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Tupac's Homies

We SMOKED His Ashes!

8/30/2011 2:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Members of a rap group founded by Tupac Shakur have released a new video in which they claim they rolled up Pac's ashes with marijuana and SMOKED him after he passed away.

The Outlawz -- most famous for the Biggie Smalls diss track "Hit 'em Up" -- said, "Yeah, it's definitely true" ... claiming it all went down at a beach memorial for Pac -- and his mom was present at the time.

The rappers claim the idea was inspired by a lyric in one of Tupac's songs in which he said, "Last wishes n**gas, smoke my ashes."

So ... the Outlawz say they simply followed Pac's request -- explaining, "We twist up some of that great-granddaddy California kush ...and mixed the big homie with it ... so you know, [Tupac is] flowin' through our system."

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And this is where the inspiration to the movie "How High" came from.

1148 days ago


Couple of things I'm glad of here. First, one more punk-a$& gangster rapper in the ground. Woo hoo, lets see a few more of these pieces of garbage follow right along. Second, they didn't smoke him. It's all for show because no one knows who the hell they are. I don't care how gangster you are, your grand ma ma is not going to let them smoke your ashes with your pot. Third, you can see what pot does, it makes you f-ing stupid like these other ghetto trash bags. Fourth, did I mention woo too, one lest getto garbage rapper in the pit back dooring others in hell. Hey Suge Night, I'm betting you are soon to follow you pile of bat dung.

1148 days ago


I think Tupacs last wish was "Yo n**ga. Dont smoke ma ass".. But they shot him anyway.

1148 days ago


..I really wish they would just shut up about this guy.
He's not special and as far as I'm concerned,hasn't contributed anything good to society

1148 days ago


You can't smoke ashes, dumbasses.

1148 days ago


If you have ever seen what someone's cremated remains look like, you would know that you can't just roll them up & smoke them. Due to bone fragment, teeth, cartilage, & the box the body is in upon burning, the "ashes" become more like pebbles. If you throw them in the water, the don't fly like a feather, they sink to the bottom. That being said....I think this dude is full of **** when he claims he smoked Tupac's ashes.

1148 days ago


Why is this entertainment news? I've known about this for years. To each its own. But I think they're making the whole thing up because they're is no way his mama would let them do that.

1148 days ago



1148 days ago


come on people, dude's been dead for like 500 years and NOW you wanna tell people you smoked him, like your some hot sh*%. News flash NOONE GIVES A FU%& DUMBASS!!

1148 days ago


P.S. that's not Tupac flowing through your system it's diarrhea.

1148 days ago


that is no better than cannibalism...very morbid thing to do...I'm just disgusted over this...anything for attention I suppose...why not just cut him up and cook him...sheesh!

1148 days ago


even if they had been able to smoke his ashes, that just seems wrong. why would u do something like that. how do they know pac would have wanted that? and certainly his family should have first say over what happens to them. they don't belong to the outlawz they belong to his family.

1148 days ago


Did they get drunk from the ashes?

1148 days ago


I don't believe that BS!! His mom had total control of Pac's Ashes and this dude is full of ****! It's disgusting to even say something like this..

1147 days ago


thats sick and disrespectful. they have no right they are not Gods!!

1146 days ago
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