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Kevin Smith -- TMZ Live

"I Would Totally SMOKE Thor!"

9/1/2011 4:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

090111_kevin_smith_video2Kevin Smith dropped in for TMZ Live today to chat about his new movie "Red State" ... the undeniable sexiness of Thor, and why he's walking away from directing.

Oh, and he's got an important message for all the outraged "Star Wars" fans out there.

Dude was so awesome... we actually took TMZ Live into overtime. Enjoy!


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Um...he must be talking about Thor's penis right?

1148 days ago


I disagree Kevin Smith about the added Darth Vader "noooooooooo!". I think one of the key attributes of Darth Vader was the lack of human emotion in his actions. That made his final words so much more important because (the mask off) death scene was the first time he showed any human emotions beyond annoyance. By having him shout noooooooo! in the throwing The Emperor to his death scene it has reduced the emotional impact of Darth Vader's death. It worked better when it was more spontaneous, mechanical and taciturn. I can understand Lucas Tinkering with the effects, sound and quality, because technology improves. But I think too much tinkering with aspects of plot or timing can be a very bad thing.

1148 days ago


Look **** that fat ****.

1148 days ago

Rufus Greenjeans    

Thor and Harvey should team up with Liam Neeson and make Kevin air tight.

1148 days ago

Black Becky    

he must be a gay bear.

1148 days ago


Chaz Bono looks like Kevin Smith.

1148 days ago


I ******* LOVE this man and his movies! I don't want him to stop making them!

1148 days ago


I love Kevin Smith! Please, please have him come back again!! And the quitting cigarettes for weed...smartest decision ever ;)

1148 days ago


gay or not. a good director or not. he was refreshing to hear and i really liked his perspective. i watched the clip entirely and thought it was great footage. finally tmz nailed an interview.

1148 days ago


Dude is definitely talking about smoking his penis.. although there is nothing wrong with that. Just sayin.

1148 days ago


I like Kevin Smith, not sure why people dislike him so, but he is a funny down to earth guy. Look forward to his new movie.

1148 days ago


Flippin LOVE Kevin Smith!!!! Awesome job guys!! First time I actually took the time to watch TMZ Live! : )

1148 days ago


One of the best TMZ Live(s) ever. I love Kevin. He's just so real! Love him! Couldn't hear what the young dude in the blue shirt was saying 1/2 the time..

1148 days ago


Mmm ive always thought Kevin was such a hot bear and him talking about smoking Hemsworth was so hot! if only

1147 days ago


Ok I get the whole "its his movie and he's entitled" but it does (and did Phantom Menace Era) seem to me that Lucas totally totally never really understood why people enjoyed the films in the first place. The Phantom Menace was in my opinion one of the most disappointing cinematic events in all history. Spaced summed up the consensus on that score quite well I feel. (see Tim burning his Star Wars stuff - legend!! S02 E1) I wont dwell on that..however I will say I get the whole special effects update ( I recently had the misfortune of watching Terminator with a bunch of 20yr olds) but when he changed the Ewok celebration song I've gotta say I think that was my breaking point. I had no idea how much I wanted to hear it until it wasn't there. He actually ruined the end. Then he dubbed over the original Anakin actor- that's probably someones Grandads only claim to fame, it was bad enough he didn't use David Prowse and J.E Jones voice dub the first time.. Whats next? Wait till Ewan McGreggor's 60 and replace/erase Sir Alec Guinness?? I can tell you now I wont be buying that damn doll.

1147 days ago

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