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Mel Gibson Settlement

HUGE Loss for Oksana

8/31/2011 10:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The settlement struck between Mel Gibson and Oksana Grigorieva is nothing less than a financial fiasco for a woman who wanted untold millions of dollars from her famous ex. 

TMZ obtained a copy of the original 2010 settlement worth $15 million that Oksana disavowed. At the time, Oksana said she would not go through with the settlement because she felt Mel was a danger to their daughter Lucia and believed Mel should not have unsupervised contact with the child.

In reality, sources connected to the case tell TMZ, the real reason Oksana walked away from the settlement is because she was advised she could get a lot more than $15 million because of the alleged physical abuse she claims she suffered at the hands of Mel.

Now, in a shocking twist of fate, rather than getting $15 million, Oksana is only getting $750k. On top of that, she was concerned about Mel having unsupervised visitation ... Mel is actually getting MORE unsupervised visitation based on the agreement that was just struck.

The fact is, under the 2010 agreement, Mel would NOT have gotten 50/50 custody until Lucia turns 3 years old. Under the current agreement, he gets 50/50 custody immediately.

Short story ... she should have taken door #1.



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Leader of the ignorant masses    

I felt bad for her until she decided to gouge him for every penny she could.

1149 days ago


Rogue I bet you're right. Her head must be spinning off her neck right now! Visions of pea soup splattered all around Sherman Oaks - yuck!

1149 days ago


by canook » Wed Aug 31, 2011 1:46 pm

...............Under the agreement, Lucia, who will be represented by a minor’s attorney, will share equally with Mr. Gibson’s other children in his estate, but she must waive any interest in a family trust that he previously established with his former wife, Robyn. In effect, Mr. Gibson could thus disburse his fortune through the trust without leaving substantial assets in an estate that would be shared with Lucia.

............Ms. Grigorieva is also scheduled to receive three separate payments totaling $750,000. But she could lose some of that, or Mr. Gibson could face further penalties, if either violates an agreement not to discuss their relationship in public. The two are also specifically barred from writing or contributing to books or articles about each other, the judge said. ... dy-accord/

1149 days ago




1149 days ago


That's what the greedy bitch gets! Not excusing Mel's actions, but trying greediness is just disgusting.

1149 days ago


@ Frieda
Don't you mean peeeeee soup?

1149 days ago


i wish i 'd haev his lawyer if he reads this or is staff. i wish to be contacted.. please ..and as for oksana . im sure its never a victory when it comes to children and biological parents splitting up... mmm mm. it giot me thinking of my kids.. and american women i have seen out here homelss..

1149 days ago


i wish i 'd haev his lawyer if he reads this or is staff. i wish to be contacted.. please ..and as for oksana . im sure its never a victory when it comes to children and biological parents splitting up... mmm mm. it giot me thinking of my kids.. and american women i have seen out here homelss..

1149 days ago

angelika466 version

To end the acrimonious dispute that practically dates back to the October 2009 birth of their daughter, Lucia, Mel Gibson agreed on Wednesday to pay $750,000 over the next five years to ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva.

The actor-filmmaker will also allow her to continue to live in a house he owns in Los Angeles.

"Thanks, your honor, for bringing this case to a reasonable conclusion," Gibson, 55, told Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Peter D. Lichtman, who articulated in a hearing the terms agreed upon by the parties over four days of negotiation last week.

Under the deal, Gibson will sell the house when Lucia turns 18 and puts the proceeds in a trust for her.

Also under the deal, the parties are not allowed to publicly discuss each other or their relationship. Lichtman specifically said they also cannot write books about each other.

Grigorieva's attorney told reporters that his client was in a loving, three-year relationship with Gibson before things went bad, and that she is pleased with the agreement and looking forward to focusing on her daughter and her music career.

"Oksana settled this case today because it's in the best interests of Lucia," said attorney Daniel Horowitz.

Under the agreement, custody of Lucia will be shared 50-50. Issues pertaining to child support were presumably discussed behind closed doors and not publicly disclosed.

The agreement settles a civil lawsuit that Horowitz threatened to file on behalf of Grigorieva, 41, and her teenage son, Alexander, whose father is Timothy Dalton. Alexander witnessed an incident last year in which Gibson allegedly assaulted Grigorieva as she was holding Lucia.

To settle the matter in criminal court, Gibson pleaded no contest in March to misdemeanor battery.

1149 days ago


Considering how much both sides have paid in legal bills she is lucky to have gotten that much. This 'woman' was looking for a big payday in the first place. She should have not gotten greedy and took the original deal for $15 million. And the kick in the ass is that she probably owes a big portion of that $750,000 too. Greed makes people really stupid.

1149 days ago


I am so happy about this settlement!!! I think this is wonderful!

Basically...and in an 'indirect way' it conforms to the mediated agreement that she is penalized for violations of the confidentiality clauses. This settlement gives her just enough money to 'feel it' but to realize that she won't have it for long. She was already in debt, remember? She was having to borrow money from friends, and then she said in the People interview that she was in debt. Then, Eric George goes after her for the 1 million dollars he wanted to be paid. OG challenged that and Judge Gordon ruled in Eric George's favor and told OG she had to pay him. Then, we hear that Eric George and OG came to an agreement in mediation over what she owed him. Now, with the money she's getting she'll be having to use that to pay debts and she won't have much, if anything left over!! It's almost like Judge Gordon allowed her just enough to pay her debts and that's it! Love it!

1149 days ago



1149 days ago


Twas only a matter of time til her true colors were revealed for all to see: "Hello 911.... I am an idiot, my son is bleeding and I am hysterical lunatic who needs to take a first aid course".
Clearly the one who is a danger to Lucia has made herself known.

1149 days ago


Too bad for her, the greedy sow. Maybe you should work like other Americans instead of milking off our system.

1149 days ago

Sonya in Tx    

Greedy bitch. Serves her right to walk away basically pennyless. Her lawyers will get most of that. The IRS will get the other...

1149 days ago
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