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Did T.I. Get

Thrown Under the Tour Bus?

9/2/2011 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


T.I. was shipped BACK to federal prison because he rode to his halfway house in a luxury tour bus instead of a van -- Harvey thinks the prison officials are just "drunk with power."

Plus, Mel Gibson HATES Oksana Grigorieva's music -- and we're betting you will too after you hear it ... complete with Mike Walters' harmonies.

And, a MAJOR East coast-West coast ... pizza war breaks out!


(0:00) Harvey tries to get Charles in trouble over our super hot "Dancing with the Stars" guest ... Peta Murgatroyd.
(2:30) T.I. was sent back to prison the DAY AFTER his release ... because he rode in a BUS instead of a VAN to his halfway house!
(5:22) Harvey thinks the prison officials are "drunk with power."
(18:15) Oksana Grigorieva's music -- don't listen if you're eating.
(24:30)  The last time you'll hear her song on TMZ Live. Ever.
(25:30) Casey Anthony may have to pay $500,000 to cover the cost of Caylee's death investigation ... Harvey thinks it ridiculous.
(31:45) Chaz Bono's casting on "Dancing" is causing controversy ... so what's the big deal?
(37:30) Just talk to your kids, people.
(39:00) Cher stands up for Chaz on Twitter.
(42:10) Let the great pizza debate begin -- who's got better slices ... New York or Los Angeles?


No Avatar

some guy    

Go eat that placenta, Mike.

1113 days ago


Best pizza? Chicago. Between NY & LA? NY.

1113 days ago

who dat    

Harvey, you need to add a slogan on your main pare. "TMZ- Where we kiss the a$$ of the rich and famous"

1113 days ago

some guy    

**** Florida. That is all.

1113 days ago


I don't know what T.I. is thinking. Did they allow a camera crew in his jail cell? Nope. The halfway house is still a part of the penial system and they pretty much have the same rules. DUDE! Holy hell are you stupid and the producers of his "reality" show should have known better.

1113 days ago


casey should a4v the charges if they whip them on's a crock....

1113 days ago

some guy    

If Casey has to pay, do other people who are found not guilty also have to pay from now on? What about past cases?

1113 days ago


Casey, by LAW, should NOT have to pay a damn thing!!!!
This is insane! OJ would owe billions by now if that kind of law was ever passed.
This is just a weak Stab from the state of Florida to cover their ass.
Florida, you FAILED!

1113 days ago

some guy    

Ehh... was this much uproar raised when "Modern Family" first came out?

1113 days ago


YES they should set a precedent about lying to the police. This was a huge investigation and she was charged by the jury for lying, therefore she should have to pay. Maybe the police should charge people for investigations that are led astray by lying witnesses, then the state could get more money and more people would fear getting caught lying.

1113 days ago


Do you think there would be less uproar if Chaz were fit, trim and attractive? Is his obesity part of what people find so appalling and contributing to the 'gross' factor?

1113 days ago


i think T.I got royaly screwed by being put back in prison for taking a tour bus 2 prison who gives a **** what he takes as long as he shows the f?ck up give the guy a break

1113 days ago


People need to take the opportunity while Chaz is on DWTS to talk to their children! They don't have to like it but they do need to learn acceptance. It's NOT their life to live! What's wrong with people?

1113 days ago

some guy    

Gimme a problem and I'll fix it ask me anything. Even Max's coke habit.

1113 days ago


Should Casey Anthony have to pay..If you have a constitutional right not to incriminate yourself then had she said anything to direct the search to locate the child she would have incriminated her self. So to make it where a suspect may be punished for not incriminating their selves. If you support the 5th amendment then no she should not pay.

1113 days ago
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