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Mel Gibson

Oksana's Music BLOWS!

9/2/2011 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oksana Grigorieva
and her lawyers touted her music credentials in court this week, but we now know exactly how Mel Gibson feels about her music -- he says it sucks.

Sources connected to Mel tell TMZ ... Gibson deeply regrets supporting Oksana's music career -- especially plunking down a fortune to produce a CD and music video.  Mel even paid for a studio in Oksana's home.

Mel privately says Oksana's voice and music are "horrible," and he's "embarrassed" that he promoted her.


So that's Mel's opinion. Listen to :30 seconds of an Oksana song, and then tell us ...


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I hope that bitch get***** by a truck! (sorta)

1111 days ago


The golddigger speaks! In one of her first in-depth interviews since becoming Mel Gibson’s girlfriend/baby-mama, Oksana Grigorieva talks about everything from Mel Gibson’s drunken, anti-Semitic rant in 2006, to her own musical career. I believe the interview is part of her promotion of her album, “Beautiful Heartache”. While I’ll buy that Oksana might be a half-decent songwriter, her voice is lacking. Like a cat being drowned. But Oksana wants us to know that she’s not just some pregnant golddigger, waiting to be spoon-fed diamonds and caviar. She tells Reuters she wants to judged “by my art, by my music.” She also claims, “It’s not like I was planning to meet Mel specifically. Life happens… I thought he was happily married until I was reassured otherwise.” That’s all it takes? A “reassurance” that his marriage has folded? Chuckle. And she tells Reuters that she’s sort of ambivalent about marriage… yeah, right:

1111 days ago


Friday, friday getting down of friday, everybody looking forward to the weekend, weekend. Woohoooo! Poontang!

1111 days ago

little aussie reader    

"Mel even paid for a studio in Oksana's home."

Shouldn't that be in Lucia's home? Ox is not a homeowner, she's a tennant... and her daughter is her landlady.

1111 days ago


NOw go getin your little white nightie sit at the piano with your legs wide open, again and call in the pack of dogs that are waiting for your screeching howl.

1111 days ago


How DARE you put Rebecca Black into Oksanas catagory!!!! Oksana is S***! Rebecca is ok in my book.

1111 days ago


OH DAn is about time you grabbed a CD and showed up at TMZ again ? Please do - so many questions for you ? Like how does the chisled one like the fact that you lost her 14 mil.?

1111 days ago


This review is from: Beautiful Heartache (Audio CD)
I should begin by saying that one of the few note-worthy qualities of this bewildering release are the compelling visual effects and imagery Mr. Gibson created and produced; unfortunately, Ms. Grigorieva's video presence comes across as overly wooden and self-conscious.

It appears Grigorieva likes to combine the story-poem with classical, pop and strong European music influences. Presumably, her ambition here was to create a somewhat dark, soulful yet ambiguous motif that is movingly sultry and unique. She succeeded with the darkness; however, her music can be ineptly dissonant, unsympathetic, and at times obnoxious.

The immediate problem is her ever-present singing, which is mediocre at best, and her overconfident `fortissimo' that causes the listener to either wince or cry out in protest. There are mistakes in her piano performances as well; inexcusable for music that is not played live and does not have a high degree of difficulty. Her repetitive use of certain minor chord combinations are monotonous and uninspired. Some of the phrasing, accompanying instrumentation and progressions are clumsy, awkwardly competitive, and predictably annoying. When recording sessions become this painfully egocentric and amateurish, it is time to send the musicians home and call it a day.

When you combine all of these elements and more, this CD is an unqualified miss. To be fair, Ms. Grigorieva deserves some recognition for her efforts. However, I now understand why music critics feel this CD may find a small fan base of the musically challenged. If you're going to do something different, do it well. Whether it is classical, jazz, rock, metal, techno, country opera, or other musical genre, good music should be compelling and invite the listener in - not push them away. Grigorieva would do well to adhere to writing in the future, and let the truly talented and experienced performance artists take it from there.

1111 days ago


I'm sure if I played this sample loud enough I could get the hounds down the street to all start howling in unison.

1111 days ago


I don't know how much she had to do with the underlying music (she has musical training), or what her voice sounds like in Russian but loathed as I am to agree with Mel Gibson, I agree with Mel Gibson - it sucks. Happens a lot with people assuming because they can play an instrument or read notation that they can also sing. However it should be noted that those vocals are also sabotaged by the total lack of any effects, and pretty threadbare production, which I wonder if Mad Max had anything to do with. Even sucky vocals can be rescued somewhat with effects such as unison, chorus, harmonizer and Melodyne (or Auto Tune, spits). Just look at some of the MTV award winners.

1111 days ago

Jackie ears almost busted.

1111 days ago

mary brynn    

She's got to tickets to paradise. I mean kids.

1111 days ago

david c.    

well, now we have an alternative to waterboarding

1111 days ago


Rumor has it the rats at Sherman Oaks have made little ear plugs out of falling eyebrows and lashes. They are staying away from the scabs as they are high in oxycontin.

1111 days ago

mary brynn    

I wonder if I can get Mel to enpragnate me in his drunken state?

1111 days ago
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