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Chaz Bono

Let the Practicing Begin

9/3/2011 4:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chaz Bono began his march towards the "Dancing With the Stars" title, hitting up the practice studio yesterday in Los Angeles.

The competition this season figures to be rough.


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Bad Motherhugger    

People who obsess over other people's genitalia are funny.

1154 days ago

some guy    

Weird... all of a sudden that dancing elephant scene from 'Fantasia' just popped into my head. IDK.

1154 days ago


TMZ or someone please COMMENT BACK how in the world does this he she have facial hair?? Hormones I guess, but damn! that must take ALOT of hormones to make a female grow facial hair.

In contrast though to that being said. I think the the Dance TV show should just portray Chaz as a Male and try to keep all the Transgender talk to a minimum, keep it to moot actually, It's just one season, lets not go change the face of the show here, the show will still go on after Chaz's season is done. Hope that it doesn't come up on the show that would be awful.

1154 days ago


He looks like a man just like he wants. Let him be. If the kids growing up now look at him, they would see a man as it should be. Us older people don't need to say anything about it to the kids. WHO CARES, Chaz is happy and that is what counts.

1154 days ago

I am Spartacus    

Remind me again what makes Chaz a star? Its obvious ABC added her for the sole reason of shock value. Her & Nancy Grace are the 2 reasons i will refuse to even flip over this show. When flipping channels i will make sure to manually skip ABC so i do not even tune into this show for even a split second.

And if TMZ keeps it up i'll be adding them to the list of things to ignore. Just because Harvey is gay doesn't mean we this mess over the site everyday. Stop forcing your agenda on others.

1154 days ago


Gwen01 well said. Ellen took a bearing way back in the day for MILLIONS of people and look where she is today. Thank you ellen and thanks to the people who are living in 2011. Go gaga. To all the bashers, sorry you were born that way. Pretty sad.

1154 days ago


He reminds me of Chet from the movie "Weird Science" after he turned in to the gross blob in the kitchen.

1154 days ago


Oh for F sakes TMZ... I just ate breakfast.

1154 days ago


I like the new look, Chaz! The Amish beard and the camel toe. That's HOT! *rolls eyes*

1154 days ago

I am Spartacus    

Unfortunately she hasn't figured out that neck beards are gross. You're supposed to grow a beard on your face, not your neck.

1154 days ago

george fudge!    

DWTS should be renamed as 'Dancing Off the Fat'.
It has become nothing more than a weight loss program for half the contestants. They should have an All-Star Fat cast for the next series. Chaz Bono, Kirstie Alley, Steve Wozniak, Kelly Osborne, and more.

1154 days ago


Dancing with the Freaks...

This signifies the beginning of the end for DWTS.

Chaz was a beautiful little girl, now she's an ugly dude.

Thank goodness Sonny hit his head on a tree and isn't around to see this and Cher has done so much coke she too is oblivious.
The truly saddest part is that Chaz has no idea that she is being exploited.
I think if someone is on the fence about turning from a chick into a dude - and they see him - they are sure to second guess the idea.

How screwed up is someone to want to change their gender?
Pretty screwed up.

1154 days ago


Here's the thing for all you "Chaz" proponents. In my opinion, it's best to just keep your chrysalis reality on the down low...lest you suffer the indignation during your transition. As an analogy; I like eggs and bacon in the morning. I doubt I'd eat that egg right after I saw it coming out of the chicken's ass!

1154 days ago


Chaz, you are an amazing person and you are a great inspiration with people struggling with the things you had to deal with. I wish you everything wonderful, happiness, love, success and peace. God Bless You my friend. Many, many people are on your side and pulling for you. Dance your handsome a** off and show em' what cha got. XO

1154 days ago


And Chaz is what happens when you mess with God's creation.

1154 days ago
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