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Buzz Aldrin Divorce

We Used to Hang

with Kings and Queens!

9/2/2011 4:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

She kicked it with Queen Elizabeth ... Elton John ... King Juan Carlos and Obama -- but Buzz Aldrin's estranged wife claims she ain't about to give up her super-fancy lifestyle just because she's getting divorced.

Lois Driggs Cannon has filed new court documents -- demanding Buzz fork over at least $25k per month so she can continue to live the same "comfortable lifestyle" she enjoyed with Buzz.

And what does a "comfortable lifestyle" consist of, you ask???  Lois claims ...

-- They traveled to Asia, Australia, South Africa and Antarctica together
-- They attended Elton John's Academy Awards party
-- Annual 2-week ski vacation in Sun Valley, Idaho
-- Annual 2-week beach vacation in St. Tropez and Monaco
-- They lived in a fancy L.A. condo with views of the ocean
-- They attended social/celeb events in L.A. 3-5 times per week
-- They threw fancy parties at their home 2-3 times per year
-- Often attended Cannes Film Festival
-- Often went to the Ascot Racecourse in England

Lois also says she's met multiple U.S. presidents and "most of the royalty around the world" ... and she doesn't want to give up that lifestyle.

But here's the thing -- even if Buzz forks over the cash ... who wants to meet Lois without the MOON MAN by her side???



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So much for women being equal! They want equality until it comes to divorce then they think the man owes them a living and a lifestyle! Time to get over this nauseating trend of men paying forever for a woman! It's making women everywhere look terrible!

1126 days ago

wasted days and wasted nights    

Fewer parties will definitely be the result of less buzz.

1126 days ago


Talk about a buzzkill!

1126 days ago

justin case    

Hey Buzz this is KARMA coming back on you for the lies you've held over the years about walking on the moon..... Was it worth it? You Lied about walking on the moon, And your wife lied saying shed never leave you..... NASA must be proud.....

1126 days ago


He never went to the moon, and now Karma is catching up with him.

1126 days ago


Does she think anyone would have ever given a rat's A$$ about her if she wasn't married to Buzz Lightyear? What have you ever done in your life lady, other than leech off your husband? I suggest you go get a waitress job at the local diner.

1126 days ago


Welcome to becoming a nobody, lady.

1126 days ago


the only reason she went to those places is because Buzz was her husband and he was welcomed in all those places
his attendance was a plus for any event
by herself, why would any of those people/places ever invite her to return
she obviously has delusions of self-importance and should seek professional help!

1126 days ago


Well, it'll be short lived. She's gonna croak soon anyways.....just saying

1126 days ago


That's what you get for faking a moon landing. See my blog for details.

1126 days ago


omg... what did poor buzz get himself involved in? I'd move as far away from her as possible with no phone and no forwarding address and closed bank accounts....what a loon

1126 days ago


legalize drownin for witches....

1126 days ago


Another parasite / gold digger who thinks she deserves to be pampered and spoiled - and a senior at that.

What they all truly deserve is to be dropped smack dab into the middle of the Sahara Desert. Instead of planning where you're gonna go shopping with a ridiculously large amount of money that you didn't earn, try not starving to death. Ungrateful pests, they're an embarrassment to their gender.

1126 days ago

Hanging to da lef    

Rides over bitch, "Get off!!"

1126 days ago


This woman is the best argument for prostitution there ever can be.
Buzz would have been far better with a prostitute than her. At least you know up front how greedy they can be.
In fact, I believe that she is a prostitute, but never set the price until later instead up front.
However, I believe she is entitled to every cent she brought into this relationship. How much is that deary?
Maybe if she did so much, or made so much money, or built a business, she should be paying Buzz alimony.

1126 days ago
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