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Chaz Bono

Too Hot for TV?

9/3/2011 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chaz Bono
has triggered predictable controversy after signing on to do "Dancing with the Stars" -- just as producers hoped. So what will be the fallout? We gotta ask ...


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Unless Chaz has an Adam's apple she's still a woman in my book. A seriously screwed up woman but still a woman. Face it people the majority of Americans will never fully accept homosexuality/transgenders. That's just the way it is. You can fight it all you want to but in the end you'll lose. Does Chaz still have a uterus? If she does then she's still a woman. And the pregnant man? STILL a woman.

1116 days ago

John T.    

Famous for what ?? Did she even finish school ?? Has she EVER had a job and made money, Does she live off what Daddy left her and Mommys $$$. What talent does this freak have? She is HUGEEEE. Few twirls around that dance floor and her parner better hold her breath when the sweat starts running off that fat body. Yuck , She is a She , and no pills will ever change that fact. Her live-in parner is as sick as she is.Will never watch the show again.

1116 days ago


The woman is mentally ill. She has a vagina but thinks she's a man. Using mentally ill people to boost rating is disgusting.

And for Cher to say nothing about this abuse is outrageous.

1115 days ago


Same thing happened to Brian Wilson. He had some mental problems and people took advantage of that.

Hey DWTS, why don't you get Brian Wilson, he might still be crazy too.

1115 days ago


Disgusting freak, stop giving attention and notoriey to these weirdos. Homosexuality is a gross, and abnormal sexual choice. I barely watch ABC anyway, but I certainly won'*****ch them now. Stop tolerating and take a stand. Wrong is wrong.

1115 days ago


DWTVO - Dancing With Two Vaginas at Once.

1115 days ago

I am Spartacus    

This is hands down the worst cast they've ever had on DWTS. Count me as someone who will not tune in to watch a woman trying to be a dude dance or a gremlin like Nancy Grace.

1115 days ago



Name three things Gaga has that Chaz does not . Talent , a career , and a penis .

1115 days ago


What, was Tot Mom Casey Anthony too busy to dance??

1115 days ago


What, was Tot Mom Casey Anthony to busy for DWTS? Or too big a star???

1115 days ago

She's baaaack    

I don't have a problem with Chaz. My problem is with ABC going for shock value and ratings at his expense. Between him and Nancy Grace he is the far more honest of the two. If it comes down to him or her, he gets my vote.

1115 days ago

average jane    

Whether you agree with Chaz being on the show or not, it is wrong for DWTS to push this in our faces. They didn't ask Chaz to be on the show because he is a celebrity. They did because he is a transgender. If Chaz wants to be a man, fine. Frankly, I don't care. I'm just sick of society telling me what I should accept.

1115 days ago

two cents    

Ooo, I'm waiting with baited breath when no-neck-chaz rips off her shirt to reveal her surgery scars and a few chest hairs. Be still my heart. ***gags***

She's mentally unstable, and shame on abc for trying to profit from it. I predict she'll be dead in a couple years, either from medical issues or suicide. Freak.

1115 days ago


What Doctor would give the Ok, for her to dance on this show? HEART ATTACK!!!!

1115 days ago

Dick Whippler    

How and why is this disgusting fatbody relevent??? Where the f@#k is his/her chin in this photo? Seriously, because your mom was a famous whore your a celebrity me she is a f@&kin joke, I'd laugh in her face, does that bitch even have a real job? i'M TIRED OF HEARING "OH, CHAZ BONO YOUR SOOOOO BRAVE FOR DOING WHAT YOU DID", f@*k that, the men and women fighting and dying for this country are the brave one's, not some f@*ked in the head woman who decided she wanted to own a penis and make money off the whole storyline.

1115 days ago
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