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Mel Gibson

Actor to Pay Oksana $750,000

8/31/2011 8:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mel Gibson
has agreed to fork over $750,000 to his baby mama Oksana Grigorieva as part of their custody settlement ... TMZ has  learned.

According to the terms of the agreement, revealed today in court, Mel will give Oksana the money in 3 installments of $250,000 -- the first payment will be made when the deal is signed today.

The next payment will be made on Sept. 15, 2013 -- and the final payment will be made on Jan. 1, 2016.

Today in court, the judge in the custody case said the couple will have joint legal and physical custody of their daughter Lucia.

The judge also said the house that Oksana and Lucia are living in will be sold when Lucia turns 18 and the money will be placed in a trust for Lucia.

083111_oksana_v2_videoThe couple also agreed that no books can be written by either party ABOUT the other party. The judge also mentioned that neither party can hire a ghost-writer to write a book about the other party either.

If any repairs need to be made on Oksana's home, Mel is required to pay for the work -- up to $5,000.

The judge asked both Mel and Oksana if they understood and agreed to the terms of the settlement -- and they both replied, "Yes."

During the hearing, Mel addressed the judge and said, "Thanks for a reasonable conclusion."

Oksana also spoke ... saying, "Thanks to the judge for the tremendous help to resolve this matter."


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oh what a sweet victory

By Jen Heger - Radar Legal Editor

Mel Gibson and Oksana Grigorivea will have joint custody of their daughter, Lucia, and Mad Mel must pay the Russian beauty $750k, is reporting. The deal was announced in a courtroom in Los Angeles Wednesday morning.

Both Mel and Oksana were both in court for the hearing, at which time, the judge formally signed off on their custody settlement. Oksana and Lucia can stay in the house that they are currently living in, which Mel bought. Mel can visit the house anytime, as long as he has a designated person with him.

PHOTOS: Mel & Oksana’s First Hollywood Appearance

The $750k will be paid in three payments, and Lucia will receive the same amount of money that his other children with ex-wife Robyn receive. No audio tapes that Oksana has of Mel can be released to the media, if Oksana releases any of the tapes, she will forfeit the $750k.

When Lucia turns 18, the house must be sold, with the proceeds going into a trust for Lucia.

1157 days ago

Sonya in Tx    


1157 days ago


Scroll to the top of the page & click on Mel Gibson's name. There is a new story.

1157 days ago


the bitch rides once again off into the skies on her broom stick. ox is nothing more than a money grubbing hound. wow mel gets to see his child and it only cost him another 750,000 so far!!!!

1157 days ago


This was just the custody agreement - what about her civil case against Mel? Can "audio" be used during this case? It appears that while she wouldn't be writing a book about these details they would still be made public through court records/transcripts, etc. And, there are those pesky legal fees from her 40+ attorneys - it could be that Mel is on the hook for much more than the 750K. $250K Now and $480K a year in child support, free housing and who knows what other misc expenses Mel picks up - Not a bad payday for the gold-digger! Mel's not the only winner in this.

1157 days ago


ahahahahahaahaha! She got SCREWEd and I love it! That kind of money is nothing for him and he doesn't have to pay it all right away. Karma is indeed a beyotch isn't it Oksana? You definetly got what YOU deserved!

1157 days ago

Sonya in Tx    

Nothing will repair Mel's reputation. Every time I see his mug I can hear him say, "I can see your p_ _ _ _ y from behind."

Class act Mell!

1157 days ago


Well, today may the beginning of a new career for OG. She may decide to change genres and start singing the blues. Her first song could be a blues song about how she messed up a 15 million dollar deal and walked away with change.

I can hear it now...

da da da da dump...I'm a poor white Russian girl...

da da da da dump...with no place to call my own...

da da da da dump...had me a man who loved me so...

da da da da dump...I done the 'Bobstone Bob' for my man...

da da da da dump...and my man he pay me real good...

da da da da dump...but I kept wantin' mo' and mo'...

da da da da dump...but my man said "no baby, no"...

da da da da dump...I pushed my man and he won't be pushed...

da da da da off to court we go...

da da da da dump...I was nice to the judge and smiled so nice...

da da da da dump...but the judge turned out to be a man just like ice...

da da da da dump...I said, "Mister Judge, please, my man hurt me so...

da da da da dump...I need some money, Mister Judge, so I won't hurt so...

da da da da dump...but Mister Judge, he likes my man and don't like me...

da da da da now I'm stuck in CA and no man want me...

da da da da dump....

1157 days ago


LOL! Yay for Mel! Go back to your MOTHHOLE Oinky!

Getting back together? SNOWBALL, MEET HELL! LOL!

1157 days ago


GO BACK TO YOUR MOTH HOLE OINKY! Flesh peddling doesn't pay as much as you thought it would but she still shouldn't have gotten even this much!

Good for you, Mel, you get to see your daughter more. Good riddance.

@Agold You need to be locked up in a rubber room - snow ball's chance in hell they're getting back together. Troll BS !

1157 days ago


Thank God she can't write a book. Which means, she will never be out promoting it and I should never have to see her face again!

Now, gold-digger, please just go away.

1157 days ago


She such a gold digging bitch!

1157 days ago


Stay tuned for more accusations out of her after she wastes away the money. On to the next celebrity tramp!

1157 days ago


What do you know she finally learned how to shut up!! now that is a first! she did it without the lawyers around to make sure she did too.

I know this is better (for mel) then what she wanted but I still don't get why there has to be any settlement when you aren't married and hardly even lived together, but ok. Then she gets a bunch in child support too right?

1157 days ago


$750,000 plus a free place to live for the next 16 years. Not bad for a woman who had no intention of ever lifting a finger to do an honest day's work in her life. What does Mel have to pay per month in child support and I'm sure Mel is required to provide a "safe, reliable car" to this ho so she can drive the kid around.

This woman has made a career out of soaking wealthy men for "child support". What a POS this woman is.

1157 days ago
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