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Steven Seagal

Legal Threats Over Deadly


8/30/2011 11:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The blood of a dead puppy is on Steven Seagal's hands ... this according to an Arizona man who claims the actor participated in a deadly police raid on his home back in March that was taped for a reality show.

Seagal, along with Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, has been served with an official notice of claim from Jesus Sanchez Llovera -- who contends Seagal and the Maricopa County Sheriff's Department performed an "unfounded" raid on his home because they believed Jesus was operating an illegal cockfighting farm.  Jesus denies the allegation -- insisting he only raises the roosters "for show."

Jesus claims Seagal arrived to his home on March 9 with a TANK -- and rammed into a gate on his property. Seagal was backed up by an MCSO Tactical Operations Unit -- armed in full riot gear -- which stormed the house. The entire incident was captured by a camera crew taping for Seagal's reality show, "Steven Seagal Lawman."

Jesus claims his 11-month old puppy was shot and killed during the raid -- and his home sustained "substantial damage." He also claims the cops killed more than 100 roosters that belonged to him.

The notice of claim is the first step towards a lawsuit -- and Jesus' lawyer tells us his client is demanding $100,000 for the damage and he wants Seagal to issue a "formal written apology" to his children "for the death of their 11-month old puppy, a beloved family pet."

We called both Seagal and the Maricopa County Sheriff's Department for comment -- so far, no response.


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Both the sheriff and seagal are idiots and should both be deported to Mexico...

1117 days ago


This guy was figthing roosters that's illegal here.
Leave alone to Steve, a dog is a dog so what, is dead ok the owner may buy another one and that's all.
Apologize to his children ????? LOL, ah a poor little puppy and a poor little kid, c'mon.

1117 days ago


so funny! i pray one day everyone becomes normal.

1117 days ago

wesley thompson    

If Segal is in on it--THEN it's a benefit to both man and animal - I'd be proud to work for him -- doing about anything at akll

1117 days ago

eli berto    

the poor roosters did not have a chance to at least fight for their lives. What an ignoble end for them. Steven Seagal should rot in jail. Or he could go to Afghanistan where his "tank" and his services would be greatly appreciated. Jesus we love you!

1117 days ago


If this was an accident then no one is to blame. But, Steven and his crew should be apologetic and buy the children another puppy and replace the roosters. If it was intentual. then shame on you Steven for killing those animals! People, what if it was your animals? Then you would not joke about this! The precious puppy and the roosters are the only ones who are innocent. If Jesus is rooster fighting then he needs to be in jail. How would he like it if he was put in the ring with a fighter and had to fight to the death? Michael Vick and Jesus( if he is guilty)are the s*** of the earth and will go to hell.

1117 days ago

marc christian    

I know you'll all think it's BS, but I sued Big Steve 15 years ago for basically breach of contract on a proposed film deal. We are the same age, and I have never met a more phony, egotistical, back-stabbing wannabee in my entire life. I could write a book about it, and almost did, and even Hustler wouldn't print it -- they are all afraid of being sued by SS's bulldog attys. I watched him order a hooker while his wife, Kelly LaBrock was pregnant with their third child. I laughed out loud when I first heard of "Lawman," and then read about the Vietnamese sex slave lawsuit, and now this. Read John Connolly's expose on Steve in SPY Magazine -- Steven Seagal is pure vertical sewage...

Come try and shoot my dog, Steve...

1117 days ago

bear lemons    

i dont understand how the humane society can put game ***** to death and then call it humane.

1116 days ago

bear lemons    

who s a bigger pud seagal or arpiao

1116 days ago


This reminds me of Team America. So they go into stop an "illegal **** Fighting Farm" and they kill the 100 of the roosters? Where's the sense in that.

1116 days ago


I hope that both Jesus and Segull would both be given a fine and have to serve JAIL TIME for the killing of the chickens/roosters, but mainly the puppy no matter what breed did not deserve to be shot and killed because he wanted to play law.

1116 days ago

Ed Rojas    

So let me get this right, You break in to this mens house and killed every animal in site and terrorise the family in the name of animal rights? What a bunch clowns. but you know what, their is shows that this roosters are shown for the preservation of game fowl and it takes 2 years to get one of this animals in shape for the show, this guys are in serius trouble because I am sure that Jesus will win this case and this CLOWN will have to pay some serius money for that stupidity.

1116 days ago


If this was Chuck Norris... This would of never happened!

1116 days ago


Steven Seagal is my idol, he does what he needs to, and he is a role model. U dumb people need to stop hatin on Steaven Seagal. He is one actor who knows who he is and has never done anything stupid for the news to talk about. I also think that this Jesus guy is lying about some of the things he says about him. People need to stop hatin on my man Steaven Seagal and let him do his thing both in the movies and in real life.

1116 days ago


There is no way this would have taken place unless there was SOLID evidence of illegal activity at the residence. The death of the puppy was surely an accident.It is sad, however, what about the deaths of the roosters. That is cruelty to animals. Mr. seigal would never hurt an animal intentionally. Unlike Mr. Llovera, who does it for a financial gain.

1116 days ago
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