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"Big Brother" Shelly

Family Meets With FBI

Over Death Threats

9/1/2011 4:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The family of "Big Brother" contestant Shelly Moore has met with the FBI to discuss the onslaught of death threats that were made to them after Shelly voted to evict a popular house guest last week.

TMZ has learned ... the meeting took place in Louisiana this week -- but after the agents reviewed the information, sources tell us the feds determined that none of the threats were "credible."

We broke the story -- a bunch of deranged fans bombarded the Moore home with frightening phone calls and emails after Shelly voted to evict Jeff Schroeder ... a fan favorite.

Sources close to the family tell us ... the threatening phone calls and emails have essentially stopped in the past couple of days -- so they're not too worried anymore.

We're told the family will not be taking any further action -- and simply hopes they can move on with their lives.


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Diane Holms    

Does Shelly know about death threats

1113 days ago


Hey TMZ - when will you stop being so shallow and callous? broke the story AND had their article tweeted by Allison Grodner. Quit taking credit where credit isn't due.

1113 days ago

Britney is a cunt    

I'm glad I don'*****ch this show, or any reality TV for that matter. I would hate to get deeply involved in any reality TV show to the point that I would have the desire to make a death threat against a reality star I don't like. Same with the guy who shot his TV because Bristol Palin was advancing on "Dancing With the Stars". I have better things to do with my time than watch TV.

1113 days ago


It's a man, baby.

1113 days ago


You people need to get a is a GAME, they are ALLLLLL liars

1113 days ago


Sorry but I do not feel sorry for Shelly at all, and it is not that she just lied but it is the way that she lied and swore on her little girl's life and then went in the DR and admitted she was lying. It was also hurting someone who did something very sweet for her and then stabbed her in the back. I cannot believe that after she got evicted and Julie asked her how she was going to explain all of her lying to Josie and her answer was that adults lie and acting like that would be an acceptable answer for an 8 year old. I wish I could say I feel sorry for Shelly but she had to know what she was doing and hate it because when BB first started Shelly was one of my favorite contestants but it did not take long for her to become my least favorite contestant ever on BB. From what I understand from what I read there apparently were never any death threats, which is a good thing, and the entire story was made up to either garner pity for her or publicity or ratings. What was the purpose of making up a story like this????

1113 days ago


The FBI has better things to do then worry about loser Shelly and her family, I am sure that whatever happend of did not happen was not meant...people say crazy things in the name of loyality. This will give her another reason to cash in on doing nothing....could the casting director do better next year???

1113 days ago


Shelly is typical white trash. What a shining example for
her daughter. She must be so proud!

1113 days ago


I hate shelly but sending death threats is ridiculous it is just a game after all

1112 days ago


Sarah Weiler...Shelly may be a good person when it comes to her friends, but what the country had seen from her was far beyond that. This had nothing to do with BB editing, if you had watched what she had done on live feeds you would understand. I was a fan of hers in the beginning until I was able to watch those live feeds, her true self came out. With her having such a great life, I just can not comprehend why she decided to risk her reputation like this? I really feel bad for her little girl knowing how kids can be at school. Shelly should have really taken the time to think out the consequences, this whole thing is sad :(

1110 days ago

Holding Steady    

This is really very bizarre. Jeff wasn't evicted all that long ago, yet somehow, news reports are formed about the threats, the FBI has been called out and already, all calls have been investigated and deemed "not credible?" Seems like a lightning fast government entity turnaround over a couple of phone calls. Then again, perhaps the show producer contacted the FBI to put more urgency on the situation. I don't know if I feel worse for Shelly and her family or Jeff and Jordan, who obviously have some stalkers that will go to great lengths to "protect" the reality stars they obviously covet. This puts a whole new spin on things that people interested in being on one of these reality game shows should take under consideration. Creepy!

1110 days ago


Everyone on the show lies one way on another. It's a game!

1109 days ago


Why do you people like Jeff anyways? He talks down to people - especially women. "Big Jeff" acts like little Jeff. Once he comes out of the house he will also have to anwer for his homophobic remarks and that will probably keep him from being on TV any further (Thank Goodness!). he talked on the feeds about projects in the works with CBS but the comments will definitely be a huge issue for CBS. They can downplay it but it will cost him money.

1108 days ago

Martha Linderman    

How can we show Shelly our support? She has many real fans out here. I am one of her biggest fans! She is a lovely person and I want her and her family to know that she has people out here who respect her and support her. Can we write CBS? Will the letters get to her?

1104 days ago

Martha Linderman    

How can we show Shelly our support? She has many real fans out here who think she is a lovely person. How can we let her know? Can we write her at CBS? Will she get the letters/emails?

1104 days ago
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