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Taylor Armstrong

Down & Out in Beverly Hills

9/1/2011 4:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Wearing shades and a black tank top, "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star Taylor Armstrong surfaced in public for the first time since her husband Russell's suicide two weeks ago.

Taylor was spotted checking emails and running errands around town on Wednesday -- WITHOUT any "Housewives" cameras following her around.

Bravo announced they will air suicide prevention alerts during the premiere of "RHOBH" next week.


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This ole HAG DUCK LIPS taylor needs to get her skinny oakie flat a** out & work at hamburger toilet cleaner in Compton, CA!! I PRAY DUCK LIPS has to pay 4 alllllllllllll the monie$($$$$$$$$) that she owe$!! That Kennedy kid seemed to be able to relate to her daddy, she seems autistic... Hope the kid is either put in foster care or a NON NON NON NON
mexican nanny who CAN love her, care for her, read to her, be "there" for her hands on!! HOPE karma hits this skinny DUCK LIPS right between her botox eyes!!!!!! MAX, MAX, MAX, MAX, MAX IS SOOOOOOOOO HANDSOME & A HUNK!!!!!!!!!

1146 days ago


The fact that HER need for her psychiatrist was her first thought and someone had to tell her to take her child out so she wouldn't see her father dead tells me much about this skank.

1146 days ago


Bravo! Bravo, what a nice gesture. I hope you warn all the fans about marrying a greedy little fish lipped B@@ch who will spend every penny you have and then acted totally surprised you committed suicide over money matters and then milk you're suicide for every single piece of publicity it's worth. She might as well have slipped the noose around his neck and kicked the chair out from under him. I hope she doesn't make 1 cent off of his death. AND Bravo you're every bit as guilty you filmed the $50,000.00 5 year old birthday party and being the reality show you are you filmed everything that went on in their private lives, come on you knew he was in dire straights financially. I really don't think you expected him to commit suicide, but I would bet my life that you were hoping for a nice juicy Hollywood divorce to go along with that money grubbing porn actress Camille. Well I guess things ended up better than you could have hoped for, you'll have a ratings bonanza!

1146 days ago


"I need my psychiatrist" the first words out of her mouth! First thing she thinks of is needing drugs. Not a thought for the welfare of her daughter. Just wanting drugs. I have no sympathy for the skank Taylor/Shana. She'll just use this to further some more scams.

1146 days ago


Yeah she's struggling financially because she didn't save one red cent she has earned on that show. It's plenty for most people to live on and don't tell me they weren't set up in a nice house by Bravo.

Russell feared she was going to out him with that book. She knows exactly why he would want to commit suicide. I guess she has to re-think the book idea now.

1146 days ago


Dig those lips! Does she look in the mirror and thinks that
she looks good???? WTF.

1146 days ago


not so down she couldn't Botox the eff out of her face!?!?

1146 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

I could care less about this gold digging tramp! Next stop, homeless sign walker in the streets of a remote town in Okilihomo!!!!!!!

1146 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

She is doing her best to position herself for the enormous storm she is about to face! A huge investigation into her and her ex husbands fraudulent activities and representation towards current and future investors. This whore is going down faster than Okskankity!!!!!!

1146 days ago


I hope Kyle Richards has moved this crook out of her house before Taylor/Shana drags her into the web, too.

1146 days ago


What happened to her mouth? Did she kiss an iron?

1146 days ago


Whoever thinks this piece of work is classy is insane. This woman was divorcing this man and now wants to cash in on his suicide. Moreover, only now she is claiming he beat her up weeks before his death. Why now and not when it was supposed to have happened? Probably because dead men can't defend themselves and she can get publicity for her trashy show by claiming he beat her. What a piece of crap! And what the f*#k is wrong with her lips???

1146 days ago



1146 days ago


this woman will do anything for attention. I watched ET, and they showed her having to be carried out of the funeral as she supposed to have fainted..then they show her lying on a lounge with tears running down her face...i am sure it was all fake on her part...if not I apologize, its just that she never seemed to be kind to him..from what I have read

1146 days ago


I wonder if she was pretty before she got her lips done...

1146 days ago
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