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Mel Gibson

Actor to Pay Oksana $750,000

8/31/2011 8:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mel Gibson
has agreed to fork over $750,000 to his baby mama Oksana Grigorieva as part of their custody settlement ... TMZ has  learned.

According to the terms of the agreement, revealed today in court, Mel will give Oksana the money in 3 installments of $250,000 -- the first payment will be made when the deal is signed today.

The next payment will be made on Sept. 15, 2013 -- and the final payment will be made on Jan. 1, 2016.

Today in court, the judge in the custody case said the couple will have joint legal and physical custody of their daughter Lucia.

The judge also said the house that Oksana and Lucia are living in will be sold when Lucia turns 18 and the money will be placed in a trust for Lucia.

083111_oksana_v2_videoThe couple also agreed that no books can be written by either party ABOUT the other party. The judge also mentioned that neither party can hire a ghost-writer to write a book about the other party either.

If any repairs need to be made on Oksana's home, Mel is required to pay for the work -- up to $5,000.

The judge asked both Mel and Oksana if they understood and agreed to the terms of the settlement -- and they both replied, "Yes."

During the hearing, Mel addressed the judge and said, "Thanks for a reasonable conclusion."

Oksana also spoke ... saying, "Thanks to the judge for the tremendous help to resolve this matter."


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Max Smart    

Wow she totally caved. She's going to end up with peanuts after tax & legal expenses. The $5000 repairs on the house is pretty funny. That's really going to go a long way. At least the judge didn't get too sucked in by this dirtbag gold-digger. She makes Mel seem almost redeemable.

1119 days ago

PRO US    

Mel has obviously paid his lawyers more than he will pay her.

So, Mel has succeeded in preventing her from writing any books or having them ghost written about Mel. As if she could write any book completely by herself and have more than 1,000 people pay to buy it. How about magazine or web site or newspaper articles or radio or TV interviews? Has Mel completely succeeded in censoring her comments about his behavior towards her and what he said to her? Does Mel make all the women he pays to have sex with sign non disclosure agreements, like that Sado-Masochistic Discipline Russian one third his age whore tramp he was banging, allegedly in return for say $30,000 paid in 3 installments for each lady escort? Maybe Mel can open up a doughnut and muffin chain of fast food restaurant and call it "Mel's Sugar Tits"? Love ya, Mel. How's that masterpiece art film "The Beaver" doing? Boffo box office? Cool! Must be tough for Mel with all the Blacks, Women and Jews he's offended with his prejudiced comments in the past, all conspiring to undermine all his professional movie projects out of their desire for revenge, especially since the Jews control the whole world's banks, newspapers, movie studios, music corporations, law firms, accountancy firms, hospitals, medical research companies, delicatessens, kosher food caterers, kosher wineries, old testament publishers and kipa manufacturers. Haven't even heard of Obama inviting Mel to the White House for a dinner or even a sandwich. Maybe Obama didn't like Mel's comments about hoping a bunch of N_____s would gangrape the mother (Oksana) of his child, or maybe his wife Michelle didn't appreciate Mel's "Sugar Tits" remark about the female police officer who helped Mel in jail? Poor, poor Mel. Mel could always resurrect his acting career by playing Hitler. He could be very convincing, playing the part with conviction.

1119 days ago


So Mel has 50% custody. Good. I'm not sure why she gets anything at this point...but I'm glad it's settled.

1119 days ago


Watch the video @ about 37? seconds she nearly bashes some poor innocent woman who was passing by off the sidewalk. What a narcissistic bitch she is. Remember when she slammed her car door HARD into another and didn't even wince, then took off! Wow

1119 days ago


ROL is also reporting that Mel can visit the house where Lucia lives any time as long as he has a designated person with him. I like that, too. He needs a designated person with him though so that OG can't lie and claim DV all over again. That's to protect Mel. Good thinking there.

ROL also reports that no other audios can be released and OG will forfeit her 750k if they are. I had a feeling that there was something written in there to protect Mel since OG stated on LKL that there were 'more' audios and that we were only hearing a portion.

1119 days ago


THAT'S IT?? What has gold digging come to? Divided between 17 years, that's only $3,676 a month. Oh, and a place to live for 17 years. Expect to hear more from her in the future...

1119 days ago


THANK you God!
so this is victory for Mel and baby Lucia.

it was a pleasure
to know all of you who supported Mel Gibson.

1119 days ago


Now she can go and do some heroin.

1119 days ago


Mel, thank-you for all of the time, effort and resources on behalf of kids everywhere and with M.K.I.


1119 days ago

PRO US    

Bunch of Nazi and KKK and misogynistic (woman hating and in the case of women fans of Mel, self-hating) Mel lovers on this site dying to stand in line to kiss Mel's ass an****** his balls. What a bunch of pitiful, pathetic goofs and suckers you are! LOL, ya bunch of racists and prejudiced morons, cretins and idiots! Mel is a Neanderthal. He follows, adheres to and believes in his father's religious doctrines and philosophy and his father hates anyone who doesn't follow his strict, insane Christian religious ideology. You fools who hero worship Mel either don't know that Mel believes in all of his father'*****eful religious doctrines, or you believe them yourself. Mel's beliefs and those of his father are as pure evil as you can get. Of course, all the above are just my totally uninformed opinions and Mel and his father are probably as pure as sweet Baby Jesus. LOL

1119 days ago


Sounds perfectly reasonable for the good of the child. Glad for all the kids' sake the worst is over.

Tickled that there will be a designated observer because heaven knows that nobody should be alone with the crazy extortionist piano player.

Canook -- When the Russian press reports, let us know Lewdmoola (Dirty Money) Chucky's spin -- I know that one will be a total hoot and a half!

Tee hee

1119 days ago


I do not understand women like this (being a woman myself). He is partly to blame, he slept with her. I do agree that she is entitled to something but she is using that child as a pawn just like her son with Timothy Dalton (who has much less net worth than Mel). She and the millions of women like her give the good ones a bad name (wh#@e)!

1119 days ago

Orlando Ann    

When Lucia becomes 18 the ding back will be homeless. babies today are born by choice not chance. Oksana saw a chance for a monthly paycheck for 18 years when she met mel. how come there was no more babies for 13 years the first one is with that James Bond Actor. she never had anyone so rich before and the somewhat wealthy ones had common sence to protect themself from her.

1119 days ago


WOW!!! That last comment sounded like it came from OG

1119 days ago

steeler fan    

that's not to bad 750k didn't she want 15 million originally? trifling gold digging fake ho!

1119 days ago
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