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Buzz Aldrin Divorce

We Used to Hang

with Kings and Queens!

9/2/2011 4:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

She kicked it with Queen Elizabeth ... Elton John ... King Juan Carlos and Obama -- but Buzz Aldrin's estranged wife claims she ain't about to give up her super-fancy lifestyle just because she's getting divorced.

Lois Driggs Cannon has filed new court documents -- demanding Buzz fork over at least $25k per month so she can continue to live the same "comfortable lifestyle" she enjoyed with Buzz.

And what does a "comfortable lifestyle" consist of, you ask???  Lois claims ...

-- They traveled to Asia, Australia, South Africa and Antarctica together
-- They attended Elton John's Academy Awards party
-- Annual 2-week ski vacation in Sun Valley, Idaho
-- Annual 2-week beach vacation in St. Tropez and Monaco
-- They lived in a fancy L.A. condo with views of the ocean
-- They attended social/celeb events in L.A. 3-5 times per week
-- They threw fancy parties at their home 2-3 times per year
-- Often attended Cannes Film Festival
-- Often went to the Ascot Racecourse in England

Lois also says she's met multiple U.S. presidents and "most of the royalty around the world" ... and she doesn't want to give up that lifestyle.

But here's the thing -- even if Buzz forks over the cash ... who wants to meet Lois without the MOON MAN by her side???



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god she's bizarre looking! she reminds me a bit of, 'cat lady'.

1115 days ago


And I thought only the young and seemingly hot women are practicing the golddigging industry, I didn't know even some (not all) senior citizens have this tendency. And how will Buzz pay her that amount on a monthly basis? Maybe she can just apply at WalMart as a "greeter" at the gate. What a load of c r a p.

1115 days ago

JugEars McKenyan Sr..    

Now we all know why he went to the moon and space program, to get as far away from this beeech as possible!

1115 days ago


Is this woman insane? Does she not realise she got invited to all that cool stuff because of Buzz. I would love to see the look on her face when the invites stop coming!

1115 days ago


Who cares about Buzz Aldrin..............Buzz your 15 minutes are Wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy up!!!!

1115 days ago


amazing how many things you can afford when you are being paid millions by the government to keep your mouth shut. He probably doesn't have to pay taxes too

1115 days ago


Unless there is proof of abuse, if the woman walks away from the marriage she should be signing away any rights to spousal support. If he is the one to leave, then I say pay up since it wasnt her idea.

1114 days ago


Ummmm... aren't those the kinds of things you have to give up when you choose to divorce someone? Why should you be able to live the same lifestyle? You're choosing to divorce yourself from all of that! Ridiculous!

1114 days ago

Lucius Anonymous    

I used to work for these people. Lois is frightening. This isn't the half of it.

1114 days ago


They married in an era when married women were actively discouragd from working because they were expected to put their husband's career and their children first. At her age what kind of job could she find...he no doubt benefited from her maintaing their home, carying, giving birth to and rearing their children etc., leaving him free to pursue his career. Women were not permitted to pursue the kind of opportunities he enjoyed.
Even today, if a couple want children its still the woman takes the risks associated with pregnancy, has too take time out of work, affecting her promotion, earning and pension prospects and then when things tank, the men complain that they have it so bad.
My daughter was married to a man who wanted children, the pregnancy did not go well and athough they had a healthy child, the internal damage meant that she would have to spend at least the last five months of any future pregnancy on bed rest..he complained, they could not afford to have her off work for so long but he wanted another child and became abusive when she said, well as I don't intend dying we'll have to be happy with one child. They are now divorced..and he does not pay child support or spousal support. Men like him, centuries worth, are why the new rules are in like him, of which there are too many, want children, a wife who was a homemaker and a wife who worked outside of the home, regardless of the cost to the woman, selfish to the core. As to leeching: Guy Ritchie, Liz Taylor's last husband are two who come readily to mind but the list grows as more women work outside of the home at jobs with real pay..although on average, a woman still gets paid approximately 20% less than a man for doing exactly the same work.

1114 days ago


Well sweety, if you want to the lifestyle you should have done something with your life more than get married. Sorry but once the marriage is gone, so is the lifestyle that came with that marriage. Buzz Aldrin I'm sure is accustom to the contributions you made in the marriage. Are you going to continue those? If he doesn't get what you provided then you shouldn't get what he provided.

1113 days ago


These two had end-life crises together, both got facelifts at same time last year.
WHY divorce when you have one foot in the grave? I know! With their new faces they want to go on the geriatric dating scene.

1113 days ago


besides the perks...what charitable or volunteer things have the aldrins contributed?

1113 days ago


Let's just say that among the mistakes Buzz Aldrin may have made, he shouldn't have had that awful eyelid lift done (and it looks like the same work SHE had done). But, as far as their marriage mother-in-law says you can't know someone unless you live under their bed. I would think that a public divorce is even more painful than our own private ones.

1113 days ago


What an idiotic bratish trollop. No one cares about her, her only accomplishment was spreading her legs for a celebrity and, just like Paul MaCartney's horrible ex-wife, she thinks she's interesting and everyone will want to hang with her, not until you've walked on the moon bimbo!

1111 days ago
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