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'Barbershop' Actor

I Was Kicked Off Plane

Because I'm Black

9/1/2011 11:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


United Airlines is investigating a complaint made by an actor who appeared on the TV show "Barbershop" after he claimed he was kicked off of a flight simply because he was black.

Michael Colyar claims he was booted from his flight at Dulles International Airport in Virginia after he refused to allow a flight attendant to move his luggage from the overhead storage bin ... so a white passenger could stow her bag there instead.

Colyar claims the flight attendant gave him dirty looks when he denied her request -- so he inquired about filing a complaint. That's when Colyar says he was approached by security, who removed the actor from the flight.

Colyar blogged about the incident ... saying, "The flight attendant and her friend got just what they wanted, the n**ger off the plane. I'm sure they feel a great triumph in putting an uppity n**ger in his place."

He adds, "At the least I should be suing United Airlines for theft of services, public humiliation and defamation of character."

United Airlines tells TMZ ... "As a global airline with a diverse workforce, United has zero tolerance for any type of discrimination and we take every such matter seriously. We spoke to Mr. Colyar  Wednesday so that we can address his concerns, and committed to get back to him as we learn more from our coworkers and other customers onboard.”

Sources connected to the incident tell us multiple passengers have been interviewed about the situation -- and several people said Colyar was loud with the flight attendant and had become an unruly passenger.


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what a stupid, ignorant man, he's exactly what he said he was . . .

1147 days ago


If the flight attendant didn't know whose bag it was, that means she didn't know the persons race either, how does that make her racist?

1147 days ago


This man looks like he is filled with hate,and hate distorts the truth,and he should have had honor and respect for a woman,maybe not happy about it that his bags probably werent going to be directly over his head,but that he did what was honorable for a woman or a child.
By the looks of him,I doubt he would have done this for a black or white woman.America is just filled with hateful losers.

1147 days ago


I travel a lot , and unfortunately , many white flight attendants are simply just racists an think they can express it when in a plane. Hopefully, rival airlines owned and operated by minorities will appear and thus raising standards.
I hope the white racists flight attendants will not complain of being unemployed.

1147 days ago


Race card... engaged.

1147 days ago


it's amazing how low lives claim the race card the moment they don't get their way.

obviously the man was a joke and got kicked off the plane because of his own actions

1147 days ago


kicked off for being a looser that plays the race card when he can't get his own way more like it

what a douche bag

1147 days ago


It's funny how non-minorities always figure that a minority is using the race card because they speak up for themselves when they're being treated unfairly. If you would look at the facts and put yourself in their shoes instead of jumping to conclusions first in defense of your race (who by the way are the only race that has a WORLDWIDE BAD RECORD of race relations)then maybe you would have read that M. Colyar had his luggage properly stowed but was asked to take his luggage down from the overhead compartment and make himself uncomfortable by keeping it in the space between his legs and the chair in front of him. Make yourself uncomfortable to accommodate someone who brought on a bag so big they couldn't find anywhere to stow it? White, Black, or Latino, most people would object.

1145 days ago


omg black people need to get over themselves and stop pullin the black card. get on my nerves. yea im black also. shoot im sure his black ass deserved to be kicked off for acting ignorant...

1145 days ago


Almost the same thing happened to me. I had a couple of small things in the overhead and a Japanese lady got on the plane after me. I was asked if I could put my stuff under my seat so her stuff would fit in the overhead as her stuff was too big to fit under the seat. Can you believe it I was asked to move my stuff for a Japanese lady. This was obviously because I was a white American. Well the difference is that I moved my stuff because Im not an *******. Michael Coylar should be paying United Airlines for the publicity that he is getting from this. I never heard of this guy until this happened.

1145 days ago


Sorry, but the airline was wrong...they shoulda kicked this d-bag off the plane at oh, about 31,000 feet. And isn't he insulting himself my using the N-word? I'm just sayin...

1144 days ago

reggie marshall    

Thats why i say a opinion is like a but hole everyone has on.I dont understand how you can get upset with his comments saying race. what about congress not working with the president. its no different there racist. alot of u out there need help racism still exists no matter how small or big. they just didn't realize who he was..

1143 days ago

Frequent flyer    

Overhead bins are shared space. You are supposed to put your larger bag in the bin and your personal item (backpack, purse, briefcase, whatever) under the seat in front of you. This is announced on every full flight I've ever been on. It's completely routine for the flight attendant to ask a passenger who's put a personal item in the overhead to put it under the seat, or to move bags around to make room. This allows other passengers to not have to gate check their roller bags. The last thing a FA wants to do is to have a passenger get unruly and have to kick him/her off the plane. This just delays everyone and causes lots of hassle. Obviously this guy whoever he is (never heard of him) has some kind of inflated sense of self importance and doesn't see the need to accommodate others or to play nice in the sandbox.

1107 days ago

juju b    

why'd they ask the black guy to moves his luggage so a white person could store their luggage? Can't give you white folks an inch or you'll take the whole continent and everybody on it.

1054 days ago
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