on all other animal abusers and torturers, Stephen is coming and Jesus and his ilk had better mend their ways or they will be busted too. The Jesus freak should be in jail and he should not be given a dime in damages. Maybe Stephen could have someone pick things up and repair and replace that which was broken; otherwise, no way Jose! Thank you to Stephen Segal for your good works.

1152 days ago


He's a PRICK

1152 days ago


SO I can't stand Seagal, or his crappy movies...but show roosters?? REALLY??? ****fighting bird so have to be destroyed...they can't be adopted out as they will kill other birds and as for his "11 mo old puppy" I am sorry that it died if it was in fact shot. I am thinking that a dog that age is not really recognizable as a puppy, and was seen to be a threat to the officers safety. This guy needs to realize that he was breaking the law with his "show roosters" and he should not get one dime...I do think that Seagal should give him an apology...for his ****ty movies!

1152 days ago


Segal should pay pay pay! a tank.....killing a puppy....and no arrests for ****fighting? RIDICULOUS

1152 days ago

not impressed    

Yeah, like Arpaio's thugs have never injured a puppy before? How about that puppy they kicked into a burning house (a fire they caused) in front of the chidl that owned it?

Gotta give him credit Arpaio loves his tanks and making a BANG! Why that egomaniac is still around is unfathomable.

1152 days ago


Theres a bad guy here but its not Seagal IMO.
In the first season of lawman Seagals hurt face when swat were shooting the nutria couldnt be faked. Not be Seagal anyway, I love his films but hes not a charactor actor. If a puppy was shot by his coworkers or friends the man would probably hang himself.

Thats aside from him being a buddist and a world famous naturalist too.

1152 days ago

American Pride    

I wouldn't call anything in those pics 'devastation'! And where is this puppy that was supposedly shot??? Just another law breaker who got caught and cried foul because they saw the potential for some good $$$ to be made off of a well known actor and the MCSO. If this guy hadn't been fight fowl he wouldn't have had to cry foul when his gate was knocked down and he got raided.

1152 days ago


Those birds don't look like they've been in fights??? Proof of it, or all involved should suffer the same fate as those birds. A **** FOR A ****!

1152 days ago


You should not of have been hiding and breaking the law, by fighting chickens. It's a mean thing to do, and kills the anamial in the process.

1150 days ago
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